Chapter 352 Defeated But Still Standing

“Be careful.” Wang Teng hesitated, but in the end, that was all he said.

He wanted to persuade Han Zhu to admit defeat if he couldn’t win.
However, after thinking it through, he didn’t voice his thoughts.

Some decisions could only be made by the person.
It was not his place to interfere.

Besides, a fight between men didn’t need any interference.

After some time, the match in arena 12 finally ended.

Han Zhu slowly stood up.
He held his golden long rod in his hand and walked straight up the arena without speaking to Wang Teng again.

On the other side, Zhao Yuanwu wore a faint smile on his face as he came forward.
He was highly confident and didn’t take the match to heart.

They arrived at the arena simultaneously.


The judge announced the start of the match.

Han Zhu didn’t hesitate.
He waved his long rod, and earth Force congregated on it.
He swung his long rod at Zhao Yuanwu.

Zhao Yuanwu remained calm and composed.
He held his battle sword and exerted fire Force on it, knocking Han Zhu’s rod away.

He was a fire element martial warrior!

The long rod and the battle sword collided without stopping, forming sparks in the air.


The powerful strength behind the long rod caused Zhao Yuanwu’s heart to skip a beat.
He realized that he had underestimated Han Zhu.
This strength felt like a huge rock smashing on him.
It was exceptionally heavy.

Every single hit caused his battle sword to vibrate.
His palm hurt as the force flowed to his hand.
He could already feel his skin cracking from the repeated impacts.
“Go away!”

Zhao Yuanwu’s gaze turned aggressive as he evaded Han Zhu’s attack.
He then threw his attack out.
Fiery red blade glow flew towards Han Zhu, carrying a frightening power with it.

Han Zhu’s expression turned grave, and a thick yellow glow flashed on his rod.
He roared and blocked the attack.


When the blade glow smashed into the long rod, violent tremors shook the arena.

Han Zhu’s expression changed.
The powerful impact forced him to retreat involuntarily.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Wherever his feet landed, they formed shallow pits on the hard arena floor…

Blood seeped out from the corner of his lips.

He had suffered internal injuries from this attack.

Zhao Yuanwu followed up his victory with hot pursuit, swinging his blade at him.
Han Zhu blocked his advances while retreating.
His face had turned pale by now.
Soon, he was forced to the edge of the arena.

The injury to his organs had become more serious after the round of attacks.
This wasn’t good.

“How can you take revenge for others with this little ability?” Zhao Yuanwu recognized Han Zhu’s strength, but he didn’t go easy on his words.
He still scoffed and mocked the other party.
At the same time, his attacks became more vigorous.
Han Zhu gritted his teeth, and a sharp glint flashed past his eyes.
He stopped defending even though the blade auras were lacerating his skin.
He waved his long rod, disregarding his injury, and started battling with Zhao Yuanwu, replacing defense with offense.

The two of them fought from the edge to the center of the arena.

After a few seconds, they had exchanged multiple blows.
Despite fighting with all his might, Han Zhu was still at a disadvantage.


A severe collision of Forces resulted in a loud explosion.
Han Zhu flew out and landed on the ground.
He stabbed his rod into the floor and forcefully stopped himself from moving back.
However, he still vomited blood and stumbled to regain his footing

He shifted his center of gravity closer to the ground and stomped the floor until it cracked.
Finally, he stopped!

The blade injury in front of his chest was exceptionally glaring.
Fresh blood was flowing out, and his skin was badly mutilated.
It was a serious injury.

Han Zhu wanted to continue fighting, but he felt weak all over.
His vision was turning black.
He clenched his long rod, not wanting to fall.
Then, his head dropped, and he lost consciousness.

Zhao Yuanwu strode forward, wanting to continue his barrage of attacks.

Wang Teng’s expression underwent a huge change.
He was prepared to rush up and stop him.

At that moment, the judge blocked Zhao Yuanwu’s path and said expressionlessly, “He has fainted.
You won!”

“Hmph!” Zhao Yuanwu squinted at the judge.
Then, he snorted and gave up his advance.

“Sigh!” Many people in the audience were focusing on this match.
Once the battle ended, they were finally able to let out the breath they had been holding.



This match was an eye-opener for many people.

Han Zhu and Zhao Yuanwu’s dramatic battle gave them the impression that this was a match between two real men.
It was fierce and violent.
They couldn’t help but feel anxious for them.

Even though Han Zhu lost, no one felt that he was weak.

On the other hand, all of them silently acknowledged Han Zhu’s powerful ability.
His strength exceeded a majority of the participants they had seen so far.
“As expected of a top university.
Han Zhu from Huanghai Military Academy isn’t weak at all.”

“Of course.
Huanghai Military Academy is a famous military academy in our country.”

“What a pity.
He lost to Zhao Yuanwu.” “Hmph, I hope someone will teach that unbridled fellow a lesson.”

In the Capital Military Academy resting area, Luo Cheng looked at the figure half-kneeling on the arena and shook his head.
He felt pity for Han Zhu.

“I’m afraid Huanghai Military Academy won’t be able to fight with us anymore after this defeat,” a participant from Capital Military Academy said.

“If Han Zhu is able to fight his way into the finals in the revival rounds, we might have a chance to meet them again,” another person said.

“I hope that they won’t be dispirited,” Luo Cheng folded his arms in front of his chest and said calmly.

A dispirited opponent wasn’t a good opponent.

On the second floor of the audience stand, Peng Yuanshan remained expressionless while the other five heads looked stern.
They stood up slowly.

“I’m going down to take a look,” Tong Hu said with a grim face.

“Let’s go together.” Su Jing and the other three heads walked down one after another.

“Old Peng, your strongest student has lost.
I’m afraid your ranking will be affected.” Yan Kang, the president of the martial arts academy in Jinlin University, gloated in his misfortune.

“In a competition, victory and defeat are common.
We can fight back in the competition next year.
Huanghai isn’t afraid of losing,” Peng Yuanshan replied calmly.
“Also, there are revival rounds.
With Han Zhu’s ability, it’s not difficult for him to make a comeback.” “You’re right.” Yan Kang smiled.
He didn’t continue speaking, though.
They weren’t enemies.
He knew when to stop during a verbal dispute.

In the arena, the medical personnel wanted to bring Han Zhu down for treatment, but they met an awkward situation.

They couldn’t move Han Zhu.

Han Zhu’s hand was glued to his long rod, which had penetrated deep into the floor of the arena.
They couldn’t get it out at all.

The judge came forward to help upon seeing this situation.
He wanted to pry Han Zhu’s fingers open and take the long rod out.
But he couldn’t move Han Zhu’s fingers, and the long rod remained firmly stuck.
“Erm…” The judge was a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He used all his strength but to no avail.
His face turned a little pink.

“What’s wrong?” The audience was puzzled when they saw this, questioning each other.

“It looks like Han Zhu gripped his rod fiercely to prevent himself from falling.
He even stabbed the rod deep into the area in his last move.
The judge can’t lift it up,” the commentator explained with astonishment.
“Let me do it.” Wang Teng came forward.
“Can you?” The judge was skeptical.

“Let me try.” Wang Teng took a step and signaled the judge to move away.
Then, he slowly pried Han Zhu’s fingers open.

The judge’s eyes opened wide…

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