Chapter 360: Top 16!

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When Wang Teng walked down the arena, he felt that the medical personnel were looking at him strangely.

However, he didn’t have the time to think about their gazes.
The medical personnel carried Zhao Yuanwu away as if they were hiding from him.

He didn’t even see their eyes clearly, so he couldn’t understand their real intention.

Feeling a little confused, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

It probably wasn’t anything important.

The competition in the afternoon ended quickly.
However, many people were still talking about Wang Teng and Zhao Yuanwu’s match with interest.

“I feel that their match isn’t at the same level as other contestants’ matches.”

“Yes, they’re so powerful!”

“I heard their battle was a contest between 5-star soldier-level martial warriors.
5-star soldier-level martial warriors are able to form wings with their Force.
They can fly in the air.
It’s a pity we couldn’t see it.”

“Force wings! I’ve never seen them before.
Martial warriors are so powerful.
They can even fly!”

“Sigh, in the past, I had a chance to become a martial warrior too…”

“Stop boasting.
Uncle, you’re almost 50 years old.
Stop dreaming…”

The crowd flooded out of the Dragon’s Den, and their noise soared up the sky.
Everyone was exhilarated.
Some even turned red in anger as they engaged in a heated argument.
The whole place was lively.

Wang Teng and the other students returned to the hotel.
Along the way, his teammates stared at him as though they were looking at a ghost.

“Enough, you have been ogling me for the entire journey.
Haven’t you seen enough?” Wang Teng glared at them.
He couldn’t stand it anymore.

No one would feel comfortable getting stared at like a monster.

“Cough.” Han Zhu coughed awkwardly.
He said, “Are you really a freshman? Or did you stay back for three years?”

Wang Teng was speechless.

Look at this, look at this!

Is this something you should be asking?

Stay back for three years? Was he so useless?

“If I had stayed back for three years, you would have recognized me,” Wang Teng retorted.

“Erm… You’re right.” Han Zhu regained his senses, feeling that he had asked a stupid question.
“In that case, calling you brat a monster is not an exaggeration.”

Even a humble man like Han Zhu was cursing out loud.
One could tell how stunned he must be.

“Senior, if you slander me again, I’ll pull you into the arena to fight with you,” Wang Teng said indifferently.




A drop of sweat fell from Han Zhu’s forehead.
He smiled in embarrassment and said, “Hahaha, Junior Wang Teng, how can you be a monster? You’re so handsome.
I made an indiscreet remark just now.
Please don’t take it to heart.”


Wan Baiqiu: …

Du Yu: …

Everyone: …

They had never seen Han Zhu acting so shamelessly before.

“Haha.” Wang Teng scoffed.

“Either way, Junior Wang Teng, thank you for helping me take revenge,” Wan Baiqiu said earnestly.

“You don’t have to.
I didn’t like Zhao Yuanwu either,” Wang Teng waved his hands and said.

Wan Baiqiu smiled, remaining quiet.
There was no need to be too explicit about certain matters.

After dinner, Peng Yuanshan gathered everyone.
He opened his mouth and said, “Fight to your heart’s content during the competition.
The school will help you with other matters.
Don’t worry.”

He waved his hand after he finished speaking and dismissed everyone.

“Alright, go back and have a good rest to prepare for tomorrow’s matches.”

Everyone was puzzled.
They didn’t know why their president had suddenly said that sentence.
After leaving the room, they went back and got some rest.

Unlike his companions, Wang Teng was smiling happily.
Peng Yuanshan was referring to the afternoon competition.

He knew that he didn’t have to worry about the Qianyuan Sect anymore.

Huanghai would help him deal with them!

This was how confident he could be when he had powerful support.

Huanghai Military Academy was powerful, and its alumni were scattered across all the important military departments in the country.
Many of them held real power.
Some were also in the business industry and had become leading figures in the business world.

In terms of power, how many factions could fight with them?

Qianyuan Sect didn’t have a chance of beating Huanghai.

Even if the Qianyuan Sect was furious, they had to swallow their anger.

The next day, the competition continued.

Another two days passed.
The competition was in full swing.

Wang Teng continued to maintain his winning streak.
Whenever he met an opponent, he would smash their heads with his brick, further cementing his position as the brick maniac.

The following day, the Dragon’s Den was packed with people, and the atmosphere remained as bustling as ever.
As the finals approached, the audience got more and more enthusiastic.

At 8 am sharp, the screen didn’t display the list of matches like usual.
Instead, the commentator’s voice rang out in the stadium.
“We’re finally at the stage of finalizing our top 16!”

Everyone was shocked.
For the past few days, they had watched the competition with much interest.
They didn’t realize that the knockouts were already here.

“The top 16 consists of Ji Xiuming from The First University, Ren Qingcang from Leiting Martial House, Luo Cheng from Capital Military Academy, Wang Teng from Huanghai Military Academy, Zhao Yuanwu from Qianyuan Sect…”

The commentator announced all the names of the top 16 candidates.
Every time he called a name, the screen would display the image of the student.

Finally, all 16 students appeared together on the screen.

Ji Xiuming, Ren Qingcang, and Luo Cheng were in the first row, while Wang Teng was the first of the second row.

This arrangement was based on the past performances and battle results of the contestants.

Although Wang Teng was placed in the fourth position, after Ji Xiuming and the other two candidates, it was already a high rank.

After all, he was the youngest among all the contestants.
No one even imagined that he could reach this state.
Yet, Wang Teng’s performance each time caused everyone to look at him in a new light.

Victory all the way!

No defeat at all!

Even though he was a little cheeky and indecent, he still astounded the audience.
Some even felt that he was a potential contender for the championship title, the fourth person after Ji Xiuming and the other two hot favorites.

Zhao Yuanwu might have lost to Wang Teng, but his overall battle results were enough to put him in the top 16.

It was also worth mentioning that Han Zhu was among the top 16.
He was at no.
13, not that low a ranking overall.

If he performed well during the rest of the competition, his ranking might improve.
There was a chance that he could squeeze into the top 10.

If he did, Huanghai would have two students in the top 10.
That would be an outstanding result.

“I’m sure everyone feels impatient after I introduced the top 16 candidates.
Now, let’s start with our finals.
Everyone, please look at the big screen.”

After the commentator finished speaking, the images of the top 16 students on the screen got jumbled up and randomly grouped together…

Finally, everything stopped moving.

The audience held their breaths as they looked at the big screen.

Wang Teng wasn’t worried.
He raised his head slowly after the images stopped.
It was a random allocation, so he didn’t care who he met.

But when he saw the name of his opponent, he was still stunned.

Wang Teng versus Luo Cheng!

His opponent was Luo Cheng from Capital Military Academy.

From a certain point of view, this was the battle between the top two military academies in the country, Huanghai Military Academy and Capital Military Academy.

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