Chapter 364: Who Could Resist This Glory!

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Cold air swept through the entire sky.
The flames around Wang Teng grew stronger as he floated in mid-air.


Within a blink of an eye, Luo Cheng darted in front of Wang Teng.


As he pushed his spear out, an icy blue glow cut through the air and pierced towards Wang Teng.

The audience could feel the chill penetrate their bones.
They shivered uncontrollably and hugged their clothes tightly.

6-star soldier-level martial warriors were able to change the temperature within a certain radius around them.
The discovery left the ordinary people reeling in shock.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t the least bit affected.
Against the roaring flames, his expression appeared as calm as the surface of a serene lake.
He raised Mo Que.
The flames towered behind him, giving off a terrifying presence.


The next moment, flames enveloped the whole sky.
A sword glow cut its way out of the flames and shot out.

Earth-rank sword skill!


The sword aura clashed with the spear aura, giving off an earthshaking explosion.

One ice and one fire!

Mutual restriction!

Both of them refused to budge.

“Oh my god, Wang Teng managed to receive Luo Cheng’s attack forcefully with his 5-star soldier-level battle ability.
They are equal in combat prowess!” the commentator exclaimed in surprise.

Wang Teng had only displayed 5-star soldier-level abilities until now, so everyone assumed that he was at the 5-star soldier level.

Moreover, the 5-star soldier level was already frightening enough.
After all, he was only a freshman.
It had been a mere half year since the university entrance exam ended.
Imagine him rising from the 1-star soldier level to the 5-star soldier level in this short time.
What kind of monster was he?

If he exceeded this realm, the word monster wouldn’t be enough to describe him anymore.

“This brat!” Zhao Yuanwu’s expression was dangerously eerie.
When he executed his secret skill, he was only half a step to the 6-star soldier level.
He thought that he could fight for the top three with this trump card, but before he even entered the top 16, he was already defeated by Wang Teng.

He knew that the half-step 6-star soldier level was still a huge distance away from the real 6-star soldier level.
However, Wang Teng was able to stand his ground under Luo Cheng’s attacks.
This proved that he was much more powerful than him, and he didn’t win based on pure luck.

“I don’t believe you can beat a real 6-star soldier-level martial warrior!” Zhao Yuanwu scoffed, feeling jealous in his heart.


The ice and fire merged in the air, no one giving way to the other.
Luo Cheng and Wang Teng collided once again.

Luo Cheng’s expression turned grave.

He had employed all his strength as well as his final card, his ice Force.
In most cases, an ordinary 6-star soldier-level martial warrior would have lost to him already.

However, Wang Teng had blocked his attack with ease.
He seemed relaxed even.

They fought for more than half an hour, but there was still no winner.

This intense match had stupefied the audience.

These two youngsters were damn powerful!

“Pant, pant…”

After all that heated struggle, Luo Cheng was panting like a dog.
He stared at Wang Teng with disbelief in his eyes.

This doesn’t make sense!

Everyone said that he didn’t have many rivals in his generation.
Yet here stood someone with a lower level than him who was able to fight him toe to toe.
Even more, the man was younger than him.

Damn it, were they lying to him all this while?

Luo Cheng started questioning his life.

He took a deep breath.
It’s alright, I just have to win this match.
If I get defeated by someone with a lower realm, I’ll be humiliated.

This didn’t just affect his face.
It would affect his master’s dignity too.

Hence, he could not and must not lose!

He, Luo Cheng, wouldn’t lose here!


A dense chill erupted from his body, and snowflakes fell from the sky.
A layer of ice had formed on the ground under the freezing temperature.

Spear conscious!

Earth-rank battle technique—The Startling Dragon Spear!


A dragon’s roar reverberated around the entire Dragon’s Den.
The instant Luo Cheng thrust his spear out, snowflakes rolled together and congregated into an ice dragon.
The life-like dragon head looked majestic and terrifying.

Wang Teng let out a long breath, and his expression turned a little serious.
He could not underestimate this attack.

In an instant, flames soared into the sky.

It was like a volcano erupting from its slumber.
The temperature rose instantly and melted the ice around them.


The impact between a blade and a sword shook the audience’s eardrums.

The glow of a blade and a sword penetrated the clouds, and multiple wisps of sword and blade auras burst forth.
They intertwined as if they were dancing in the air.

Wang Teng had executed his extreme flaming sword presence, which was close to reaching the conscious level, and his flaming blade conscious simultaneously.

The force of the sword and blade.

The roars of the sword and blade.

Glaring red lights lit up the entire sky.


He swung Mo Que.
The blade and sword glow lunged at the ice dragon as if they had received a command from the emperor.


The ice dragon looked up to heaven and roared.
It wanted to freeze the flames with its chill.




Wang Teng’s eyes widened as he pushed Mo Que down.
The fiery red blade and sword aura merged together and streaked towards the head of the ice dragon.


The atmosphere in the Dragon’s Den seemed to have frozen instantly.

The eyes of the audience almost popped out of their sockets when they saw the fantastical scene.


Suddenly, a loud and clear sound entered everyone’s ears, jolting them awake.

A striking crack had suddenly appeared on the giant dragon’s head.
Then, amidst the stunned gazes, the crack grew bigger and bigger…

Crack, crack…

Loud cracks resounded without a stop.

Luo Cheng’s expression changed drastically, and he retreated at the fastest speed.


At that moment, an even louder explosion sounded.
The huge ice dragon shattered into fragments.
It was brutally chopped into pieces.

Flames swept through the arena.


Luo Cheng was still a step too late.
He got hit by the overflowing force from the impact and smashed on the ground.

The ice on the ground melted and evaporated, leaving no traces.
Instead, burnt marks appeared on the ground alongside the sword and blade marks.
It was a long trail of destruction, presenting a ghastly sight to the audience.

A few moments later, the flames also faded away.

Luo Cheng was in a bedraggled state.
His body was covered with blade and sword marks.
He staggered as he tried to get up but vomited a mouth of blood instead.


He looked up at the sky.
However, his vision was blurred by blood, so he couldn’t see clearly.

He raised his long spear and pointed it at Wang Teng in the sky.

“I… won’t… be defeated.”

Luo Cheng’s voice was hoarse.
He refused to accept his defeat.

Then, he collapsed on the ground.

The entire Dragon’s Den turned silent when they saw Luo Cheng falling.
Many people glanced at the young man standing straight and tall in the sky with the fire wings flapping behind him.
There were too many emotions on their faces.
Astonishment, disbelief…

The next second, a horde of people stood up in unplanned unison and gave him a standing ovation.

Gradually, more and more people stood up…

Applause sounded until it submerged the entire Dragon’s Den.

Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang raised their heads in surprise, feeling dumbfounded by this scene.

Wang Teng was able to gain the recognition of the whole stadium.

What an honor this was!

Even though Ji Xiuming didn’t like other people pursuing and flattering him, even though he viewed this as trouble, he was still moved.

Who could resist this moment of glory!

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