Chapter 350 The Brick Maniac, The Invincible Presence!

Many people were stupefied when Mao Na suddenly made her move.
Her speed was too fast for their eyes, and she was a level above ordinary martial warriors.
In a blink of an eye, she arrived behind Wang


The audience cried in alarm when they saw the daggers inches away from Wang Teng’s temples.

There was an uproar in General Bai’s live stream room.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“That speed.
Is she even human?”

“Wang Teng is in danger!”

At that instant, Wang Teng suddenly squatted.
The two daggers cut through the empty air.

Astonishment flashed past Mao Na’s eyes.
Her long leg shot up like a catapult as she kicked Wang Teng, who was squatting down.


The air around her erupted.
This was proof of how powerful the kick was.

Since Mao Na seemed to specialize in agility, no one expected her strength to be powerful too.

The next instant, her kick made contact with something.
She looked down and noticed that Wang Teng was grabbing her calf with his bare hands.

If a normal martial warrior had stopped the kick with his hands, his arms would have been destroyed.

Yet Wang Teng grasped Mao Na’s leg firmly while still squatting.
He didn’t even need to move.

Mao Na squinted.
She had trained her strength especially, so in this aspect, she was much stronger than martial warriors of the same level.

However, Wang Teng managed to block her kick effortlessly!

Suddenly, she sensed a strange feeling coming from her calf.

“You’ve trained your leg well!” She heard the young man speaking in a joking tone.


Mao Na’s expression underwent a huge change.
Wang Teng was pinching her calf.
“Let go of your hand!”

She leaped into the air as she swept the other leg at Wang Teng’s head.

“You sure are a ruthless young lady.
All your attacks are aimed at my lethal points.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He exerted strength on his hand and swung Mao Na away.

Naturally, her attack ended in failure.

Mao Na twirled her body in mid-air.
She pointed her toes and tapped lightly on the ground, not making a single sound.

Xu Wantong wore a strange expression as she said, “Why do I feel like he’s teasing Mao Na?”

“That fellow!” Lin Chuhan bit her lips.

“Little Brother Wang Teng is so naughty.
How dare he tease other bitches before he teases me?” Tian Xiaoxiao complained furiously.

Lin Chuhan: …

Xu Wantong: …

The two young ladies stared at Tian Xiaoxiao helplessly, finding her thoughts a little dirty.

In the arena, after Mao Na landed on the ground, she didn’t take any breather.
She left behind afterimages and dashed towards Wang Teng

She directly targeted his face this time.
Green Force enveloped the daggers in her hands, forming sharp green-colored blade rays.
She stabbed, slashed, swept, and chopped with her daggers as they danced in the air.
To outsiders, they became green rays of light.

This scene appeared alarmingly dangerous.

Yet, Wang Teng just stood in the same spot and tilted his body left and right slightly.
He shifted his head a little and managed to evade and neutralize every single attack.
Mao Na couldn’t injure him at all.

General Bai stared at them with his mouth wide open.
He was dazzled.
He didn’t know where to look as the two martial warriors exchanged blows with each other.

Mao Na’s ability was universally acknowledged, so no one was surprised by her prowess.

But they had a completely new impression of Wang Teng now.
He was able to handle the powerful attacks with ease and dodge them without much effort.
Wang Teng seemed relaxed and calm throughout the battle, showcasing his strength to everyone.

In a single battle, he changed other people’s impressions of him.
They felt that he wasn’t as indecent as his past performances.
At the same time, General Bai’s live stream room was hectic.

“666[1], Wang Teng doesn’t seem weak at all!”

“I’m filled with anticipation!”

“I think that he’s putting on a show, but I have no evidence.”

In the arena, after the two of them exchanged a few hundred blows within a few breaths, Mao Na swept her leg and kicked Wang Teng’s elbow.
She made use of the backswing to retreat.

Mao Na panted slightly as she looked at the composed Wang Teng.
She was on her guard.

Why is this fellow so powerful?

She was confused.
Wang Teng had won his previous two matches in an unprofessional way.
Therefore, she didn’t expect him to have this ability!

Mao Na took a deep breath.
She had already realized that it was useless to continue this meaningless fight.

If she didn’t execute her ultimate move, she would be the loser of this match.

As this thought appeared in her mind, the Force in her body surged into her daggers.
The glow around her daggers became brighter and brighter, slowly taking physical shape.

This is… wind presence! Wang Teng stared at her, mouth agape.
He knew that she was a wind element martial warrior, but he didn’t know that she had enlightened her wind presence.

Suddenly, Mao Na crossed her daggers and rubbed them together.
The sharp blades released sparks in the air.


The two balls of wind presence collided and merged together, forming a whirlpool.
Sharp wind blades were spinning in the whirlpool like a grinder.
If someone got sucked inside, they would suffer serious injuries without a doubt.


Mao Na waved her daggers while yelling.
The whirlpool flew towards Wang Teng at a fast speed.

“This is interesting.” Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
However, there was no anxiety on his face.

Staring at the frightening whirlpool, he raised his hand.


He punched.

Wang Teng didn’t put up any show or make any fancy moves.
It was just a simple punch.

The audience felt that they had heard the roar of an ape, but no one took it to heart.
They thought it was an illusion.

Their gazes were fixed on the collision of the two attacks.

After Wang Teng released his punch, the whirlpool paused for a second.
The terrifying fist force slammed into the whirlpool, causing a loud explosion.


The whirlpool erupted the next second.

The wind blades crumbled into ashes under the force of the punch, vanishing into thin air.

As the residual force spread across the arena, the sturdy floor shattered.
Dust flew into the air and blocked spectators’ view.
Mao Na was dumbfounded when she saw this scene.
Her attack was destroyed by Wang Teng’s punch?

Was this a joke!

How was this possible?

“I’m not playing with you anymore!”

Unexpectedly, a voice sounded beside her ear.
Goosebumps appeared all over Mao Na’s body, and her back broke out in cold sweat.
She wanted to dodge, but it was too late.

Feeling a strong gust of wind behind her, her expression changed.


Then, she felt something slamming against the back of her head.


The impact caused Mao Na’s eyes to roll back in her sockets.
Before she fainted, she could feel the firm texture of the object behind her.

That bastard must have used his brick to hit her head.

As a lady, she had to suffer this inhumane treatment too…

The dust dispersed, and the scene in the arena was finally displayed to the audience,

The match had ended.

Mao Na was unconscious on the floor while Wang Teng was still standing.
He had won again.

However, they didn’t know how he won this time.

“Huh? Is that a huge bump behind Mao Na’s head?” A sharp-eyed person noticed something amiss.

Then, more and more people saw the bump.

It was too glaring! Mao Na was lying with her face on the ground and the back of her head facing the sky.
It was impossible to disregard the huge bump right there.

“Is that… the brick?” Someone guessed.

This injury must have been caused by that brick!

Even if they didn’t see what happened, they were sure of their guess.

Wang Teng had used his brick and slammed the back of Mao Na’s head.

“The brick maniac, the invincible presence!”

This sentence filled up the entire screen in General Bai’s live stream room.

[1] Chinese internet slang meaning cool, awesome, or amazing.

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