Chapter 346 Splat!

It was widely known that it was harder to enlighten ‘conscious’ as compared to ‘presence.’ Only one out of 100 martial warriors could achieve presence enlightenment.
On the other hand, one out of 100 martial warriors who had achieved presence enlightenment could attain conscious enlightenment.

This was how hard it was to enlighten one’s sword conscious!

Wang Teng was only a step away from achieving this state.
His enlightenment had reached the emperor realm, so his comprehension was strong.
He had picked up many Flaming Sword Presence along the way, so it was only a matter of time before he reached conscious enlightenment.
Thinking about it, he already possessed two consciouses.
One was the Ape King Fist Conscious, while the other was the Overflowing Rain Blade Conscious…

Time trickled away.
Wang Teng didn’t have any other matches in the morning, so he spent the remainder of his time in the resting area.
However, he did pick up many attribute bubbles.
It was a fulfilling morning.

On the other side, Peng Yuanshan couldn’t stand looking at him anymore.
Yes, Wang Teng had won his match easily and that made him proud, but he felt anger boiling in his heart when he saw Wang Teng’s lazy and relaxed posture.

“This little brat doesn’t remember what I said.”

Before the start of the competition, he reminded the students to watch other competitors’ matches if they had the time so that they could understand their opponents better.
This would help them in their future duels.

Yet, this fellow didn’t listen!

Their school was under immense pressure when they decided to send a freshman for the competition.
If Wang Teng couldn’t get a good ranking, he wouldn’t suffer the humiliation alone.
The entire university would go down with him.

In the resting area, Wang Teng suddenly felt a chill down his spine.
Someone seemed to be cursing at him.

He couldn’t help but look around him, muttering under his breath, “I wonder who’s cursing me?”

Han Zhu and the others had finished their matches too.
Some of them had been watching other candidates’ matches all this while and only walked over to the resting area during the half-time break.

This was the exclusive resting area for Huanghai Military Academy.
As the students walked over, they saw Wang Teng sitting there peacefully.

Looking at his stance…

“Have you been sitting here ever since you finished your match?” asked Han Zhu with a strange expression.
“Of course.
What else?” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

Wan Baiqiu helplessly said, “Have you forgotten what President Peng told us? He asked us to observe other candidates’ matches.
Even if the president hadn’t said it, it’s still beneficial for you to understand your opponent before you compete with them.”

“Don’t worry.
I watched Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang’s matches.” Wang Teng waved his hands indifferently.

“Ji Xiuming, Ren Qingcang!” Han Zhu and the others were stunned.
They felt like shouting out their complaints in Wang Teng’s face.

Those two are the popular candidates for the championship title!

What’s the point of looking at them?

Even Han Zhu felt that he wasn’t their match, so he had to take a step back and watch Luo Cheng and the other candidates at his level.
Yet Wang Teng directed his attention to Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang.

They knew that Wang Teng won his match with flying colors, but he was still a huge distance away from the championship title.
Fighting for number one was unrealistic.
“Cough, I think you should watch other participants,” Han Zhu couldn’t help but remind him.

Wang Teng knew what they were thinking from their expressions.
However, he couldn’t tell them that he was actually very powerful, right? After all, they wouldn’t believe him, so what was the point of asking for a snub? He smiled and nodded before changing the topic.
“How was your fight?” Han Zhu sighed in his heart when he saw Wang Teng’s uncaring attitude.
He didn’t continue his nagging and replied instead, “Not bad.
We were lucky and didn’t meet any powerful opponents.
We won without getting injured.”

“Not bad.
We’re still in our prime state.
If we get injured, it will affect future matches,” Wang Teng replied.
“There will be injuries in a martial arts competition.
We’ll need to see who’s our opponent in the afternoon,” Han Zhu said.

As the audience chatted, the morning duels finally came to an end.
The contestants left the scene, and the audience walked out of Dragon’s Den.

Everyone was happily discussing the morning matches.
The atmosphere was lively.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng and his friends went to their hotel for lunch and rested for more than an hour.

Before the afternoon match started, Peng Yuanshan gathered everyone and said, “You did well this morning.
Maintain this spirit.
However, you should know that the morning matches were just warm-ups.
Their main purpose was to eliminate the incompetent players who were just there to make up the number.
The ones now left are all capable martial warriors.
Things will get more and more difficult.”

The students understood his reasoning and nodded gravely.

“Let’s go.” Peng Yuanshan glanced at Wang Teng but decided not to say anything.
He waved his hands and guided everyone into the venue.

As for Wang Teng, he would have to rely on himself to see how far he could go.
Peng Yuanshan could remind him once or twice, but he couldn’t remind him for life.
Hence, there was no point in saying too much.

The Dragon’s Den was once again packed with people.
The enthusiasm of the audience remained as hyped as ever.

The image of the two commentators appeared on the screen.
Zhang Jun opened his mouth and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! Let’s not waste any time and start our afternoon competition immediately.

“In the morning, we saw many intense fights.
But I have to remind all of you that those were just appetizers.
The real excitement begins in the afternoon.”

