Chapter 336 Dragon’s Den

Capital Xia.

Wang Teng and the other students alighted the plane and stepped on the land of their country’s capital.

This felt… no different!

Wang Teng looked around curiously.
Forget it, they were still at the airport, so he couldn’t tell the difference just yet.
People were walking back and forth everywhere, and it was even more bustling than his past life.

After some time, the bus stopped gradually.

They alighted the bus and immediately saw an enormous and strange building standing tall and upright not far away from them.

This building looked like a colossal nest made of steel.
A large dragon was circling around the building, seemingly bellowing at the sky.
It looked imposing and magnificent.
There wasn’t just one dragon around the building, either.

As martial warriors, even from a distance, they were able to see that this building was made with many dragons circling it.
It looked unique.

Lakes surrounded the building, and lush green trees provided a pleasant shade.
The environment was beautiful and picturesque.
“This is… the Dragon’s Den!” Han Zhu and the others gazed at the building in the distance.
They seemed mind-blown.
“Dragon’s Den!” Wang Teng was also surprised.
He felt that he was looking at something strange.
It seemed out of place.

In his past life, there was a similar structure too.
The style was the same, but the construction was a little different.
It was the same with its name too.
It was different.

Although it was a nest, it was the dragon’s nest!

It sounded impressive!

Wang Teng was speechless.
He shook his head and stopped thinking about all this nonsense.

“Junior Wang Teng, are you alright?” Wan Baiqiu couldn’t help but ask.
“Oh, I’m fine.” Wang Teng smiled in embarrassment and shook his head.

“It’s spectacular, right? A lot of resources and considerable manpower were invested in the construction of the Dragon’s Den.
The National Number One Martial Arts Competition two days later will be held here.
You can see how much emphasis the country places on martial arts from this,” Instructor Chen smiled and said.

Everyone stopped for some time to appreciate the view.
Instructor Chen then said, “Follow me.
I’ll bring you to your lodging.”

Under his lead, Wang Teng and the others entered the hotel behind them.

The hotel was a property of the official government body.
It was built to house the participants from all over the country for the martial arts competition.

Of course, not everyone could stay in this hotel.
Only the top universities and some factions recognized by the official body had the privilege of staying here.
Other participants could only find their own lodging.

Some distance away, many private hotels were built to solve the lodging issues for these participants.

Of course, it was first come, first serve.
There were a limited number of hotel rooms, so those too late could only accept their unluckiness and live in hotels further away.

Also, they had to squeeze in the subway!

Would they go crazy from traveling?

Instructor Chen sent everyone to their rooms and left.

“You can roam around the city, but don’t cause unnecessary trouble.
The waters in Capital Xia run deep.
A sweeper you meet on the street might be a powerful martial warrior.

“Of course, although we don’t create trouble, we’re not afraid of it either.
If you meet any matters you can’t solve, as long as you’re in the right, the school will stand up for you.

“Han Zhu, watch over them.”

Peng Yuanshan gave some instructions and left with the heads.
No one knew what they went to do.
“Everyone, settle down in your rooms and let’s have lunch together later,” Han Zhu said.

No one had any objections.
They went to their rooms.

“This treatment is not bad.” Wang Teng entered his room and looked at the decorations and furniture inside.
He was impressed.

He couldn’t tell from the appearance of the hotel at all!

It was low-key in appearance, but the internal decorations were exquisite and complete.

Bedroom, living room, entertainment room, bathroom… it had everything.
No wonder Wang Teng felt that the treatment was good.

Everyone had a room to themselves, and they were spacious and comfortable.
There was a huge floor-to-ceiling window in front of the bed.
You could see the Dragon’s Den when you opened the curtains.
The view was amazing.

Wang Teng walked around the room to familiarize himself with it.
When it was lunchtime, he went out and had lunch with his seniors in the hotel’s restaurant.

The things in the hotel were all free, even the meals.
When they arrived at the restaurant, they noticed that there were already many people inside.

Most of them were youngsters.
Their aura penetrated their bodies, spreading to their surroundings.
They shouldn’t be underestimated.

When Wang Teng and his seniors arrived, they turned to size them up carefully.

Wang Teng and his seniors didn’t mind.
They glanced around and found an empty table.
Then, they went to take their meals.

The meal was buffet-style.
There were all kinds of food, and there was even a section for Force dishes.
Everyone could get one serving as there were limited quantities.

Wang Teng took some meat, fruits, and vegetables.
He sat down and started eating and chatting with his seniors.

“Old Han, are the people here for the competition too?” Wang Teng asked.

“Yes, I think so.” Han Zhu didn’t mind the way Wang Teng addressed him.
He glanced around him with a grim expression as he nodded.

“It looks like you guys will need to fight hard.” Wang Teng sniggered.
Honestly, these people’s abilities had exceeded his expectations.

“It will be a tough battle ahead.”

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