Chapter 365: Mysterious Elder

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The enormous Dragon’s Den was filled with applause, and the cheers were all for one person.
When the competition started, many of them didn’t even know Wang Teng.
They didn’t specially come to see him either.
However, they were in awe after today’s match.

Wang Shengguo and his wife felt proud and emotional when they saw everyone cheering for their son.

All eyes were fixed on their child as he stood on the stage of the biggest competition in the country.

He had set the world on fire!

There was nothing that could make them prouder.

Lin Chuhan felt a little absent-minded as she looked at the familiar figure.
He was usually cheeky and playful, but during crucial times, he could always dazzle the crowd.
He was destined to be in the limelight.

At the same time, three people were standing at the peak of Dragon’s Den.

If Wang Teng could see them, he would recognize two of them.
They were Xiao Nanfeng and Dan Taixuan.

At the moment, they were standing behind an elder, who was wearing a dark green long gown that covered his scrawny body.

They had been here for a long time and watched the entire match.
However, no one noticed their presence, not even the general-stage martial warriors sitting below.

“This child… is interesting.” The elder suddenly smiled gently after the match ended.

“You’re flattering him!” Dan Taixuan smiled and said.

“You have good foresight.” The elder said, “Are you planning to let him enter the Black Sparrow Troop?”

I’m sick of this position.
Based on that brat’s speed of progression, he will be able to reach my level soon enough.
At that time, I’ll let him take over,” Dan Taixuan replied.

Xiao Nanfeng glanced at Dan Taixuan in astonishment when he heard this.

“Aren’t you afraid that your subordinates will refuse to acknowledge him?” the elder asked.

“They can battle it out.
This position belongs to the person with a harder punch anyway,” Dan Taixuan said indifferently.

“You’re right.
However, strength isn’t enough to convince the public.
You must have military exploits, too,” the elder said.

“That’s why I’m sending him to the Black Sparrow Troop.
It will give him experience and sharpen his edges,” Dan Taixuan replied.


The elder nodded.
He turned and addressed Xiao Nanfeng.
“Your disciple is good too.
It looks like you have spent much effort grooming him.”

“Thank you for your compliment.
He’s… still lacking.” Xiao Nanfeng was overwhelmed by the unexpected compliment.

“Don’t belittle yourself.
There are many outstanding youngsters in this generation.
If you groom your disciple properly, he will be the mainstay of our nation in the future,” the elder said.

“Yes, I won’t disappoint you,” Xiao Nanfeng said excitedly.

“Alright, I’m tired.
I’m going back first.” The elder yawned and disappeared on the spot with a flash.

He came and left without a trace as if he had never appeared.

Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng bowed in the direction where the elder disappeared.

“How is it? Xiao Nanfeng, my disciple’s not bad, right?” Dan Taixuan smiled with delight.

“Hmph!” Xiao Nanfeng snorted and disappeared into thin air.
He felt frustrated, so he didn’t want to reply to Dan Taixuan.

After the elder left, the general-stage martial warriors in the Dragon’s Den finally noticed the two people standing at the peak.
Soon, they realized that these two auras were familiar.

“It’s them!” Ye Jixin raised his head in surprise.

“They came,” Lei Zhenting said.

“Who are they?” Mr.
Ma asked curiously when he saw their expressions.

“The chief commanders of the Crimson Tiger Troop and the Black Sparrow Troop.” Ye Jixin smiled.

“It’s them?” Mr.
Ma was flabbergasted.

The applause lasted for a long time.
The commentator started speaking, “Wang Teng has won the match.
He beat his opponent with a higher realm than him.
This is mind-blowing…”

Wang Teng slowly floated down from the sky as he listened to the commentator praising him.
The wings behind him dissipated, and he landed in the arena.

He scanned the stage and picked up multiple bubbles.

Water Force*76

Ice Force*132

Advanced Stage Ice Talent*1



Wang Teng was elated.
132 points of ice Force! Why did he play with Luo Cheng for such a long time?

He wanted to get more benefits from him!

In the end, his efforts weren’t wasted.

The other most important attribute was the advanced stage ice talent.

Talent was the main reason Luo Cheng reached the 6-star soldier level at such a young age.
Martial arts cultivation and hard work were indeed important, but if his talent wasn’t high enough, he would need more time to reach his current stage.

A hardworking person with amazing talent would naturally require less time.

Wang Teng had intermediate stage ice talent before this, but it was changed to advanced stage ice talent now.
His attributes were getting better and better.
He would yield twice the results with the same effort when he cultivated his ice Force in the future.

After the judge announced the result, Wang Teng glanced at Luo Cheng worriedly.
This was the favored child from Capital Military Academy.
He hoped that this competition wouldn’t give him a huge blow to his confidence and affect his speed of advancement.

After all, the stronger he became, the more attributes he would drop.

Han Zhu and the others clustered around him after he walked down the arena.

“You are seriously… a maniac!” Han Zhu punched Wang Teng’s chest.

“Hey, don’t injure our potential champion.” Wan Baiqiu pushed him away in disdain.

“Hahaha.” Everyone burst out laughing.

“Come on, let’s go back and rest.
You will probably have to face Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang now,” Han Zhu said.

In the afternoon, the losers in the morning were reshuffled and given new opponents.
Even if they were heavily injured, they still had to enter the arena unless they gave up.

Fortunately, the competitors had powerful support behind their backs.
They didn’t go stingy on high-class dans and medicines, so most of them were able to recover with a few hours of rest.

For instance, Zhao Yuanwu originally needed to recuperate for a long time after using the secret skill, but within a few days, he was able to return to the arena, alive and kicking.

Wang Teng didn’t care about the rankings of these people, though.

The competition continued the second day.
The eight participants would be split into four teams.

Wang Teng was stunned when he saw the names on the big screen.

His opponent was a lady.
After Mao Na, this was the second lady who had landed in his hands.

The lady’s expression changed when she saw her opponent.
Mao Na’s match was still fresh in her mind.
She got slammed on the back of her head by the brick.
It was painful and embarrassing to watch.

“Wang Teng, can we reach an agreement?” asked the lady cautiously.

“Hmm?” Wang Teng looked at her in confusion.

“Let’s have a proper fight.
Please don’t use your brick,” the lady said.

“Oh.” Wang Teng understood.
He nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

“Alright, thank you.” The lady felt at ease.
In the next second, she became stern and stood in position.
“Let’s start.”

A few minutes later.


A dull thud was heard.
The lady rolled her eyes and fell to the ground.

The lady: …

Damn it, didn’t you say that you won’t use the brick?

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