Chapter 314: Bullshit, I Only Killed One!


Someone shouted the word directly.
Everyone was thunderstruck as they looked at Yao Hongshou’s face.

At the same time, looks of disdain flashed in their eyes.
They didn’t even bother hiding their contempt.

Dark apparitions were condemned by all humans, much less a human who had voluntarily turned into a dark apparition.
This was even more atrocious.

He was a traitor!

He was born a human, yet he gave up his position in the human race.
He turned himself into a dark apparition and allowed himself to fall into the abyss.

They still remembered that he was the one who called the dark apparitions.
He was the reason for this disaster befalling Yang City.
Everyone glared at him, wanting to peel his skin and eat his flesh.

“Are you surprised?” A sound came out of Yao Hongshou’s mouth.

He was shimmering in black light.
The black glow swallowed the flames on his body, and his wounds started healing.
Black smoke rose from his body.

“He’s fine?” Wang Teng squinted when he saw this scene.

He didn’t hold back when he attacked him just now.
However, Yao Hongshou was able to recuperate so quickly.

He mustn’t underestimate his healing ability after he was assimilated.

“I’m curious about how you evaded my attack just now,” Yao Hongshou crawled up from the ground and said.

“Do you want to know?” Wang Teng tilted his head and looked at him.
He smiled.
“I’m not telling you.”

Yao Hongshou: …

“I’ll make sure you can’t smile soon, you brat.
No one can save you today.
I’ll tear you into pieces to avenge my sons.” His gaze was hostile, and his expression was sinister.

“Don’t spout nonsense.
What do you mean by sons? I only killed one of them.” Wang Teng was furious as though he got framed.

He would admit it if he did it, but if he didn’t, he would never be framed.

He was Wang Teng, a person with principles!

“Only?!” Yao Hongshou trembled in anger.
“I know that you helped that bitch Li Rongxue to kill my son, Yao Yu.
You have a part to play too.
I’ll kill you first before killing that bitch.”

“Erm…” Wang Teng felt a little awkward upon getting exposed.
He scratched his head and replied sincerely, “Actually, you might not be able to kill me.”

“I admit that you’re a talent, and you’re not weak.
You’re able to withstand my attack.
It was surprising.
But do you think that that was my true power? If those old fellows hadn’t protected you, you wouldn’t be standing here,” Yao Hongshou mocked him.
He clenched his fist and felt the surging energy in his body.
He then said in a mesmerized tone, “What’s more, I have become more powerful now!”

Wang Teng squinted slightly.
He had to admit that Yao Hongshou became stronger after he turned into a dark apparition.
He didn’t notice him when Yao Hongshou hid in the dark and attacked him secretly.

Without his space talent, he would be seriously injured from the attack.

“Yao Hongshou!”

At this moment, a few angry hollers came from the sky.
The sound of air breaking came directly after.

A few figures flew over from afar.
They were the family heads of Yang City.
They yelled at Yao Hongshou indignantly.

“Yao Hongshou, how dare you appear again!”

“You’re a sinner!”

“Hahaha.” Yao Hongshou lowered his head and gave a sinister laugh.

Then, he looked up abruptly.
His expression was hideous, and there was a red light glimmering in his eyes.

“Is it really my fault?

“Since you didn’t give me a chance, I’ll make you suffer too.

“You will all accompany my son in death!”

Angry howls came out from his mouth.
He had turned into a maniac, looking like a devil.

Everyone’s expression was ugly.
They felt a chill rising in their heart when they saw his crazed look.

“Your Yao family is also in Yang City.
You attracted the dark apparitions here.
They won’t be able to escape if Yang City collapses,” the family head of the Wan family bellowed angrily.

“The Yao family lives where I live.
If I die, there’s no need for the Yao family to exist,” Yao Hongshou said with a cold smile.

Everyone was speechless.


Yao Hongshou had turned crazy!

He was beyond hope!

“Kill him together!”

A few powerful warriors looked at one another and started attacking.
They executed their Force battle techniques and aimed them at Yao Hongshou.

“I have turned into a dark apparition.
You’re not my match anymore.” Yao Hongshou was extremely arrogant.
He stepped in the air and destroyed all the attacks.
Then, his hands turned into sharp claws, with black glows shining around them.
He clawed at his opponents.

The martial warriors shuttled back and forth in the air.
When their Forces collided, they gave off loud explosions.

Wang Teng spread his flaming wings behind him.
He held his battle sword in his hand and darted into the battlefield.
It was a heated battle.

Wan Feifeng, Dongfang Yu, and the others had also noticed the situation here.
From afar, they could only see the figures colliding continuously in mid-air.
Every attack was earth-shattering, leaving their minds in a jumbled state.

“This is the battle between 6-star soldier-level martial warriors!”

“If Wang Teng is able to join them, has his ability reached that stage already?”

They found it unbelievable.
He was their peer, but he could already fight alongside the famous martial warriors.

Compared to him, they suddenly felt extremely weak!


A figure suddenly fell from the sky, smashing a large hole in the city wall.

Everyone looked at the person carefully.
It was Yao Hongshou.
Right now, he was in a miserable state.
He was injured, and blood was seeping out from the corners of his mouth.

Yet, he smiled evilly.
He flew up again, disregarding the fresh blood beside his lips.

“This bastard must be a cockroach.”

The other 6-star soldier-level martial warriors looked at one another in frustration.
They didn’t expect Yao Hongshou to be so difficult to deal with.

They beat him again and again, but he recovered every single time.
His recovery speed was astonishing.

Wang Teng looked up.
Gorlin’s array was only halfway through.
However, Lord Yang and Principal Yang were gradually retreating under the attacks of the Eight Arms Devil General.
They were in a difficult position.


The Eight Arms Devil General hit Principal Yang with its special weapon, the one that looked like a sword and a blade.
There were weapons on every single hand, so it was hard to defend against them.

Lord Yang threw an attack at the Eight Arms Devil General and made use of the recoil force to distance himself from the devil.
He panted as he said to Principal Yang, “Old Yang, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry.
I’m not dead yet!” Principal Yang stopped in mid-air.
He replied to Lord Yang indifferently as he wiped the blood off his lips.

“You are not my match,” said the Eight Arms Devil General.
He then ignored them and turned to fly towards Gorlin.

He could sense a hint of danger from this unfinished array.

He mustn’t let it be completed!

Lord Yang and Principal Yang darted between Gorlin and the Eight Arms Devil General.
“We’re not done yet.
Why are you running away?”

“Get lost!”

The Eight Arms Devil General raged.
The soundwave swept through the air, making people dizzy from the vibration.
They were scared witless.

“Hmph, why are you shouting? So what if you have a loud voice?” Principal Yang scoffed and blocked in front of Gorlin.
He didn’t budge an inch.

Let me kill you first.” The Eight Arms Devil General glared at them and moved his eight arms furiously.
Amidst the black glow, it attacked with a thick dark Force, looking like a tyrannical God of Evil.

Lord Yang and Principal Yang turned solemn.
They looked at each other and executed their strongest battle technique to welcome the devil’s renewed onslaught!

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