“This person is amazing!”

Wang Teng took a deep breath and calmed his pounding heart as he exclaimed in his heart.

The blade light that cut through the air had widened his horizons.
This was what a real martial warrior should be like!

One strike of his blade, and he was able to destroy everything a few hundred meters away from him.
Compared to that person…

Wang Teng felt that he was so weak!

He swiftly adjusted his confused expression.

I’m all ready.
Even my posture is ready.
Why did you do this to me!

I feel so awkward!

Fortunately, everyone’s attention was attracted by the giant crow.
In a state of panic, the crowd was busy looking for a place to hide.
No one had paid him any attention.

Wang Teng hurriedly kept his battle sword and boxing gloves.
He stuffed the bag containing the egg into his car too.

Then, he pretended that nothing had happened and looked at the spot where the giant bird had smashed into the ground.

It wasn’t far, almost ten meters away from him.

The massive corpse of the bird laid right in the middle of the road.
A few cars parked along the road had been squashed, and their alarms were blaring.

A few road lamps had collapsed too.
Sparks of electricity crackled and scared others from getting close.

The passers-by had scattered far away.
But they didn’t forget to take out their cell phones to take photos and share them on their moments or Tiktok.

“This crow is so big.
It’s frightening.”

“It was a martial warrior who helped out just now, right?”

“It must be.
Only a martial warrior can deal with a giant beast like this.”

“The blade that struck all the way up to the sky stunned the entire Donghai City.
I wish I was so powerful…”

The spectators started discussing among themselves.
They felt admiration and envy towards the martial warrior who had executed the stunning blade light.

Martial warrior!

Martial warrior!

This was a real martial warrior!

During this martial arts era, who didn’t want to become a martial warrior?

But what was the use of just thinking about it?

Many people were still blocked by an invisible wall.
They didn’t even have the right to step through the door.

Even the advanced stage martial disciples standing at the edge of the door were no exception.

The man beside Zhao Gangbao was one such example.
At this moment, Wang Teng felt a little dumbfounded as he looked at the corpse of the giant crow.

Would killing star beasts drop attribute bubbles?

The answer was right in front of him.
A few huge transparent bubbles were floating beside the giant crow.

Although others couldn’t see them, to Wang Teng, they were exceptionally conspicuous.

He hurriedly squeezed through the crowd, pretending that he was curious about the bird.
He got close to the attribute bubbles and touched them secretly.

He picked them up!


Fire Force*35

Blank Attribute*60


Spiritual Sight*1


What the f**k!

What the f**k!

What the f**k!

Important things must be emphasized thrice!

These attributes are amazing! Wang Teng was on cloud nine, feeling as though he was floating.

Three ‘what the f**k’ weren’t enough to express the excitement in his heart at this moment.


Gaining 130 points of speed attribute at once was honestly a little too much.

When fire Force*35 seeped into his skin, the fire Force in his body increased tremendously.
It surged through his body like a current.

The feeling was incredible!

Wang Teng continued looking down.

Blank Attribute*60


He was a little surprised.

There were even blank attributes?

What was their use? Could he use it to increase any of his attributes?

Wang Teng decided to bring it back and investigate when free.
After the update of his system, many changes started appearing slowly.


Spiritual Sight*1

Wang Teng felt that something intriguing was happening to his eyes.
A cold and icy stream was flowing in his eyes.

If he was given a mirror, Wang Teng would be able to see a thin black film covering his eyes.
It was eerily black.

This is so interesting!

But what’s the use of this spiritual sight?

He scanned his surroundings, but he couldn’t notice anything special with his pair of eyes.

Forget it.
This is not the time to get to the bottom of this.

How do I retract this ability?

When Wang Teng thought about holding back the ability, the peculiar energy in his eyes seemed to have received a summon.
It slipped into the depth of his eyes and went into hibernation.

After some time, a group of people arrived at the scene.
The crowd was dispersed, and the place was sealed off.

“They’re from the City Protection Bureau!”

The newcomers wore black uniforms with a unique logo on them—a cross of a blade and a sword.
On their backs, there was a simple and unsophisticated picture of a shield.

Someone quickly recognized who they were.

The City Protection Bureau.
Based on the name, one could tell that this was a special department erected to protect the human cities in this world.

In this department, besides the office workers, all others possessed strong martial arts abilities.
The presence of this group allowed normal humans to live peacefully in the cities.

Many times, without the public knowing, they had solved a lot of troubles.

The members of the City Protection Bureau carried the giant crow onto a huge truck and cleaned up the streets.

They learned about the situation from the nearby spectators.
They wanted to understand why this giant crow had suddenly invaded Donghai City.

Unfortunately, no one was able to provide any relevant information.
The onlookers were all talking in confusion.
They just said that a powerful and mysterious martial warrior acted in the end.
There was no helpful information given.

In the end, the members of the City Protection Bureau left helplessly.

Wang Teng stood among the crowd and watched them leave.
He was in deep thought.

That giant crow seemed to be here for me.

But why?

What grudges do we have? Why does it have to travel a thousand miles of wilderness to kill me?


Since Wang Teng couldn’t find a reason, he gave up.


The beautiful young lady from the pet shop ran towards Wang Teng when she noticed that things had settled outside.

On the other side, Zhao Gangbao saw the members of the City Protection Bureau leaving and spoke to the man beside him.

“Brother, the people from the City Protection Bureau have left.
Let’s catch that fellow quickly.
If not, he will run away.
I must take revenge for the kick he gave me in the past.”

The guy remembered how he was kicked into the air at the Wild Rose Pub.
He was also tricked by this brat and caught the wrong person.
He felt happy for nothing.

Anger instantly shot up right into his head.

Zhao Gangbao was about to walk towards Wang Teng in his fury.


Unexpectedly, the man beside Zhao Gangbao had slapped him on the head.

“Catch him? Catch your head!” Zhao Ganghu was furious as he shouted at his brother.

Zhao Gangbao was stunned.
He looked at his brother blankly while muttering, “Brother, why are you scolding me?”

“F**k, you make me so angry that my mind is muddled!”

Zhao Ganghu slapped Zhao Gangbao’s head again.

“Why are you hitting me again? Why are you angry?” Zhao Gangbao was puzzled.
He shrunk his head and asked with a pitiful look.

“I’m angry because you’re stupid! You are an idiot!

“Do you know who you’ve offended?

“If you want to die, don’t pull me along.
Why are you getting your brother in trouble?”

When Zhao Ganghu noticed that his brother still didn’t know his mistake, he got even more infuriated.
He wanted to vomit blood…

They had the same mother.
Why was his brother so stupid?

Hence, he raised his hand, wanting to slap his brother again.

This time, Zhao Gangbao was prepared.
He dodged the slap and shouted, “Brother, even if I was to die, you must let me know the reason.
What is it? Tell me clearly!”

“Okay, let me tell you!” Zhao Ganghu took a deep breath and continued, “That person is a martial warrior!”


Zhao Gangbao was flabbergasted.
However, he didn’t believe it at all.

“That’s impossible.
He’s so young.
How can he be a martial warrior!”

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