Chapter 363: Ice Element… Double Element Martial Warrior!

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Luo Cheng furrowed his brows slightly when he saw Wang Teng’s action.

This was a provocation!

He squinted his eyes into a narrow slit.
The wings behind him trembled, and he bolted towards Wang Teng, leaving only his shadows behind.

Wang Teng remained calm.
He held Mo Que and turned into a beam of light, hurling himself at Luo Cheng.


When their weapons collided, frightening bursts of Forces erupted from the center.

The explosions rumbled throughout the entire Dragon’s Den.

The two young men stepped on the air.
One was covered with blue Force, while the other had flames spiraling around him.
The blue and red balls of lights kept slamming into each other.

“So powerful!”

“Both of them are amazing.”

“This is even more exciting than Wang Teng and Zhao Yuanwu’s match.”

“As expected of the leading figure from Capital Military Academy.
Not many people can stand beside him in terms of ability.”

The audience was astounded, but they still opened their eyes wide and watched the competition with rapt attention.
They were afraid that they would miss a splendid scene, so they didn’t even dare to blink.

The two young men kept changing their positions in the gigantic arena.
Every time they moved, they would fight from one end to the other.
The audience didn’t know where to look.
Sometimes, they couldn’t follow their speed at all and lost sight of the two competitors.

Wang Teng held his enormous weapon as he floated above the arena.
He had been accumulating his power for some time now.
He swung his weapon back before smashing it aggressively at Luo Cheng.

A terrifying force erupted in an instant.


A huge sound shook the arena.

Luo Cheng’s expression changed entirely.
He plunged to the ground like a shooting star.


The entire arena vibrated.

There was a deep hole on the spot where he landed, with cracks all around it.
They spread out like a spiderweb while Luo Cheng laid in the middle with his arms and legs spread out.



Everyone’s jaws dropped.

How terrifying!

They didn’t know Wang Teng was so violent.

How could he be so rough? He should be gentler.

However, unlike others, stars appeared in the eyes of the ladies at the scene.
Being savage wasn’t a bad thing.
The stronger you were, the greater your sense of potency.

Although he looked like a pretty boy on the surface, he was a real man inside.

Twice the experience? This was perfect…

As for Luo Cheng.

What a poor thing!

This was his second time crashing on the ground, right? His posture was a little disheveled.
They could tell that it was painful.

Even the hard and sturdy ground of the arena had cracked.
The power behind this throw could be imagined.

However, Luo Cheng climbed up tenaciously while shaking his head.
He was kneeling on one knee.
His spear was lying on the ground and his head was lowered, so no one could see his face.


Suddenly, a greater force surged out from his body.
It climbed higher and higher.

Below the arena, Ji Xiuming, who was sitting down and watching the match, straightened his body uncontrollably.

“This power…”

A somber expression appeared on his face.
This was the first time he had felt a sense of threat from Luo Cheng.

Luo Cheng was a good opponent!

But, currently, he was only curious about one thing.
Who would be the last one standing in this match?

After all, they could only meet him if they lasted until the end.

Ren Qingcang remained expressionless.
He crossed his arms in front of his chest as if he didn’t care.

He might give off an ‘I’m invincible’ aura all the time, but he didn’t let go of any details during the match.

In the arena, as Luo Cheng’s aura rose exponentially, the temperature around him started dropping.
After some time, ice crystals appeared around him, slowly increasing in number.

A few seconds later, snow began floating in the sky.

The audience gasped and looked at the sky in bewilderment.

“It’s snowing!”

“No, it’s not snowing.
Luo Cheng created the snow with his Force.”

“Luo Cheng doesn’t have water Force.
This is ice Force!”

“Ice element!”

“Double element martial warrior!”

The commentator’s voice was heard immediately.
“This is astonishing.
Luo Cheng is an ice and water Force double element martial warrior.
He can fight with a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior without losing out!”

Everyone was startled.

No one had expected this situation.

Indeed, the National Number One Martial Arts Competition was a congregation of extraordinary talents.
As the matches progressed, the participants revealed their trump cards one by one.
Ordinary martial warriors were nothing compared to them.

On the other side, Han Zhu was worried.
He said in astonishment, “Luo Cheng is a double element martial warrior, and his ice Force is at the 6-star soldier level too.
Wang Teng is in danger.”

Peng Yuanshan and Tong Hu’s expressions turned grave.
When they looked at Luo Cheng, who was now the center of attraction, they couldn’t help but feel anxious for Wang Teng.

Was he able to beat Luo Cheng?

Ye Jixin said, “I remember that Luo Cheng is Xiao Nanfeng’s disciple, right?”

“His disciple? He hides it really well.” Lei Zhenting snorted.
Then, he gave a sinister smile.
“It looks like Wang Teng has no chance of meeting Ren Qingcang.”

“Maybe not.” Ye Jixin glanced at Wang Teng’s composed expression and shook his head slowly.

“He’s Chief Commander Xiao’s disciple? This is the first time I’m hearing this,” Mr.
Ma said in surprise.

At this moment, Wang Teng was staring at Luo Cheng below him.
He was a little stunned.
He never knew that Luo Cheng possessed ice Force.

Also, it seemed to have reached 6-star soldier level.

He had ice Force too.
Furthermore, he got it the moment he became a martial warrior.

However, ice-element martial warriors weren’t that common.
Thus, his ice Force didn’t see much improvement.
It was still at the 3-star soldier level.
Compared to his other Forces, it was lagging way behind.

Hence, when he saw Luo Cheng executing ice Force, a glint appeared in his eyes.
Maybe he should… cheer secretly for a while.

Wang Teng looked at Luo Cheng as if he were an ice Force ATM.

Go ahead!

Release it to your heart’s content!

Let the ice Force rain on me like a storm.

Wang Teng furiously suppressed the urge to smile…


Luo Cheng was confused.
Why did he seem excited for no reason?

He thought that Wang Teng would be dumbstruck or, at the very least, surprised.
Then, he would turn grim.

Yet, his expression was entirely out of his expectations.

He suspected whether Wang Teng had some unique fetish.


“Senior Luo Cheng, are you done? If you’re done, let’s fight quickly.
I’m getting hungry from waiting.” The fire wings behind his back flapped slowly, allowing him to stay in the air.

Luo Cheng: …

He finally understood why everyone said that Wang Teng was cheeky.

Can you not talk about irrelevant things on such an important occasion?

Especially eating!

This is a martial arts competition.
Please be more serious!

Luo Cheng took a deep breath and pushed these distracting thoughts out of his mind.

The watery blue wings behind his back had changed into a pair of ice wings..
They fluttered, and he turned into a ray of cold blue light, zooming towards Wang Teng with bone-piercing coldness.

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