Chapter 354 Senior, I Will Be Gentle!

In the room, Peng Yuanshan turned silent while Tong Hu and the other heads glanced at one another.

They had already asked Wang Teng to leave.

“Do you believe what that brat said?” Peng Yuanshan sighed and asked.

“He doesn’t have a reason to lie to us,” Tong Hu frowned as he replied.

“It will be great if it’s true,” Su Jing said.

“The principal might be clearer on this, but she will only come during the finals.” Peng Yuanshan shook his head.
“Never mind, having some hope is not bad.
It looks like our Huanghai isn’t defeated yet.”

Wang Teng returned to his room and sat cross-legged on his bed.
He didn’t care what Peng Yuanshan and the heads were thinking.

His gaze shone as he recalled his gains after participating in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
He was deep in thought.

Upon recalling the move Mao Na made today, he felt particularly enlightened.

Mao Na had merged the two wind presences and turned them into a tornado.
It was a powerful move.

Her method had inspired him.

He had many ‘presences’ now, including two conscious.
Maybe he could try and merge them together.

If I can merge them, the result might be formidable.

For instance, if I merge wind presence and flaming sword presence, I might get a flaming sword tornado!

Wang Teng was excited.
He started deducing in his heart.

The knowledge he received from Mao Na’s wind presence in the morning floated into his mind.
It allowed him to gain some understanding of the merging method.

First, Wang Teng decided to merge his presences.
If he succeeded, he would move on to merging his conscious.

The more powerful it was, the harder it was to merge them.
That was mostly the case.

He played out the process in his heart and felt that it wasn’t too difficult.
Hence, he stood up and went to the training room.
A benefit of this hotel was its well-equipped facilities.

The walls and floor of the training room were enhanced with runes.
Besides providing a higher resistance towards damage and impact, it was also sound-proof.

Of course, the construction cost wasn’t cheap!

Most hotels didn’t have the capital to do this.

Wang Teng stood in the training room.
To start out, he added a layer of earth Force to protect his hands.

Then, he gathered wind presence in one hand and slowly twirled it.
As for the other hand, he stuck out two fingers.
Sword aura intertwined around his fingers.

Then, the two forces gradually got closer…


A small eruption occurred in the training room.
At the instant the forces made contact, they exploded.

Wang Teng’s expression froze.

To hell with not too difficult.

He didn’t even do anything, yet they exploded at a single touch.


What a tight slap in his face.

Furthermore, no one slapped him.
He slapped his own face… how painful!

Fortunately, he was cautious and protected his hands with earth Force.
In addition, he didn’t use much Force when he attempted to merge the two.
The power was limited, so he didn’t hurt himself.

Wang Teng furrowed his brows.
He contemplated his actions and realized something

He was combining two different types of presence while Mao Na had merged two wind presences.
There was a huge difference in their methods.

If he followed Mao Na’s method to a tee, it would be a miracle if he succeeded!

There was a strong repulsion between the two different Forces.
They might start fighting with each other if they were in the same area, much less trying to combine them.

Wait, in the same area.

Wang Teng suddenly thought of something.
There were multiple Forces in his Force nucleus.
However, they were in harmony with one another with the help of the system.

Wang Teng closed his eyes and calmed down his heart.
He started feeling his Force nucleus.

His eyes remained closed for half an hour.

Half an hour later, when he slowly opened his shut eyes, there was a confident glint in them.

He was extremely confident for his next try.

Once again, he gathered two ‘presences’ on each of his hands, one wind and one fire, and pushed them together slowly.
His eyes were shining.
He would definitely succeed this time…



Why did it explode again?!


He had already understood the crux of the problem.
He then found a way to let them live in harmony.
Why did they still explode?

Wang Teng was puzzled.
This was another slap in his face.
He felt his cheeks getting swollen.

“I don’t believe that I can’t do it!” He vowed to himself.
He gathered his wind and fire presence and made another attempt.




Three hours later, Wang Teng laid on the floor with his arms and legs spread out.
He felt like killing himself.

This is too difficult!

Why is it so difficult? He couldn’t find the reason at all.
Wasn’t he a genius in martial arts? His confidence had taken a severe hit.
He felt so inferior that he was starting to question his life.

