Chapter 332 Participants’ List

The year-end exam ended quickly.

Besides theory exams, there was an actual combat assessment for all the students too.

However, Wang Teng was the only exception.

President Peng gave him a special privilege.
He didn’t need to participate in the actual combat assessment.

Peng Yuanshan knew Wang Teng had made tremendous improvements during his trip to the Xingwu Continent.
He could judge as such from his experiences.
It would be a heavy blow to the other students if he participated in the assessment.
There was no point.

After the year-end exam ended, the tense atmosphere in the school subsided immediately.
Laughter filled the air, and the students could finally let loose their taut nerves.

Only a few students who didn’t score well were frantically training in the actual combat training building

The students didn’t leave the school right away.
Some continued training while others went to do missions.

News of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition kept spreading around.
Some new information would pop up about it every day in the martial warriors’ world.

To the martial warriors, this was an extremely grand event.
The whole younger generation of martial warriors would participate in it.

In history, literature had no winner, while martial arts only had a single winner.

The National Number One Martial Arts Competition was named the number one competition because it wanted to choose the most outstanding and powerful martial warrior among the younger generation.

The winner would receive a massive amount of resources and a huge reputation.
There were ample benefits.

Thus, many young martial warriors went after the title like a flock of ducks.

The universities were where young martial warriors congregated.
More than 70% of the martial warriors came from universities.
There were relatively lesser self-taught martial warriors and martial warriors from other organizations.

Thus, in the school, the news of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition became the focal point of all the students.
After all, it was closely linked to them.

Even the freshmen would gather in small groups and discuss this event.
They were excited and exhilarated as if they were able to participate in the competition and fight for the number one position.

But, most of them were only at 1-star soldier level.
They didn’t possess the right to participate in the competition.

At this moment, Wang Teng was having a meal with Hou Pingliang and his friends.
They were talking about the martial arts competition too.

“I remember that the first position has belonged to The First University for the past few years,” Hou Pingliang said as he ate.

“Three years!” Song Shuhang added.

“Oh right, The First University has been the champion for three consecutive years.
But it isn’t that hard to understand.
They take in the top talents in the country, so it’s easy for them to groom the most powerful young martial warrior,” Hou Pingliang said.

“I heard that all the universities have groomed many young talents in the recent years.
They are all strong contenders for the top position.
They are holding back so that they can fight for the first position.
It won’t be easy for The First University to hold the title this time,” Lu Shu interrupted.
Senior Brother Pang Kuo from the Capital Military Academy, Senior Brother Li Guangqi from the Jinlin University, and Senior Sister Ma Xiaoxia from the Donghai University are all strong young martial warriors.
I heard that they have a post in the military and execute missions on the battlefield all year round.
They’re remarkably capable,” Song Shuhang nodded, agreeing with him.

“Don’t boost other people’s morale and destroy our own.
The fourth-year students from our school are strong too.
The overall ability of Huanghai Military Academy is on par with the Capital Military Academy, Jinlin University, and other famous universities.
Last year, our school took third place,” Hou Pingliang said.
“Senior Brother Wu Hao was present last year.
An amazing young martial warrior like him is rare.
I wonder how strong the fourth years are this year?” Lu Shu frowned and wondered.

“They are not weak,” Hou Pingliang replied.
“I know that our school isn’t weak, but I’m just a little worried.
After all, the school hasn’t confirmed the candidates yet,” Lu Shu replied.

“You’re right.
The other schools have already announced their participants, but our school hasn’t released theirs yet.
Is there an accident?” Song Shuhang touched his chin and asked curiously.

Wang Teng felt a little confused as he listened to his friends talking about this matter with great familiarity.
Even though the names they mentioned might be talented martial warriors, he didn’t recognize any of them at all.
He was like a wild man living in the primary jungle.


This was too embarrassing!

Control your expression.
You mustn’t let them know that you’re ignorant.

Wang Teng maintained a stern face as he listened to their discussion.
He would nod and shake his head occasionally as though he was agreeing or disagreeing with their opinions.
He acted like he knew what was going on.

At the side, Baili Qingfeng remained indifferent.
He didn’t care much about this matter, so he didn’t interrupt them.
He just listened to them and digested all the information they revealed.

“What the f**k!”

A sudden shout startled the whole table.
Even Wang Teng got shocked.
What the hell? Why are you making such a jarring sound? Why are you shouting?

Hou Pingliang, Lu Shu, and the others looked at Wang Teng as though they were looking at a ghost.

“Brother Teng, are you participating in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition?” Hou Pingliang’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he asked in disbelief.

“Huh? I haven’t received the notification yet.
How did you know?” Wang Teng looked at them in surprise.

“So that means that you’re really participating.” The others immediately understood Wang Teng’s meaning.
They were dumbstruck.

Hou Pingliang pointed at his phone.
“It’s announced here!”

When they mentioned that their school hadn’t announced the candidates’ list, they logged in to their school’s website to check.
That was when they realized that the list was actually released today.

Wang Teng’s name was on the list.

They rubbed their eyes a few times before confirming that they were right.
It was really Wang Teng’s name.

There were some descriptions written behind the name.
After some comparison, they ascertained that it was indeed this fellow who was eating with them as though nothing had happened.

“It’s already announced? Why didn’t they inform me? I don’t have any mental preparations at all.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“Hey, that isn’t the main point.” Hou Pingliang felt agitated.
“Brother, you’re just a freshman.
Why are you participating in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition? Are you confident?”

He suddenly felt that as Wang Teng’s friend, it didn’t seem right of him to speak like this.
Hence, he said hurriedly, “I’m not looking down on you or anything like that.
But all the candidates are extremely powerful, talented martial warriors.
They have cultivated many years more than you.
You won’t have many chances of winning if you fight with them now.”

“That’s right.
You don’t have to participate.
You can wait for a few years.
At that time, you might be able to get the number one spot for our school.” Baili Qingfeng had a startled look on his face.
He couldn’t control himself and spoke up.

“Sit down, sit down.
Why are you all so agitated? Even if I have no chances of winning, it’s a good opportunity for me to gain more insight and experience,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

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