Wang Teng left Tongming Street, where the pet shop was located, and headed towards the place Lu Zhiqing had recommended to get the incubator.

It would be great if it was an extra-large incubator.

The egg had almost filled up the entire backpack…


Bird’s egg?

Wang Teng suddenly shuddered.

He slapped his forehead.
Why was he so stupid? Why did he only link this up now?


The mother crow had come to look for her little crow!

Damn it, no wonder it had a grudge against me and was dying to kill me.
I abducted its child!


Wang Teng felt speechless.

However, based on the ability of those two martial warriors, how were they able to steal the egg under the nose of this frightening gigantic crow?

They had probably employed some special methods.
They might have stolen the egg when the giant crow went out to look for food.

Forget it.
It’s useless to think about this now.

Wang Teng shook his head.
Suddenly, he felt very fortunate.

I was lucky that the mysterious martial warrior helped me.
If not, the crow would definitely have killed me for revenge.
Even if I didn’t steal the egg, it’s in my hands now.
Who else can the giant crow look for?

Wait, when that martial warrior executed his blade attack, did he leave any attribute bubbles behind?

F**k, they were the attribute bubbles of a formidable warrior!


Wang Teng had a taste of how amazing the attributes dropped from the giant crow were.
If that mysterious warrior dropped some attributes, it must be even more rewarding.

He hurriedly turned his steering wheel and sped in the direction where the blade light had come from based on his memory.

I must be on time!

The car whisked through the traffic as Wang Teng prayed in his heart.
Finally, he stopped in front of a commercial building.

It should be here!

Wang Teng got out of the car in a hurry.
With a ‘bang’, the car door closed, and he rushed out like lightning.

“Mister, may I know who you are looking for? Do you have an appointment?”

The second the beautiful lady at the reception opened her mouth and asked, Wang Teng had already charged past her.
He stopped in front of the lift.

“Mister, this is a private company.
Outsiders aren’t allowed to enter for no reason.”

“Hurry up and stop him!”

A few security guards heard the shouts of the receptionist and dashed towards Wang Teng.

“Beep!” The lift arrived just in time.

“Stop right there!” the security guards shouted from behind Wang Teng.

Only an idiot would stop, though.

Wang Teng leaped into the lift and pressed the close button frantically.

The lift door slowly closed.
The security guards were a step too late.
They could only watch Wang Teng disappear in front of them.

The guards had no choice but to chase after him using another lift.

However, this time difference was enough.

Wang Teng went up to the roof of the building and scanned the spacious roof.
He noticed a bubble that was about to disappear.

That’s good; that’s good.

Wang Teng quickly walked over.
However, just as he was prepared to pick it up, the bubble disappeared…


Wang Teng froze on the spot, along with the smile on his face.

It disappeared!

It still disappeared in the end!

His heart suddenly hurt so much!

Wang Teng clutched his chest.
This pain made him feel as though he had lost a few hundred million!

It was so cruel!

God, why do you have to be so cruel to me?


Wang Teng let out a long breath and walked to the edge of the roof.
He lit up a cigarette and stood in the wind as it messed up his hair.
He felt depressed and melancholy.

At this moment, the security guards caught up with him.
They were panting heavily.

The moment they reached the roof, they saw Wang Teng standing at the edge with a look of despair on his face.

They wanted to question this young man, but they forcefully swallowed the words that had already reached the corner of their lips.

“Young man, if there’s anything you need, we can talk properly.
Can you come down first?” one middle-aged bodyguard asked.
He tried his best to make his voice gentler.

“You don’t understand.
I just lost a few hundred million!” Wang Teng sighed.
His expression became even more depressed.

A few hundred millions?

Is this young man boasting?

Don’t say anything.
If you stimulate him and he jumps down, you will be held responsible!

The security guards exchanged glances with one another and completed a silent interaction.

The middle-aged security guard continued, “Isn’t it just a few hundred million? You are still so young.
You can earn it all back.
Maybe you will be able to earn a billion or a few billion in the future.
What is a few hundred million then?”

The middle-aged men talked about a few billions so casually as if he was Jack Ma.


Wang Teng looked at him in shock.
“You spoke about it so casually that I almost thought you were talking about paper money!”

The middle-aged security guard laughed awkwardly.

“Forget it.
It’s my luck to gain and my fate to lose.”

Wang Teng sighed again.

The security guards heaved sighs of relief when they saw that he had let the matter go.
Yet, unexpectedly, the next second, Wang Teng jumped down.

“Goodbye, everyone!”

The security guards stretched their hands out and screamed.
They looked like the scene where Erkang was trying to catch Ziwei… (these two characters are from a classic Chinese melodrama)


Some of them even closed their eyes.
They couldn’t bear to look.

But the tragedy didn’t happen.
The middle-aged security guard had rushed over when Wang Teng leaped up.

He was an advanced stage martial disciple.
However, he didn’t have the chance to progress any further since he was already middle-aged.
He could only make a living as the head of the security guards.

His speed was faster than his fellows.
He rushed to the edge of the roof and looked down.

His eyes turned wide open.

He saw Wang Teng landing lightly on the air conditioner outside the building.
He was jumping down, level by level.

Wang Teng saw the middle-aged security guard popping his head out, so he waved at him.

Now, it was the middle-aged security guard’s turn to stand at the edge of the roof and let the wind mess up his hair.


“This young man is not a simple person.”

Wang Teng left the commercial building with regret.
He went to buy an incubator and then returned to school.

It was already afternoon.

All the students had gone to the cafeteria to have their lunch.
Before he came back, he sent Xu Jie and his other friends a message on WeChat, telling them to save a portion of food for him.

After finishing his lunch, there were two hours of afternoon break.

The year three students were at their revision period now, so most students only rested for an hour.
For the next hour, they revised and recited their textbooks.

While Lin Chuhan was revising, Wang Teng wasn’t sleepy.
In fact, he was diligent, too, as he had started studying his attributes panel.

Enlightenment: 83

Spirit: 12.1

Talent: Beginner stage fire talent (10/300) Beginner stage ice talent (12/300), Spiritual sight (beginner stage 1/10)


Force: 41/100 Fire (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

4/100 Ice (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

Scripture: Red flame scripture (foundation 1/100), Deep Ice Scripture (foundation 1/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (mastery for fist, sword, blade, footwork), gun skill (small achievement), fire kirin sword skill (foundation 10/100), phantom ice fist (foundation 8/100)

Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks)

Overall Battle Power: 182

Blank Attribute: 60

His fire Force had increased tremendously.
It was at 41 points now.
Wang Teng could feel the fire Force in the Force nucleus of his body taking shape.

The Force nucleus was situated at the bottom of his spine.
It was where the Force was stored, the origin of its name.

Because of the increase in his speed and fire Force, Wang Teng’s overall battle power had increased to 182.

This meant that his ability had been enhanced.

Wang Teng had done his research.
He knew that humans had a method to evaluate one’s battle power.

The battle power of a one-star soldier level martial warrior was between 100 to 300.

From one-star to nine-star soldier level martial warrior, each rank could be split into the primary, middle, advanced, and peak phases.

The primary phase was between 100 to 180, the middle phase was between 180 to 230, the advanced phase was between 230 and 280, and the peak phase was between 280 to 300.

If the Overall Battle Power figure from the system was equivalent to the human’s method of evaluation, it meant that Wang Teng was a one-star middle phase soldier level martial warrior.

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