Chapter 341 A Gathering Of Talents

On the screen, as Zhang Jun and Su Xiao announced the entrance of the participants, high-spirited music started playing all around the venue.

A row of people walked out from the participant’s passageway.

Zhang Jun flipped the documents in his hand and said, “First, we have last year’s champion, The First University!

“The most outstanding young martial warriors are all in The First University.
There will always be one or two astonishing talents every year.
This time, once again, they are strong contenders for the championship title.

“The leader of The First University is the famous Ji Xiuming!

“Ji Xiuming is the top martial arts scholar of 05 batch in Capital Xia.
He was specially admitted into The First University as a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
The First University made great efforts to groom him over the past four years, and Ji Xiuming didn’t disappoint them.
He displayed incomparable talent and has always come out at the top of the list.
He’s the leading figure of The First University.”

Su Xiao took over the conversation and said, “Ji Xiuming is a rare talent indeed.
I’m sure that he will perform well in this National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
“Everyone, please look at the team that’s entering the stage.
The first student is Ji Xiuming.
He’s quite a handsome young man too.”

As the commentator introduced the entrants, the audience saw a row of youngsters walking into the Dragon’s Den through the participants’ passageway.
The person in the lead was a tall young man with a sword behind his back.
His eyebrows were straight and slanting upwards, and his eyes were bright like stars.
His aura was exceptional, his appearance handsome and charismatic.

“So handsome!”

Many ladies screamed unconsciously when they saw him.
They were mesmerized in an instant.

“Ji Xiuming!” Some ladies who knew him kept waving their hands and shouting his name.
They looked like they had seen an idol or a celebrity

“It looks like Ji Xiuming is very popular.
The competition hasn’t started yet, but there are already so many ladies cheering for him.
Not many people can receive this treatment,” Su Xiao smiled and said.

“I feel a little jealous.” Zhang Jun laughed.

“He’s like fresh meat while you’re a piece of old bacon.
How can you even compare?” Su Xiao teased him.

“I can’t, I can’t.
Even if I was ten years younger, I can’t fight with him.” Zhang Jun furiously waved his hands.


The two commentators livened up the atmosphere with their casual and light-hearted conversation.
The audience couldn’t help but laugh along.

“These two commentators are quite interesting,” Tian Xiaoxiao said to her roommates.

“Of course.
They are CCTV commentators, a pair of professionals,” Xu Wantong said.

“Ji Xiuming is so handsome, just a little less than Little Brother Wang Teng.
However, his aura is outstanding.
It adds points to his overall appearance.” Tian Xiaoxiao smiled.

Lin Chuhan and Xu Wantong rolled their eyes uncontrollably.
She was love-struck again.

“Senior Ji Xiuming is very popular.
Almost all the university students know him.
He’s the idol of many ladies,” Xu Wantong added.

“Is he very powerful?” asked Lin Chuhan.

The commentators weren’t exaggerating when they said that he’s a leading figure,” Xu Wantong replied.

As the three of them were conversing, Ji Xiuming had already led the other students from The First University to the arena closest to the central platform.

The standing positions of the universities were decided based on last year’s ranking.
The first place would stand on the first area and so forth.

“Next, we have the team from Capital Military Academy.
Capital Military Academy is the first military academy in our country.
It produces many military talents for our country every year.
The martial warriors they groom are always fighting on the frontline, sacrificing their lives for the country on the battlefield.
They are fearless and deserve our respect.
“The leader of the Capital Military Academy is Luo Cheng.
Luo Cheng is the 05 batch’s top martial arts scholar.
He belongs to an ordinary background and aspires to join the army.
He entered Capital Military Academy as an extreme martial disciple.
His ability rose tremendously in the past four years, and he has killed many enemies on the battlefield…”

The commentator’s introduction caused everyone to turn their attention to the leader of the Capital Military Academy.
A young man in military uniform strode onto the second area.
He had a crew cut, and his features were distinct.

He remained calm under everyone’s stares, giving people a stern and mature image.

The audience couldn’t help but exclaim how impressive this young man was.
As expected of a talent groomed by the Capital Military Academy!

“This is quite interesting.
Last year, the fight for the second and third positions was extremely fierce.
What’s more, both of the competitors came from military academies.
But, in the end, Capital Military Academy won by a slight margin and achieved second place.
“The military academy in third place comes from the south.
They are one of the top five universities in the country, Huanghai Military Academy!

“Now, let’s welcome the students from Huanghai Military Academy who have come all the way from Donghai!”

Zhang Jun’s voice echoed throughout the venue.
A row of students walked out from the passageway under the audience’s cheers.
They were wearing military uniforms too, but the design was different from Capital Military Academy’s uniform.
It made the students appear taller.
As they walked, they gave off the presence of military students.

Xu Wantong turned and smiled at Lin Chuhan.
“Wang Teng’s here!” “Yes.” Lin Chuhan nodded.
She looked at the group of students that came out and saw the familiar figure.

