Chapter 353 They Chose Him So They Must Guide Him To The End!

This fellow’s strength is incredible!

He made it look so easy!

How is that possible?

Did Han Zhu release his grip because he subconsciously knew that his comrade was here?

Yes, that must be it!

The judge started comforting himself…

Wang Teng didn’t know what the judge was thinking.
After passing Han Zhu to the medical personnel, he grabbed the long rod with one hand.

“Don’t pull a stunt.
How can you lift it with one hand?” the judge reminded him speechlessly.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
Strength surged into his arm, and he lifted it up.


An ear-piercing sound of friction rang out as the long rod got forcefully pulled out by him.
He turned and said to the judge, “What did you say just now?”

The judge: … He started questioning the world.

“Hahaha… you are very strong.” The judge laughed awkwardly.

The audience found this scene funny for some reason.

“I wonder what the judge is thinking now.”

“Haha, this judge is funny.” “But Wang Teng seems really strong.”

“I think so too.
Could his ability…”

“It’s hard to say.
I’m suddenly anticipating his future matches.”

The commentator said in surprise, “Wang Teng’s strength is powerful.
I thought that after Han Zhu lost, Huanghai had no more chances.
But, it looks like they still have Wang Teng!”

“I have high hopes for Wang Teng now,” the other commentator, Su Xiao, laughed and said.

Because of their appreciative words, the audience’s attention towards Wang Teng increased.
Those that didn’t care about him started commenting too.
In the arena, Zhao Yuanwu’s gaze flickered a little as he sized up Wang Teng seriously.

He had personally experienced Han Zhu’s power.
Wang Teng was able to pry his fingers easily and move the rod.
This meant that his ability wasn’t lower than Han Zhu’s.
He might even be stronger.

At this moment, he started to consider Wang Teng on equal footing.
Their gazes collided in mid-air momentarily, but they didn’t say anything.

Wang Teng held Han Zhu’s long rod and walked down.
Pick! Pick!

He swept the arena with his spiritual power and picked up the various attribute bubbles.

Earth Force*70

Fire Force*86

Flaming Blade Presence*35

Flaming blade presence? Another presence attribute.

There were indeed many talents in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
A typical martial warrior wouldn’t be able to enlighten his presence easily, yet many participants here had achieved it.

Wang Teng already possessed a ninth-level blade presence, so when the presence attribute merged into his body, he had a deeper understanding of his blade presence.

By the time he walked down the arena, he understood everything.

No one noticed the fiery red glow flashing past his eyes.
There seemed to be flames burning in them.

On the other side, Zhao Yuanwu, who was also walking down the arena, sensed something and turned to look at Wang Teng’s back.

He frowned and muttered to himself, “That feeling just now… Was it an illusion?”

When the competition ended, everyone went back.

At night, in the hotel.

Peng Yuanshan gathered everyone.

Wang Teng scanned the crowd.
He noticed that many of his teammates were wounded.
Wan Baiqiu and Han Zhu had suffered the most grievous injuries.
They were still pale and looked frail.
Injuries were inevitable during a martial warrior’s battle.
However, not many people fought fiercely and mercilessly like Zhao Yuanwu.

Of course, this wasn’t controllable.
When two parties were on par in terms of ability, they would try their best to win, and in the process, serious injuries might occur.

Peng Yuanshan noticed that everyone had arrived, so he opened his mouth and said, “Today, Huanghai… suffered a crushing defeat.”

Everyone lowered their heads in embarrassment.

They came full of confidence.
However, they weren’t even halfway through the competition, but they had already had a sound beating.
“Wan Baiqiu!” Peng Yuanshan suddenly called her name.

“Yes.” Wan Baiqiu raised her head.
Her face was white.

“Do you know your mistake?” Peng Yuanshan asked.

“I’m not strong enough.
I shouldn’t have persevered.
It angered my opponent,” Wan Baiqiu said.

“You’re wrong.” Peng Yuanshan shook his head.
“Your mistake is you didn’t recognize the difference between your opponent and you.
If it’s a war and you meet an enemy who’s much stronger than you, you should run immediately.
Even if you were given an explicit order and had to fight, you should think of other methods and not collide head-on, making unnecessary sacrifices.
That is useless.”

“I…” Wan Baiqiu’s face turned paler.
She went into deep thought.

“Think about it properly.” Peng Yuanshan didn’t continue.
He told everyone to recuperate properly before waving his hand and asking them to leave.

However, he kept Wang Teng back.

In the room, Peng Yuanshan and the other five heads stared at Wang Teng intently.

In a competition, victory and defeat were common.

This was what Peng Yuanshan had said earlier in the day.
But if there was a choice, who wanted to lose?

Now, all of them placed their hopes on Wang Teng.

“Heads, please don’t look at me like this.
I’m not gay,” Wang Teng suddenly said.

Peng Yuanshan: …

Tong Hu: …

Su Jing: …

What do you mean by you’re not gay!

What do you think we want to do? Peng Yuanshan and the others had a breakdown, feeling tired in their hearts.

Why did they have such an abnormal student in their university?

Suddenly, they remembered that they were the ones who had spent much effort to get him into their school.

So this was the consequence of their doings?

Since they chose him, they must guide him until the end!

After a moment of silence, Peng Yuanshan gathered his shattered mentality and pieced them back together.
Then, he said, “How confident are you in this competition?”

“Do you mean the ranking?” Wang Teng touched his chin and asked.

“Oh, what do you have to say?” Peng Yuanshan asked with interest.

He thought that Wang Teng would give an ambiguous answer.
He didn’t expect him to ask this question.

Tong Hu and the others looked at Wang Teng curiously too.

“100% for third place.

“90% confident of getting second.

“As for the championship, probably… 80%,” Wang Teng replied confidently.

Tong Hu and the others were speechless.
This fellow sure knew how to boast.
He spoke about the top three rankings so casually, and the confidence was frighteningly high.

He was even 80% certain on getting the championship title.

Are you sure you’re not playing with us? “Are you sure?” Even Peng Yuanshan didn’t believe him.
He rubbed his forehead and asked in a tired tone.

He realized that speaking to Wang Teng was quite exhausting.

This fellow never followed the script!

“Actually, I was afraid of scaring you all, so I didn’t say that I’m 100% confident on getting first place.” Wang Teng chuckled humbly when he noticed the heads and the president getting stunned by his words.

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