Chapter 317 This Man Is Frightening.
He Must Be Killed!

Everyone was fighting their own battle on the battlefield.
Powerful warriors against powerful apparitions and low-rank martial warriors against low-rank dark apparitions.

7-star, 8-star, and 9-star soldier-level martial warriors were considered high-rank martial warriors.
Since they numbered a few, they were mostly targeted and pestered by the powerful dark apparitions.
It was hard for them to break free.

When Gorlin was attacked just now, two 6-star soldier-level martial warriors tried their best before they freed themselves and were able to help him.

Wang Teng passed Gorlin to the martial warriors who came.
Then, he sat down cross-legged in the middle of the array.
Everyone was puzzled when they saw this.

“What is Wang Teng doing?”

“He’s Master Gorlin’s disciple.
Could he…”

While wondering aloud, their eyes widened in surprise.
A thought appeared in their mind uncontrollably.

He wants to complete the array on behalf of Master Gorlin!

They swallowed their saliva involuntarily when this ridiculous notion popped up.

During the battle just now, Wang Teng had already showcased his frightening martial arts cultivation.
He had reached 5-star soldier level at a young age and was skilled in both blade and sword.
He had slain an uncountable number of dark apparitions and even one 6-star soldier-level dark apparition.
Last but not least, the assimilated Yao Hongshou had also died in his hands.

There was nothing wrong with calling him a monster.

Looking at him now, he seemed to be an exceptional runemaster too.
If not, he wouldn’t be able to take over Master Gorlin’s high-level array.

As Li Rongxue recovered her strength, she asked Su Lingxuan curiously, “Lingxuan, what level runemaster is he?”

Su Lingyun and Liu Xinghui were maintaining the defense array not far away.
Wan Feifeng, Dongfang Yu, and the other talents were also close to her.
When they heard Liu Xinghui’s question, they looked at Su Lingxuan with curiosity in their eyes.
Su Lingxuan heaved a sigh of relief after Wang Teng saved Gorlin.
When she saw Wang Teng wanting to replace Gorlin to complete the array, she was stunned too.
She replied subconsciously when she heard Li Rongxue, “In the past, he was an intermediate-stage runemaster.
He never took another test after that.
However, Master says that he has improved at an exponential speed, so he might…”

Li Rongxue and the other gasped.

Might what? Although Su Lingxuan didn’t finish her sentence, everyone could guess it.

Wang Teng might have become an advanced-stage runemaster.
He might even be close to advancing to the master level.

They never imagined that Wang Teng had already reached master level.
That stage wasn’t easy to reach.
A genius like Wang Teng might achieve it in the future, but not now.
He was too young.

Even so, they were dumbstruck.

How monstrous was this fellow?

Liu Xinghui was talented in runes and was always called a genius.
When he compared himself to Wang Teng, it was natural for him to get jealous.
However, he was trembling in fright.
What kind of presence was this?

This fellow wasn’t human! 2402:800:6118:aaa7:743b:edc8:5c7f:5891

His martial arts cultivation was exceptional.
Even if it was his father, he might not be able to beat him.
He mustn’t provoke him in the future.
If not…

Just thinking of the consequences caused Liu Xinghui to shiver.

This was the right time to follow his heart.

On the other hand, Su Lingyun had different emotions.
She realized that her jealousy towards Su Lingxuan was getting stronger.
Why? They were both born in the Su family.
Her father was the head of the family, and her status was higher than Su Lingxuan.
Yet, she always lost to her.

Her beauty, her talent, none of them were better than Su Lingxuan’s.
She was even accepted as Gorlin’s disciple.
The outstanding young man had a good relationship with her, while she couldn’t find any ways to get close to him.
Failure was making her go crazy! Dongfang Yu, Yi Kaicheng, and the other talents looked at Wang Teng with flickering gazes.
They couldn’t regain their composure for a while.

Wang Teng didn’t know how complicated everyone was feeling.
He glanced at the Eight Arms Devil General with a smile at the corner of his lips.

The smile was indifferent.
He wasn’t afraid of the Eight Arms Devil General.
In fact, there was even a hint of provocation in his smile.
It seemed a little evil.

“This little brat!” The Eight Arms Devil General’s expression turned distorted.
He wanted to pounce on Wang Teng and punch him with all of his eight arms.
As a general-stage formidable warrior in a high position, he was always respected and feared by the masses.
No one dared to act so atrociously in front of him.

But Lord Yang and Principal Yang were obstructing him with all their might.
He couldn’t break free from them.

Lord Yang and Principal Yang were also astounded in their hearts.
They felt that this fellow was full of surprises.
They couldn’t help but place their hopes on Wang Teng.
Thus, they would never allow the past to repeat.

The two 6-star martial warriors placed Gorlin in a safe place and returned to the array.

“Young man, complete the array at ease.
We’ll guard you.
Let’s see who dares to disturb you,” one of the martial warriors said.

Wang Teng nodded, his expression turning grave.
He had learned this array from Gorlin before, and he remembered all the structure and shapes of the runes.

However, this was an advanced-stage, 6-star array!

Only master-level runemasters could create 6-star rune arrays.
Still, its might was astonishing, able to kill a general-stage martial warrior!

It would be difficult for Wang Teng to set up this array alone based on his current cultivation.
However, Gorlin had completed most of it.
He just needed to carve the last portion of the runes.

Yet, this last portion was the most crucial part.
This array was from the inside out.
The closer to the core, the more important the runes.

The middle of this array was the core.
The runes that formed the core needed to be extremely precise.
A slight mistake could cause the entire array to disintegrate, and the efforts put in would go to waste.

But Gorlin believed in him!

Hence, Wang Teng couldn’t disappoint him.
Furthermore, they were facing a crisis.
He must not and could not fail.

It could be said that once this array was formed, the wheel of victory would spin to the human’s side.

Wang Teng took a deep breath and turned serious.


A thick spiritual power exploded from Wang Teng’s mind.
It surged out like a dragon roaring out from its den and soaring into the sky.

Emperor realm! Everyone was shocked.
This spiritual power felt so real….
It was spiritual kinesis!

Wang Teng wasn’t just an advanced-stage runemaster, but he had also awakened the rare spiritual kinesis!

How could they describe his talent?

This monster must be the illegitimate child of God and Lady Luck, right?

He was so powerful!

The spiritual kinesis even felt as powerful as Gorlin’s.

The thought flashed in Lord Yang’s and Principal Yang’s minds.
They were thunderstruck.

Gorlin’s disciple might surpass his master one day!

The younger generations below felt bitter.
Was this Wang Teng’s real strength? Was he really a young man and not some ancient demon? On the other hand, malicious intent spread in the Eight Arms Devil General’s heart.
This young man was too terrifying.
He must be killed! If not, he would become a massive threat to the Darkland in the future.

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