Chapter 318 So Anxious That They Wanted To Pee

In the sky, a vast circular formation spun slowly, covering a large area.

Lights glowed on the array, and a powerful spiritual power enveloped the formation.
Runes were slowly carved in the core.

A figure sat in the middle of the array with a grim expression.
All his attention was on completing the formation, leaving him with no energy to care about the tragic battle outside.

Eyes were the windows to one’s soul, and there was a holy light shimmering in his eyes at the moment.
This was a sign that he was using his spiritual kinesis to its extreme.


Suddenly, a loud explosion came from the defense array below.
It shattered into small pieces and disintegrated into motes of lights.

The human martial warriors were shaken up.
They were the first to suffer after the defense array was destroyed.
Without its protection, a large number of dark apparitions would surge into the city.
No one knew how many people would be killed.

As expected, the dark apparitions that were blocked by the shield poured into the city like a dam had been broken.
The pressure on the human race multiplied.
Many martial warriors got surrounded by multiple dark apparitions and were bitten to death directly.
“I’ll go down and help!” The 6-star soldier-level martial warriors guarding Wang Teng grieved when they saw the bitter scene unfold.

“This…” The other person hesitated for a moment.
Accidents might happen to Wang Teng if one of them left.
Gorlin was an example.

“Both of you can leave.
I can handle it alone,” Wang Teng suddenly said.

“How can we do that? One of us has to stay behind at least,” the martial warriors said.

“Go!” Wang Teng glared at them.
The martial warriors felt scared somehow under his stare.
They felt as though they were facing a character like Gorlin.
If something happens to you, we’ll be the sinners of the whole city.” Nonetheless, the martial warriors remained firm in their stance.

“I have a way to protect myself.
Don’t worry and go.
If Yang City collapses, everything we’ve done so far will be useless.” Wang Teng ignored them after he finished speaking.
He continued focusing on the array, not daring to get distracted again.

The loss of concentration just now had almost resulted in a mistake.
The difficulty of this formation exceeded his expectations.

The last sentence might have convinced the martial warriors.
They exchanged glances with each other and nodded resolutely.
“Be careful!”


The next second, they charged down to help the defense.

Time flew.
Soon, the night was coming to an end.
Many people had died in this battle, but the war still continued.
The young generation of talents suffered heavy losses.

Yi Kaicheng lost an arm, while Dongfang Yu was severely injured.
Although people were protecting Li Rongxue, she was still seriously wounded.
Leaning on her sword, she looked at the battlefield with a sorrowful expression.


Only two Wan siblings were left.

Wan Feipeng died!

He died willingly to save his stupid younger brother.
This might be the innate emotions of humans.
They wouldn’t be able to disregard the ties between their families.

Wan Feiyu cried his heart out when his brother fell.
He wanted to kill all the dark apparitions to take revenge for his brother, but he was helpless.
He was brought to a safe location by his men.

Wan Feifeng had turned mad from the massacre.
She had a good relationship with her siblings since they were young.
Yet, one of them died tonight.
She believed it was her fault and felt regret and agony enshrouding her whole being.
She could only kill more to numb her heart.

Similar scenes happened everywhere.
People were dying every second.
This was an unfair fight, to begin with.
The dark apparitions came without any warning and had the advantage of numbers.
On the other hand, the martial warriors in Yang City didn’t have any time to prepare.
They were at an extreme disadvantage.

Some 6-star soldier-level martial warriors had also fallen in this cruel battle.
They were boss-level characters no matter where they went, yet many of them lost their lives here.
It was a massive loss for the human race.

Wang Teng glanced down below and was deeply shocked.
For some reason, sorrow poured out from the depth of his heart.
The human race!

The human race!

There seemed to be a faraway voice screaming from the depth of his soul.
It felt like a dream, but it felt real too.
It was hard to describe.

He closed his eyes and stopped looking at the tragic state below.
Only the last bit of the formation was left.
He mustn’t get distracted now.

“Anyone who kills him will get ten thousand devil crystals!” the Eight Arms Devil General suddenly shouted.

As soon as his voice faded, malicious glints shone in the eyes of the dark apparitions.
Immediately, some 5-star and 6-star dark apparitions shot up into the sky.


“Hahaha, die!”

The dark apparitions released all their attacks at Wang Teng Ten thousand devil crystals.
This was enough to turn the dark apparitions crazy.

“Shameless!” Lord Yang and Principal Yang glared at the Eight Arms Devil General.
Although they were injured and exhausted, they continued battling with the Eight Arms Devil General despite panting loudly.

“Stop them!”

The two of them shouted.
The human martial warriors ignored the enemies they were fighting and rushed towards the dark apparitions to stop their attacks.

However, a portion of the attacks still continued flying towards Wang Teng.
Lord Yang and Principal Yang stared at Wang Teng intently.
They couldn’t free themselves and save him.
This helplessness threw them into despair.

Was Wang Teng going to follow Gorlin’s footsteps?

Were they going to fail after persevering for so long?


The alarm in Wang Teng’s heart ran as danger befell him.
He snorted, and earth Force flowed out of his body.
It formed layers of shield around him.
They were like walls and walls of bricks.

All the attacks landed on the shields.

The shields broke layer by layer, but in the end, there were still three walls left.
However, all the attacks had disappeared.

Wang Teng remained unscathed!

“Earth Force!”

Lord Yang and Principal Yang heaved a sigh of relief.
However, they were amazed at the same time.
They remembered that Wang Teng had executed fire Force and metal Force in the past.
Now, he had displayed his earth Force.

Three elements martial warrior!

This was a great surprise.
The youngsters below were almost numb now.
How many trump cards did this fellow have?

Again and again.
There seemed to be no end to it.
It stimulated their minds without stopping.

The smiles on the dark apparitions’ faces froze, and they felt infuriated.
Ten thousand devil crystals had just flown away!

The Eight Arms Devil General had never felt so helpless towards a person.
But he experienced it personally now.
He could clearly feel his mentality breaking down.

Why? Why!

Is this fellow my natural enemy sent from heaven?

“Kill him, kill him.
If you don’t kill him, I’ll skin you alive and pull out your tendons to make candles.” The Eight Arms Devil General raged.

The dark apparitions were devastated and suddenly felt wronged.
They initially wanted to kill Wang Teng for the ten thousand devil crystals, but now, they would be turned into candles if they couldn’t succeed.
You should have said that earlier.
Why didn’t you say it before? We wouldn’t have attacked him if you said it!

What a loss!

The dark apparitions felt hidden bitterness.
They had no choice but to attack Wang Teng again.
After all, if he didn’t die, they would be turned into candles.

However, the human martial warriors had arrived to stop the dark apparitions.
The long-range attacks were blocked by Wang Teng’s earth shield, so they couldn’t even see him, much less kill him.

For a moment, the dark apparitions felt so anxious that they wanted to pee.

We will die! Let us kill him quickly.
Move please, sob…

Suddenly, a frightening aura erupted from the formation above them.

The array was finished!

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