Chapter 372: May Martial Arts Flourish!

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Dragon’s Den!

The National Number One Martial Arts Competition came to an end.

The result was unexpected for everyone, though.
Wang Teng entered the finals as a black horse and earned himself the title of the champion.

Even more, this was a well-deserved number one, not a fluke.

Looking at the past martial arts competitions, this year had the highest number of 6-star soldier-level martial warriors.
There were four of them.

Luo Cheng, Ji Xiuming, Ren Qingcang, and Wang Teng!

Most importantly, their realms weren’t low at all.
Even their battle ability was abnormally frightening for their levels.
Normal martial warriors were nothing in front of them.

That was even more so for the final match between Ren Qingcang and Wang Teng.
Their performances shocked the experienced and formidable warriors at the scene.

So powerful!

Their attacks had exceeded the limit of their realms.
Ordinary 6-star soldier-level martial warriors wouldn’t be able to execute such astonishing blows.

The cheers and applause lasted for a long time before subsiding gradually.

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles Ren Qingcang had dropped in the arena and walked down.

Lightning Force*50

Lightning Force*45

Advanced Stage Lightning Talent*10

Lightning Force*63

Leiting Physique*1

Wang Teng’s eyes got brighter and brighter as the attribute bubbles merged into his body.

What a great harvest!

Force, talent, scriptures… all at once!


He gained lightning talent and a sky-rank skill scripture simultaneously.


If Ren Qingcang knew this, would he vomit blood in anger?


Wang Teng didn’t know about Ren Qingcang, but he was delighted for sure.

Mind you, he had been eyeing Ren Qingcang’s lightning talent for a long time.
Ever since the start of the competition, he had been yearning for it.
He had finally achieved his wish.

Lightning Force attacks were extremely powerful.
Wang Teng had experienced them personally during his battle with Ren Qingcang.

If not, based on his 7-star soldier-level ability, beating Ren Qingcang should have been a breeze for him.
Yet, he was forced to execute a move he had no confidence in.

One of the reasons was because Ren Qingcang had made use of the power of nature.
However, that played just a small role.
The main reason was that the lightning Force was too powerful.

Fortunately, he succeeded in the end.

He had executed the move successfully this time.
With this experience, it would be easier for him to execute it in the future.

This was a blessing in disguise.

He also gained Ren Qingcang’s advanced-stage lightning talent, so he possessed another formidable offensive technique now.
Once he raised the level of his talent, he wouldn’t be afraid of Ren Qingcang anymore.

Wang Teng looked at the lightning Force attribute on his attributes panel.


Lightning Force: 130/500 (2-star)

There was still a long way to go!

He would need to find other ways to increase his lightning Force.

Should he get struck by lightning?

Thinking of the pain, he shuddered in fear.

He would have to slowly think this matter through…

Wang Teng was deep in thought as he walked down the arena.
Han Zhu and the other students quickly gathered around him.

Han Zhu punched Wang Teng’s chest and laughed.
You became the champion!”

“Calm down, calm down.
It’s nothing,” Wang Teng said with contempt.

Han Zhu: …

“You’re boasting again.” Wan Baiqiu couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him.

Ye Jixin smiled.
“Old Lei, your disciple still lost.”

Lei Zhenting shook off his exasperation.
“Sigh, Wang Teng is a monster.
How did he manage to execute that formidable attack? Ren Qingcang’s loss is justified.”

“That’s right.
Wang Teng’s attack was terrifying,” Mr.
Ma exclaimed.

“He probably invented the move himself,” Lei Zhenting commented.

I have never seen such a move before,” Ye Jixin continued.

“The younger generation will surpass us old ones.” Lei Zhenting sighed.

On the other side, Peng Yuanshan and the heads were brimming with joy.
They couldn’t hide the happiness on their faces.

“Wang Teng has made a great contribution!” Peng Yuanshan grinned from ear to ear.

“We even got the number one title.
We’re the biggest winner.” Tong Hu rubbed his hands excitedly.

“Look at you, it’s just a championship.
What’s with the fuss?” Dan Taixuan said calmly.

Everyone: …


She was gloating blatantly!

This was the championship title, not something you could pick up on the streets.

“Principal, you don’t understand how hard life is.
I have to squeeze resources for our martial arts students little by little from other areas.
If not, with the number of students we have, many of them will have to suffer,” Peng Yuanshan complained.

“Cough, is it so serious?” Dan Taixuan asked awkwardly.

“What do you think?” Peng Yuanshan retorted.

“Hahaha, well, I’ve made my contribution.
I groomed an amazing disciple who became the champion.” Dan Taixuan hoarded all the honor shamelessly.

Yan Kang walked away silently.

After that, it was the awards ceremony.

Getting into the top ten wasn’t just an honor.
It represented an abundance of rewards too.

Resources were necessary for martial warriors.
They were the reason why they fought with their lives.

A good ranking meant a bigger slice for the factions they represented.
At the same time, the participants would get a generous amount of rewards.

“The National Number One Martial Arts Competition has ended.
May the top ten contestants come to the main platform.
The Minister of Education will be giving out the awards,” the commentator’s voice sounded through the broadcast system.

Everyone went up the stage to receive their reward one by one.

Wang Teng’s number was the last.
He would only go up after everyone got their prizes.

Ren Qingcang came down the platform.
He had suffered serious injuries in the battle with Wang Teng, so his face was pale.
When he saw Wang Teng, his expression turned hideous.
A malicious glint flashed past his eyes.


Their gazes met in mid-air as Wang Teng walked past him indifferently.

“I will not lose to you again,” Ren Qingcang moved his lips and whispered.

“Try it.” Wang Teng didn’t even look at him.
He walked straight up the stage.

Ren Qingcang’s face turned black.
Normally, he was the one who disregarded others, but he tasted his own medicine today.

It was a huge humiliation to him.

Wang Teng stood on the stage.
A refined-looking middle-aged man walked over.

He was the Minister of Education.

He smiled kindly at Wang Teng as someone behind him passed him a tray.
He took it and handed it over to Wang Teng.

“Your performance was not bad.
Continue to work hard and advance to the general stage as soon as you can,” the Minister of Education patted Wang Teng’s shoulder and said.


General stage!

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard this sentence.

The Minister of Education had high hopes for Wang Teng!


He didn’t say this to Ji Xiuming or Ren Qingcang, yet he regarded Wang Teng with special attention.

“Thank you, minister,” Wang Teng took over the tray and replied.

“You can leave.
The future is destined to be ruled by young people like you,” the Minister of Education said.


After Wang Teng walked down the stage, the Minister of Education looked around him before opening his mouth again.
His voice resounded in the entire venue.
“Everyone, the National Number One Martial Arts Competition has been concluded.
However, life is endless, and so is the martial arts path.
No matter what your ranking is, even if you don’t have one, I hope that you will continue to aim for the peak and walk on this path…

“May martial arts flourish!” He cupped his fists after he finished speaking.

Everyone stood up immediately and cupped their fists.

They shouted, “May martial arts flourish!”

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