After a few seconds, he crawled up stubbornly.

He would never admit defeat!




The entire night, explosions kept occurring in Wang Teng’s training room.
It only stopped past midnight.

The following day, everyone gathered in the restaurant for breakfast.

“Du Yu, why are your dark eye circles so obvious?” Han Zhu suddenly asked.

Before Du Yu could open his mouth, the students from Donghai University walked past them.
Someone asked the same question.

“Yunfan, why are your dark eye circles so obvious?” the person beside Xiao Yunfan asked.

“Don’t ask.
Some idiot was playing with explosives in the middle of the night.
I couldn’t sleep properly,” Xiao Yunfan said furiously.

Wang Teng: {(°C°111)__ “You too?” Han Zhu and the others looked at Du Yu strangely.

Du Yu nodded in frustration.

“That’s so inconsiderate.
Is he one of our competitors? Is he trying to use this method to affect your condition?” the Donghai University student asked.

“Who knows? He better hope that I don’t find out who he is.
If not, I’ll hit him until his parents can’t recognize him,” Xiao Yunfan replied before walking away.

Wang Teng: (:)

They finished breakfast and went to the Dragon’s Den.
The competition would start at 8 am.

The name list for the morning matches flashed on the screen.

Wang Teng versus Xiao Yunfan “Hahaha.” Wang Teng laughed immediately.
What is this called? Do enemies always meet? The battle between an elder and a cute newbie?

So far, the competition had been smooth sailing for Xiao Yunfan.
He didn’t meet any strong opponents and arrived at this stage without any obstacles.
He even defeated a candidate from The First University.
This made him extremely confident.

Even though he knew that Wang Teng had defeated Mao Na, he still felt that he could win.

Once they arrived in the arena, he smiled and said, “Junior Wang Teng, I didn’t expect us to meet each other.”

“I didn’t expect it either.” Wang Teng smiled, feeling elated.

“Don’t worry.
We are both from Donghai, so I’ll be gentle,” Xiao Yunfan waved his hands and said.

In the audience stand, Xu Wantong glanced at Lin Chuhan.
“Xiao Yunfan versus Wang Teng.
Is this fate?”

“I think that it’s fatal attraction,” Tian Xiaoxiao muttered.

“Shut up!” Lin Chuhan and Xu Wantong glared at her.

“I wonder if Wang Teng is Xiao Yunfan’s match?” Lin Chuhan was a little worried.

In the arena, the judge announced the start of the match.
Xiao Yunfan was very confident in himself.
He said calmly, “Junior Wang Teng, you can make your move first.”

“I won’t be polite then.” Wang Teng smiled.
He didn’t stand on ceremony.

After he finished speaking, he darted out and headed straight for Xiao Yunfan, hurling his fist at him.

The audience started commenting on this scene.

“Wang Teng is too full of himself.”

“Donghai University’s Xiao Yunfan isn’t weak.
He won’t stand there and wait for him to hit him.”

As expected, he lacks battle experience.
Xiao Yunfan thought to himself with contempt as he looked at Wang Teng charging towards him.
He raised his fists and punched Wang Teng.

He said that he would show mercy, but in the actual fight, he didn’t hold back at all.
He exerted all his strength and wanted to finish Wang Teng with a single punch.

A mocking smile appeared at the edge of his lips.

Han Zhu was already defeated.
If he defeated Wang Teng, he wouldn’t have to worry about the other participants from Huanghai.
It meant that Donghai University could turn the tides for the next three years.


The next second, a terrifying explosion erupted when the two fists collided.

Xiao Yunfan’s expression froze.
His fist seemed to have hit a towering mountain.
Frightening force surged towards him, causing him to fly back.

“Pfft!” He was already vomiting blood in mid-air.

Wang Teng moved and appeared above Xiao Yunfan.
He gave him a sinister smile and said, “Senior, I’ll be gentle.”

“??” Xiao Yunfan was confused.
This sentence is so vague.
Do you have to sound so loving when you say it?

Before he could complain, he saw it.
He saw the golden brick smashing down on his face.
It enlarged in front of his eyes.

No! Noooo! Xiao Yunfan screamed bitterly in his heart.

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