A cheer erupted from the audience.
They felt that the competition in the morning was already exhilarating, but the commentator now told them that the real show was about to begin.

Did he think that they were easy to fool!

If the afternoon matches weren’t as thrilling as the morning ones, they would pull the commentator out and throw him on the streets.

However, they had to admit that their curiosity was ignited by the commentator’s words.

“Alright, let’s look at the big screen!”

The list of the duels appeared on the screen.

Wang Teng found his name and looked at his opponent.
Instantly, his expression turned strange.
His opponent’s name was Shi Hui, and he came from… Jinlin University!

“Do I have some sort of grudge with Jinlin University?” Wang Teng felt speechless.

On the second floor of the audience stand, Peng Yuanshan couldn’t help but look at the president of Jinlin University’s martial arts academy.
He had a weird look on his face.

“Old Yan, who do you think will win this match?” he asked.

Yan Kang’s lips twitched.
He thought about it carefully before replying with confidence, “Shi Hui is in the top three of our academy.
Wang Teng might be strong, but unfortunately, Shi Hui will be the winner!”

“I admire your confidence, Old Yan,” Peng Yuanshan said.

“Hmph, let’s wait and see.” Yan Kang scoffed.

Below them, Wang Teng and Shi Hui walked into the arena.

The judge announced the start of the competition.
Shi Hui looked at Wang Teng, who was empty-handed.
He said, “There’s no need to hide your brick.
It’s impossible to ambush me.
I’m not as stupid as Fei Ning.”

Wang Teng: …

This fellow appeared confident and fearless, but his vigilant gaze had betrayed him.

Wang Teng wanted to laugh.
However, he felt that he should respect his opponent, so he… forced back his laughter!

Shi Hui had watched Wang Teng and Fei Ning’s duel.
Wang Teng’s attack was swift and fierce, while Fei Ning was too close to him.
Hence, he couldn’t evade the brick in time.

Learning from his fellow student’s mistake, he widened the distance between him and Wang Teng continuously while circling his opponent.
He was looking for a loophole.

Wang Teng just stood on the spot.
Even when Shi Hui went behind him, he didn’t move.
He didn’t seem worried that Shi Hui would launch an attack at him from behind his back.

“Old Yan, this Shi Hui from your school is very steady,” Peng Yuanshan teased.

“A single move can determine a win during the martial arts competition.
It’s normal for Shi Hui to spend more time searching for a loophole,” Yan Kang said indifferently

Peng Yuanshan didn’t reply.
He knew that Yan Kang was right, but he just wanted to tease his old friend.

In the arena, Shi Hui circled Wang Teng thrice, but he still didn’t make his move.

General Bai had already focused his camera on Wang Teng’s match.
The live stream room was very cheerful.

“Hahaha, could it be that Shi Hui doesn’t dare to attack because he’s scared of Wang Teng’s brick?”

“Why is one of the top three of Jinlin University so timid?”

“Shi Hui says: Bullshit, I’m not timid! I’m just being careful!” “Why do I find Shi Hui a little perverted~”

“Pervert~ stop walking in circles!”

“Long live the golden brick!” “Long live the golden brick!” “Long live the golden brick!”

Finally, Shi Hui couldn’t stand the stalemate anymore.
He opened his mouth and said impatiently, “Why aren’t you attacking?”

“I’m waiting for you to attack,” Wang Teng replied helplessly.
Shi Hui: …

I’m waiting for you, and you’re waiting for me?

Mate, we are in a martial arts competition.
Let’s not play this boring game of waiting!

Can you be more serious?

At first, he wanted to wait for Wang Teng to make his move because he was afraid of his brick.

However, Wang Teng was even more patient than him.
He put up a perfect show of ‘I’m not moving if my enemy doesn’t move.’

What the… f**k!

Shi Hui had never felt so frustrated.
Before they even exchanged a move, he already felt helpless.

“Damn it, have a taste of my blade!”

Shi Hui couldn’t control his emotions anymore and dashed out.
A frightening blade glow congregated around his blade as he slashed it at Wang Teng from a distance.

Third-level blade presence!

He used his most powerful attack immediately, wanting to defeat Wang Teng as soon as possible and prevent him from making any move.

The blade glow surged towards Wang Teng with a powerful force of presence


Cracks started appearing on the sturdy ground in the arena as if it was going to shatter into pieces.

“So powerful!”

The spectators focusing on this match were astounded.
Was this an attack of a martial warrior? How could it be so powerful?

There was no way an ordinary person could survive this move.


Suddenly, a faint sound of air being split apart was heard amidst the glaring blade glow.

The ordinary people couldn’t hear it, but Shi Hui could.
A delighted smile appeared on his face.

“You finally made your move!”

He raised his blade and swept it in front of him.


When his blade hit a metallic object, Shi Hui was certain of his win.
Once he knocked this golden brick away, Wang Teng would be at his mercy.
He had no chance of winning.

But, the next moment, his expression froze.

“Why is it so heavy!”

He felt an unbearable and scary force hitting his blade.
His blade flew out, and the shiny golden rectangular object smashed on his face


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