Chapter 382: 7-Star Soldier Level, Dead In A Single Strike!

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The members of the Wang family felt complicated.
Everyone had different thoughts going on in their minds.

On the other side, after Wang Teng flew into the sky, he sensed the aura of the martial warriors around him.
He calculated the shortest distance and darted over in a flash of light.

It was impossible to hide the impact of a martial warriors’ battle.

Wang Teng wasn’t stupid.
He wouldn’t find a stronger martial warrior to fight with.
Instead, he should start with the weaker one.


Two 5-star soldier-level martial warriors were flying in the air in front of him.
They were engaged in an intense battle.
When Wang Teng flew past them, he attracted their attention.

One of the martial warriors gave him a ruthless stare with madness in his eyes.
It was obvious that he was an evil clansman.

Wang Teng didn’t hold back either.
He swung his sword, and the fiery red glow engulfed the entire sky.
It looked as if someone had lit a huge firework in the air.

The 5-star soldier-level evil clansman was dumbstruck.
He retreated immediately.

However, he was only a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior, so he couldn’t handle Wang Teng’s attack at all.
He failed to evade it and got chopped by Wang Teng’s blade.

He instantly turned into ashes amidst the flames.

The martial warrior who was fighting with the evil clansman was dumbfounded.
Who am I? Where am I? What happened just now?

“You’re welcome!”

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles and left.
He flashed past him instantly and disappeared into the night sky.

“Oh, thank you!” The person was late to catch on.
He hurriedly thanked the young man.
Then, he froze.

This sequence… was wrong.

The martial warrior smiled bitterly as the face of the young man appeared in his mind.
He exclaimed in surprise, “Wasn’t that Wang Teng?!

“Oh my god, he’s so young but so powerful.
What have I been doing in my life?”

He looked at the spot where the evil clansman got killed.
The ashes were blown away by the wind.
This was… environmentally friendly.


To prevent attracting the attention of formidable martial warriors, Wang Teng displayed his wings as he flew.
He was a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior, so he could fly without wings.
However, he didn’t choose to do so.
He searched for weaker martial warriors sneakily.

Those 5-star and 6-star soldier-level martial warriors thought that they had found someone at their level, so they weren’t afraid.
They attacked him the moment they saw him but got killed instead.

After some time, Wang Teng had already killed three 5-star soldier-level and one 6-star soldier-level evil clansmen.
This lightened the pressure on the martial warriors from Donghai.
They were able to find time to settle other low-rank evil clansmen.


Suddenly, a tall building on his left exploded.

The battle between two high-rank martial warriors was affecting the buildings around them.
As the debris fell, screams of fear and cries for help rang out from the building.

“Bastard!” Wang Teng was furious.

These evil clansmen were crazy.
They were unscrupulous and showed no fear of harming innocent people.

The Donghai martial warriors tried their best to pull the evil clansmen to empty grounds, but these evil clansmen didn’t care.
They only wanted to create chaos to achieve their goals.
They disregarded the life or death of ordinary civilians.

They were here to destroy this new year’s eve.

The ordinary civilians were happily enjoying their new year.
This was originally a celebration, but after their interference, many families were ruined, resulting in numerous tragedies.
How infuriating.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Wang Teng shouted in anger.
Gold light shone around Mo Que, as if splitting the air into two, and landed on the evil clansman.

Ninth-level sword presence!

This evil clansman was a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior.
His expression changed tremendously when he saw Wang Teng’s sudden attack.
He roared and punched his fist out.
The air around him exploded.
Thick yellow light lit up half the sky as it shot towards the sword glow.

In an instant, the fiery sword glow collided with the fist glow.
The resulting impact was tremendous.
It destroyed the fist power and smashed into the other party.


The next moment, the evil clansman screamed in pain.
He was swallowed by the flames.

6-star soldier-level martial warrior, dead!

“Save them!” Wang Teng shouted at the Donghai martial warrior, who was standing in a daze.

The other party reacted immediately.
He nodded and rushed into the building without any hesitation.

Wang Teng executed his skills as a divine spirit master.
Rain clouds floated over the night sky, pouring down water on the earth.

It was a remarkable sight at night.

Only the sky above this building was raining.
It looked as if someone had put on a large shower head.

The fire in the building was put out quickly.

Wang Teng turned and disappeared.

He had to leave.
A 7-star soldier-level evil clansman had noticed the situation here and was hurrying over at a fast speed.
He squinted and purposely let out his aura to attract this evil clansman.

The evil clansman saw the situation of the building.
He also saw the direction in which Wang Teng went.
With a sinister smile at the edge of his lips, he chased after Wang Teng.

“You can’t run away.”

The martial warrior shouted in a low voice.
He clutched his battle sword and slashed at Wang Teng’s back.
Dazzling light blossomed in the air.

Metal sword conscious!

When the golden light slashed towards him, Wang Teng could feel the sharp sword aura cutting through the air.
It filled up the entire space between them.
The power was frightening.

“Go away!”

Wang Teng never planned to run.
Once he noticed that they were in an empty area, he turned and swung his blade at him.

Overflowing Blade conscious!

The blade turned into lingering shadows.
It charged forcefully towards the sword glow behind him.

Boom, boom, boom…

This time, Wang Teng didn’t hold back.
He released his 7-star soldier-level ability and instilled some poison Force in his blade conscious.
His blade skill was unpredictable.

The evil clansman’s expression changed when he sensed Wang Teng’s true ability.
In a moment of carelessness, his sword conscious got destroyed.

He immediately released his Force to defend himself.


They were at the same level, and both of them had enlightened their consciouses.
Wang Teng’s blade conscious might not be able to hurt him.

Just when the evil clansman thought he could block Wang Teng’s attack, he noticed a strange Force quietly invading his body.
He was astounded.
The Force in his body stopped circulating, and even his movement was affected.


Wang Teng activated his wind Force and executed his Steps Of Gale.
He turned into a gust of wind and appeared in front of his opponent.
He slashed his blade once again.
The flaming blade conscious fell on the evil clansman’s head.

The evil clansman knew that he couldn’t evade Wang Teng’s attack after seeing how powerful it was.
His face turned hideous.
He wanted to fight for his life.

He waved his sword numerous times.
Golden blade glow soared into the sky.
He had released all his Force.

However, the faster he exhausted his Force, the faster the poison Force invaded his body.
It had already entered his limbs and muscles.


Three attacks later, the poison took effect.
He spurted out a mouth of black-colored blood.


The rays of golden sword glow slammed into Wang Teng’s fiery blade glow, setting off loud explosions.
Crimson red light and golden light sparkled in the night sky, covering up the fireworks around them.

The evil clansman frantically resisted, but his efforts were futile.
In the end, he got chopped into two by the fiery blade glow.
His body was burnt, and he fell to the ground head first.

7-star soldier level, dead in a single strike!

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