Chapter 325 Mother Earth Is Buying Time For Her Poor Kids

There were too many attribute bubbles, so Wang Teng didn’t know where to look.
He even found it a little… difficult to pick them all up.

Damn it, he couldn’t collect all of them in time!

Was this even possible?

This was his first time witnessing such a large number of attribute bubbles.
He never saw so many attribute bubbles in Jixin Martial House, Huanghai Military Academy, and even Yang City Academy.

One could imagine how many attribute bubbles there were, waiting for him to pick up.
Just thinking about it made him hopeless.
Many bubbles disappeared without him noticing!

This was too cruel!

It was right in front of him, but after one or two seconds, it was gone.
It disappeared without a trace as if it had never existed.

The area where the bubble existed a moment ago felt like an expressionless face, mocking him cold-heartedly.

You can’t pick me; you can’t pick me.
You can’t pick me~~~ Bleh (Sticking out tongue) –

Wang Teng had to increase his speed.
He tried his best to pick those bigger and darker attribute bubbles first.

Based on the system’s rules so far, the greater the number of attributes, the bigger the bubble.
The darker the bubble, the higher the grade of the attribute.

Wang Teng picked the bubbles attentively.
He executed his spiritual power to the maximum and scanned the entire city, leaving no corners untouched.

He would collect everything first and count them after he went back.

The battle below had almost ended.
The arrival of the reinforcements and the general-stage martial warriors turned the tides around for the humans.
The dark apparitions were almost completely annihilated.

As far as the eyes could see, the entire Yang City was covered with wounds and scars.

A victory should be celebrated, but there were no cheers or joy.
The city was immersed in sorrow and dead silence.

Too many people had died in the span of a single night.
More than 60% of the martial warriors in Yang City were killed during this war.

Many martial warriors were weary and seriously injured.
They kneeled on the ground and burst into tears…

When the battle ended, the civilians hiding in the emergency shelters walked out and looked at their hometown in ruins.
They couldn’t believe it.
Tears welled up their eyes and flowed down their cheeks.

The ground was soaked with blood, and corpses were everywhere.
This scene stung their eyes.
While shedding tears, they searched for their families frantically.

The lucky ones found their families, while others could only cry bitterly as they hugged their family member’s bodies.

Cries of sorrow and wails of agony resounded in the city, making the scene even more tragic.
Yes, they had won the battle, but their family would never come back.
What a painful truth!

Wang Teng stood on the city wall as he gazed at the city.

Lord Yang, Shen Tuxiong, Dan Taixuan, and the other martial warriors were also beside him.
They didn’t have any expressions on their faces as they watched the scenes unfolding below.
However, if one looked closely, one could see the ripples of emotions in the depth of their gazes.

They were general-stage martial warriors who had experienced many tragic battles.
But they couldn’t remain indifferent even after witnessing all the deaths and separations.

Life was meant to be respected! Is this what a war is? Wang Teng felt emotional in his heart.
This was what the martial warriors had to face.
They were exposed to dangers and deaths all the time.

They didn’t do it for themselves.
They were doing it for their families!

Zooming out, they were doing it for the entire race!

It was at this moment that Wang Teng finally understood what ‘martial warriors’ really meant.

They weren’t just a powerful presence.
No, they were also the strongest shield and the sharpest spear guarding and protecting their race.

As long as the shield didn’t break, as long as the spear remained intact, the human race could live in peace and prosperity.

To the great martial warriors!

Dan Taixuan looked at the absentminded Wang Teng and asked him softly, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m wondering what will happen if there is a similar large-scale dark apparition invasion on Earth,” Wang Teng replied.
In just a few seconds, he had thought of many things.
Since the Xingwu Continent could get attacked by the dark apparitions, he had reasons to believe that they could appear on Earth too.
He remembered the large numbers of martial warriors stationed in the Xingwu Continent all year round.
One of the main reasons why the Xingwu Continent chose to be at peace with Earth was so that they could resist the dark apparitions together.

“It won’t happen for now,” Dan Taixuan said.
“It’s just temporary.” Wang Teng understood the hidden meaning in Dan Taixuan’s answer.
He asked, “How much time do we have left?”

Dan Taixuan looked at Wang Teng in surprise.
She didn’t expect him to pinpoint the main issue so quickly.
She hesitated before replying to him, “Two to three years.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “At that time, the situation on Earth might be worse than the Xingwu Continent.
After all, there’s too little time for us to prepare.
Our history isn’t as strong and long as the Xingwu Continent.”

“So fast?” Wang Teng took a deep breath, feeling a chill running through his spine.
He clenched his fists uncontrollably.

Dan Taixuan was in a dilemma again.
At this moment, Xiao Nanfeng opened his mouth.
“Tell him.
He has already seen the war, and he isn’t weak either.
He will get in touch with such matters sooner or later.
Tell him earlier so that he can have time to prepare himself mentally.”

Dan Taixuan’s gaze shimmered.
She glanced at Xiao Nanfeng.
“Why are you looking at me? I’m only reminding you because we are both from the human race on Earth,” Xiao Nanfeng scoffed and turned his head.
He couldn’t maintain his calm exterior.

Dan Taixuan pouted.
She organized her speech and said to Wang Teng, “It’s because of the dimensional rift.
Based on our investigation, more and more dimensional rifts are starting to appear on Earth, and the frequency is getting shorter.
Our dimensional rifts are only connected to the Xingwu Continent, but for some reason, the people from the Xingwu Continent aren’t able to travel to Earth through these rifts.
“Hence, the dark apparitions can’t reach our world using the Xingwu Continent as the springboard.
However, once the dimensional rifts on Earth hit a certain number, the space of Earth will get extremely weak.
The dark apparitions will definitely grab this chance to invade us.”

Wang Teng’s expression was grim.
He felt a little heavy-hearted as he asked, “Why can’t the citizens of the Xingwu Continent travel to Earth? This question has been bothering me for some time.”

“Some people say that it’s… Earth rejecting them with its will,” Dan Taixuan hesitated before she replied slowly.
“Earth’s will is rejecting them?” Wang Teng was shocked.

This thought had emerged in his mind before, but he found it atrocious.
Yet, when Dan Taixuan said it personally, he didn’t know how to react.

“Are you sure you’re not joking?” he asked.

“This is a viewpoint raised by the experts in the study of space theory.
Who do you want me to ask?” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes and replied helplessly.
“Alright, the experts make sense.” Wang Teng shrugged, saying half-jokingly, “That means that our Mother Earth is buying time for her poor kids!”

Dan Taixuan was stunned for a moment before replying with a complicated expression, “That’s an appropriate analogy.”

Wang Teng asked again, “Did those experts find the reason for the appearance of the dimensional rifts?”

“The collision of worlds.” These words spurted out of Dan Taixuan’s mouth uncontrollably.
She then explained, “Thirty years ago, one of the worlds collided with Earth and wanted to merge with it.
That world was the Xingwu Continent.
That is what caused the changes on Earth and the arrival of the martial arts era.” “Collision, merger!” Wang Teng finally got hold of the sequence of events.
His understanding of the world collapsed completely.

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