“Little Brother Wang Teng is so handsome when he wears a military uniform!” Tian Xiaoxiao clutched her heart.
She was smitten.
“As expected, Little Brother Wang Teng is more handsome.”

Xu Wantong went speechless.
This lady was hopeless.
Lin Chuhan didn’t hear her roommates’ chatter at all.
Instead, her gaze was fixed on that familiar figure.
This was the first time she saw him in military uniform.

This fellow indeed looks quite handsome when he dresses like this.
She wondered to herself.

“The leader of Huanghai Military Academy is Han Zhu.
Han Zhu is the top martial arts scholar in the 05 batch.
He entered university as an extreme martial disciple and has great potential.
I wonder if he will give us surprises during the competition?” Zhang Jun said.
“I’m anticipating his match with Luo Cheng,” Su Xiao smiled and said.

“Hahaha, I hope that they will meet each other.
It will be a fierce fight between two evenly-matched participants,” Zhang Jun replied.

On the arena, Luo Cheng lowered his head and looked at Han Zhu.
When their gazes met in mid-air, sparks seemed to be flying.
Their eyes were equally sharp and proud.
Han Zhu sported a crew cut too.
His features were mature, and both opponents’ auras appeared similar.
But, in comparison, Luo Cheng felt a bit flamboyant, while Han Zhu was like a piece of steel that had been forged multiple times, reserved and blunt.

The audience couldn’t help but compare the two of them.
They happily discussed their abilities and anticipated their matches.

“Oh right, there’s another person from Huanghai Military Academy who has received great attention this year.” Zhang Jun suddenly remembered something.

“You must be referring to the top scholar of the martial arts exam in Donghai this year, Wang Teng,” Su Xiao picked up from where he left.

“You’re right.
Some people might not know, but Wang Teng was already a 1-star soldier-level marital warrior when he entered university, just like Ji Xiuming.
I heard that The First University sent someone to Donghai to enroll him, but he chose to stay in his hometown.
He went to Huanghai Military Academy in the end,” Zhang Jun flipped through the documents in his hand as he explained.

The audience’s curiosity was ignited.
Only the martial warriors’ circle knew that Huanghai Military Academy had sent a freshman for this competition.
Ordinary people didn’t understand the significance of this decision.
They only knew the names of a few famous and young martial warriors like Ji Xiuming, Luo Cheng, and Han Zhu.

The people who already knew this matter were in deep thought.
They shot a questioning gaze at Wang Teng, who was standing among the students of Huanghai Military Academy.
Many important figures followed Wang Teng with interest.
After all, this was the first time in many years a university had decided to send a freshman to the competition.
It made them curious.

Unfortunately, when they glanced at Wang Teng, they couldn’t glean anything from his expression.
Wang Teng’s ability seemed to be covered by a mist.
They couldn’t tell what his true ability was.

Did he use a special method to cover up his cultivation? Many people frowned, their interest in him getting stronger.
Ji Xiuming lowered his head and looked at Wang Teng when he heard that Wang Teng had also entered university as a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior and even rejected the offer from The First University.

Wang Teng didn’t expect the commentators to call his name.
Sending the numerous gazes shooting towards him from all corners, he felt a little helpless.

When you’re too impressive, you will be in the limelight wherever you go!

Sigh, I feel so helpless sometimes.

Suddenly, he felt an intense gaze locked at him.
He looked up involuntarily and met Ji Xiuming’s eyes.

This fellow is a little handsome!

However, I’m still better looking than him.

Surprisingly, Wang Teng arrived at the same conclusion as Tian Xiaoxiao when he saw Ji Xiuming’s appearance.
If he knew that Tian Xiaoxiao had the same thinking, he would immediately make her his confidante.

Wang Teng glanced at Ji Xiuming.
Their gazes were intent, and their expressions were indifferent.
After some time, they shifted their eyes away.

In the audience stand, Xu Wantong said, “Wang Teng was specially mentioned by the commentators.
This time, he will receive even more attention.” “Will someone try to play tricks on him?” asked Lin Chuhan worriedly.

“You’re getting muddleheaded.
This is a grand event, and many important people are paying close attention to it.
Who would dare to play tricks here? You’re just too worried.
However, there will be people wanting to test his ability after the competition starts,” Xu Wantong replied.

“How strong is Little Brother Wang Teng now?” Tian Xiaoxiao asked with a smile.

“I’m not sure.
I hope that he can get a good ranking,” Lin Chuhan said.

Xu Wantong shook her head.
She didn’t think highly of Wang Teng.
This was a huge gathering of talents, after all.
He was just a freshman, so the difference in their abilities was vast.
The result might not be good.
On the other side of the audience stand, Li Xiumei pulled Wang Shengguo and said excitedly, “Our son, that is our son…” She felt proud.

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