Chapter 323 Eight Level Devil Scripture

Zurz’s voice echoed out from the dimensional rift.
It was filled with bitterness and hatred as if Wang Teng had done something indescribable to it.

Everyone looked at Wang Teng strangely.

How much did the Eight Arms Devil General hate him?

He didn’t pinpoint any of the general-stage martial warriors, but he called out Wang Teng’s name.
Wang Teng cursed in his heart.

What grudges do we have? What hatred do we have? Do you have to remember it so clearly?

How narrow-minded!

Although the other party was a general-stage devil warrior, he didn’t have the bearing of one.

Wang Teng put on an innocent expression, but he felt helpless in his heart.
If he had a choice, he would kill the Eight Arms Devil General right here, leaving no chance for his revival.
He wouldn’t let him leave with a grudge.
“My idiot disciple, how does it feel to be remembered by a general-stage warrior?” Dan Taixuan came beside Wang Teng and placed her hand on his arm.
She smiled at him cheekily.
Xiao Nanfeng glanced at him happily.
He was laughing at Wang Teng’s plight.
He deserved it!

Aren’t you a capable young man? Let me see how many days of sleep you can get when you get remembered by a general-stage warrior.

This was the first time Shen Tuxiong saw Wang Teng, so he didn’t understand this young man.
But he felt a little unreal when he heard the others talking about how Wang Teng used the array to torment the Eight Arms Devil General.
He felt sympathy towards this young man.

After all, he completed the array after Gorlin finished most of it.
If he was to do it himself, he might not be able to create it successfully.

Also, Wang Teng’s ability was too low.
He was a nobody when compared to the general-stage warriors.
He would be in trouble if he met the Eight Arms Devil General again.

Yet Wang Teng remained calm and replied, “Nothing.
If I meet him again, he might still get tormented by me.”

The general-stage martial warriors all stared at Wang Teng.

This young man was bold!

“You’re daring.
Aren’t you afraid that your tongue will get twisted?” Xiao Nanfeng smiled and mocked him.

“Haha, there’s nothing wrong with a young man being confident.” Shen Tuxiong smiled, feeling a little surprised.

Dan Taixuan glanced at Xiao Nanfeng before patting Wang Teng’s shoulder.
She said in a meaningful tone, “Good aspiration.
Kill that eight-armed Zurz and prove to someone that you can do it.”

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded firmly.
He didn’t even look at Xiao Nanfeng.

Xiao Nanfeng’s eyebrows jumped.
He felt frustrated, and there seemed to be a mountain pressing down on his heart.


Sharp bellows sounded below them.

The reinforcements finally arrived in Yang City.
They immediately started fighting with the remaining dark apparitions.

The titan’s arm had only saved Zurz and Mitis.
The rest of the dark apparitions were left behind.

The dimensional rift in the sky closed up quickly.
Some dark apparitions flew towards the dimensional rift when they saw the Eight Arms Devil General leaving.

Their expressions changed when they saw the large number of reinforcements charging towards them fiercely.
They increased their speed, wishing they had an extra pair of legs.

“Where are you going?!” Lord Yang, Shen Tuxiong, and the other general-stage martial warriors blocked these dark apparitions with grim faces.

The human race had suffered huge losses.
How could they allow these dark apparitions to leave? They must let them stay in Yang City and accompany their dead friends in hell.

The soldier-level dark apparitions were nothing in front of the general-stage martial warriors.
The distance was like a chasm, and it was impossible to overcome.


The high-level dark apparitions screamed as they saw the dimensional rift disappearing entirely.
They were filled with despair.

These high-level dark apparitions were unable to resist the attacks of the general-stage martial warriors.
One attack, and they were killed on the spot.
They were smashed into minced meat and fell from the sky.


Then, they joined the battle below.
Huge numbers of dark apparitions were annihilated in a matter of seconds.

Wang Teng stood in the sky and scanned his surroundings.
The astonishing number of attribute bubbles dazzled his eyes.

“I can finally pick up the attributes!” Wang Teng heaved a long sigh.
He was exhausted, but he still felt invigorated when he saw so many attribute bubbles.

He pulled them over with his spiritual power.

He picked them up.


Space*180 Space*310

The appearance of the titan’s arm had squeezed the dimensional rift and destroyed it.
Hence, a large number of space fragments dropped and turned into space attributes.

Wang Teng picked all of them up.
It was a huge gain.

Space: 2310/10000

Wang Teng looked at the change in his space attribute on the attributes panel and smiled brightly.
His space talent rose by close to a quarter.
This was a huge step forward.

He felt that he had grown more sensitive to space and could easily use certain spatial skills.
This might become his biggest trump card in the future.

After Wang Teng finished collecting the space attributes, his eyes shone as he looked for the attribute bubbles dropped by the Eight Arms Devil General.

The Eight Arms Devil General had the highest cultivation out of all the dark apparitions.
Thus, the attributes he dropped would exceed everyone present.

He looked towards the spot where he attacked the Eight Arms Devil General.
As expected, he saw a few huge attribute bubbles floating there.

Dark Force*450

Dark Force*360

Advanced Stage Dark Talent*30

Eight Level Devil Scripture*1

Dark Force*410

A few attribute bubbles were starting to turn transparent.
Wang Teng quickly picked them up.
His eyes widened.

This was a huge surprise!

As expected of a general-stage devil warrior.
The attributes it dropped were amazing.

His dark Force was only at the 3-star soldier level, but it was soaring to newer heights now.
He had already picked up some dark Force earlier during the battle, so it broke through the 4-star level and went to the 5-star soldier level directly before stopping.

The attributes dropped from one Eight Arms Devil General were enough for him to rise two stages.

Dark Force: 433/3000 (5-star)

There were also the advanced-stage dark talent and the Eight Level Devil Scripture.

Before this, Wang Teng only had the intermediate-stage dark talent.
After rising to the advanced stage, his sensitivity to the dark Force around him increased, and he was able to suck more dark Force for his cultivation.
He could also convert it easily and use it to raise his cultivation.

As for the Eight Level Devil Scripture, a huge and muscular figure with eight arms appeared in Wang Teng’s mind after he picked up the attribute bubble.

It looked similar to the Eight Arms Devil General, Zurz, but its face was blurred.

Although the figure’s body was an outline of light, the arteries on its body could be seen clearly.
Small light dots were seen along the arteries.
These were the acupoints.
The figure sat cross-legged and started executing the skill.
It was cultivating.

These images in Wang Teng’s mind allowed him to understand the Eight Level Devil Scripture immediately.

“Sky-rank scripture!” Wang Teng’s eyes shone brightly.
This was an unexpected surprise.
The cultivation of sky-rank scriptures was extremely fast, and they had special abilities.
The Eight Level Devil Scripture helped in training one’s physical body.
The cultivator would have an impressive battle ability once he mastered it.
People with the same cultivation as him wouldn’t be his match.
This Eight Level Devil Scripture was the main reason why the Eight Arms Devil General was so powerful.

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