Chapter 358: I’ve Disliked You For Some Time!

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This was a rude shock for Ye Jixin and Lei Zhenting.

The two of them stared at each other for a long time without moving.
They were utterly dumbstruck.

“Who is this Eight Arms Devil General you’re referring to?” Mr.
Ma couldn’t help but ask when he heard their discussion.

The two principals immediately regained their senses.

Ye Jixin said, “The Eight Arms Devil General, Zurz, is one of the general-stage martial warriors from the Eight Arms Devil race.”

It was Mr.
Ma’s turn to drop his jaws.

Thunder roared in his mind once he understood the Eight Arms Devil General’s identity.
He found it unbelievable.

“Wang Teng snatched a general-stage martial warrior’s weapon… Haha, this joke isn’t funny at all.” Mr.
Ma laughed awkwardly.

“I think we’re right.
Old Ye, look.
The words ‘Mo Que’ are carved on the weapon.
This is the name of Zurz’s weapon.” Lei Zhenting took a deep breath before he opened his mouth.

“Oh my god!” Ye Jixin focused on the weapon from afar.
General-stage martial warriors had keen eyesight, so he was able to see the two words instantly.

“How did he snatch it?” Mr.
Ma asked in disbelief.

“Who knows!” Ye Jixin shrugged.

“What a mysterious young brat.” Lei Zhenting lamented.

While they were discussing this matter, the atmosphere in the arena froze for a second.

Then, Wang Teng opened his mouth.
“Continue chopping.
Chop all you want.
You won’t have to compensate even if it breaks.
Really, I’m not lying to you.”

Zhao Yuanwu: …

As he gazed at the weapon, a sense of helplessness surged into his heart.


How was he supposed to chop that!

The next moment, Zhao Yuanwu flew into a rage.
He felt that Wang Teng was playing with him.
His attacks bordered on mania.

His secret skill had a time limit, so he must finish the battle as soon as possible.

Bang, bang, bang!

Wang Teng fought with Zhao Yuanwu with Mo Que in his hand.
Explosions kept resounding whenever their weapons met.

Very soon, Zhao Yuanwu realized that cracks were starting to appear on his battle blade.

Every dog had its day!

This time, it was his.

Zhao Yuanwu’s expression changed.
He knew that he couldn’t win with strength, so he retreated abruptly.
He panted as he said, “You should be proud that you forced me to this state.”


A formidable blade aura swept across the arena, and flames covered the sky.

A ten-foot-long flaming blade glow shot up into the air.

Everyone looked at the sword glow with amazement.
They were dumbfounded.

Wang Teng remained calm, though.
No one noticed the flames burning in the depth of his eyes.

A flaming blade was getting restless in him.
It was itching to get out of its sheath.

On the other side, Zhao Yuanwu was enveloped in flames, looking like the son of fire.
He stood there with a battle blade in one hand, majestic and arrogant.

Big Dipper Flaming Blade!

He waved his blade violently.
The ten feet blade glow descended from the sky like a dragon.
Flames pummeled towards Wang Teng, attempting to swallow him.

Wang Teng is in danger! This was what everyone was thinking.

Lin Chuhan bit her lips tightly.
Her hands had turned white because she was clenching them too tightly.

“Sky-rank low-class battle technique!” Peng Yuanshan jumped to his feet.
He stood at the edge of the audience stand and looked down.



At that moment, a terrifying force of presence erupted from Wang Teng’s body.
Fire rose from the ground and spiraled up into the sky.


A fiery glow slowly revealed itself from the flames, like a blade leaving its sheath.

The blade glow cut right through the horizon.

The flames from Zhao Yuanwu’s attack were attracted and merged into the blade glow, turning into fertilizer for the formation of the blade glow.

If Zhao Yuanwu was the son of flames, Wang Teng was the king of fire.

Everyone had to bow down to the king!


A deafening sound of a long blade unsheathing shook the spectators.

Blade conscious!

Flaming blade conscious!

Wang Teng no longer hid his ability.
He released his flaming blade conscious.

All of this happened within a few seconds.

When Zhao Yuanwu’s blade glow was inches away from his head, Wang Teng finally moved.
In a split second, the growing blade conscious unraveled itself entirely and split the air into two…

Zhao Yuanwu’s blade glow was destroyed.

Peace resumed.


There was only silence.

It felt as if the flames and blade glow had never appeared.
Only the scars on the arena floor and the burnt patches proved that the scene they just saw wasn’t a dream.

The audience had turned dumb from astonishment.
They couldn’t recover their thoughts for a long time.


Someone sighed, and the entire Dragon’s Den finally woke up again.
The clamor almost tore the place down.


“Is this how frightening a real martial warrior can be?”

“Is this attack done by a human?”

Ji Xiuming had watched the entire match from The First University’s resting area.
At the start, he didn’t care, but he slowly started paying more attention.
Now, he was amazed.
He couldn’t help but sigh.
“Blade conscious!”

He had no choice but to take Wang Teng seriously now.

Mao Na touched the back of her head as she exclaimed, “I didn’t know he was so powerful! It looks like my defeat wasn’t unjustified.”

Yu Tao’s face was pale.
He felt bitter in his heart.
He wanted to teach Wang Teng a good lesson in the arena for Mao Na’s sake.

Now, he felt fortunate that he wasn’t given a chance.
If not, he would have died a terrible death.

He lost to Zhao Yuanwu, and Zhao Yuanwu lost to Wang Teng.
As Zhao Yuanwu’s defeated opponent, he didn’t have the right to teach Wang Teng a lesson.

On the other side, Ren Qingcang watched the match without any expressions on his face.
However, an eerie glint flashed past his eyes, and he snorted.

Ye Jixin was baffled.
“It’s astonishing how this young man could enlighten his blade conscious at such a young age.
What a pity.
I should have asked him to represent my Jixin Martial House.”

“Don’t even think about it.
He will definitely represent Huanghai Military Academy.
Why would he choose you?” Lei Zhenting mocked.

“Even so, he’s still a part of my Jixin Martial House.
The SSS contract is proof of my foresight.
I’m not as stingy as you.
You didn’t even want to give an SS-grade contract,” Ye Jixin rebutted.

Ma didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry when he saw the two important figures bickering like two aunties in the market.

Zhao Yuanwu stood in the arena, covered with wounds.
His body was full of blade marks, and blood was oozing out of them.


He vomited a mouth of blood.
He couldn’t believe he had lost.
In an instant, he turned berserk and shouted madly, “How is this possible? How could I lose to a clown like you? This is impossible…”

The long blade in his hand was already broken.
He stumbled but was still unwilling to admit defeat.
He dashed towards Wang Teng, waving his broken blade haphazardly.
His expression was forlorn and bitter.
You could tell that this was a massive blow to him.

“Why do you have to do this?” Wang Teng placed his hands behind his back and shook his head.
His eyes were filled with compassion.

After Zhao Yuanwu came closer, he slowly pulled out his hand from behind his back.

The shining golden brick in his hand dazzled everyone’s eyes.

“Stop!” A shout came from the audience stand.

Wang Teng was slightly stunned.
However, he still smashed the brick down without any hesitation.


The brick slammed on the face.

He had especially aimed at the face.

Bang, bang, bang…

After some time, Wang Teng stood up gradually and flicked his hair.
He let out a long sigh..
“I’ve disliked you for some time.”

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