Chapter 313: Probing Death In The Eye!

“I’ll remember you!”

This sentence reverberated in the city like thunder.
Everyone felt worried for Wang Teng.
He might not get any good sleep after he got remembered by a general-stage formidable warrior!

They looked at Wang Teng involuntarily.
His expression was calm, though.
He didn’t seem to take it to heart.

“Don’t, don’t.
Why does a male animal like you need to remember me? I wouldn’t mind if you were a beauty.
Oh, right, are there female dark apparitions? Erm… never mind.
Even if there are, they must be as ugly as you,” Wang Teng countered.

Everyone: …

They were speechless!

Their minds were trembling.

They stared at Wang Teng in disbelief.
He almost died a moment ago, but he still dared to humiliate the Eight Arms Devil General.

He called it an animal and even said it was ugly!

He was probing death in the eye.

But he helped them to vent their frustrations!

They felt refreshed for some reason~

They looked up at the black face of the Eight Arms Devil General.
Although they couldn’t glean anything, it must be furious.
Anger was probably burning in its heart.

Li Rongxue and Su Lingxuan wanted to stop him.
He had angered the devil once, and he was doing it again.

Did he think that he was too old?

“You must have never experienced real despair before.” The Eight Arms Devil General’s cold voice sounded.
“Once I capture the city, I’ll tear you into pieces, bit by bit.”

“I’m so scared!” Wang Teng shrunk his body and pretended to look frightened.
However, he smiled and continued, “Let’s wait for you to capture the city first.”

His words!

His tone!

Why did it sound so infuriating!


The Eight Arms Devil General was at the brink of exploding in anger.
It took a step forward and wanted to squash this little human brat who humiliated it.

“Your opponent is us!”

Lord Yang and Principal Yang almost blew their tops.
They were already enraged when the Eight Arms Devil General had attacked Wang Teng in front of them just now.
Now, it wanted to do the same thing again.
It didn’t put them in its eyes at all.

“Lord Yang, Principal Yang, hold him first,” Gorlin said coldly.

Speaking of anger, Gorlin was definitely more furious than the other two.
Wang Teng was his disciple.
What the Eight Arms Devil General did was unforgivable.

Lord Yang and Principal Yang knew what Gorlin wanted to do.
They exchanged glances with each other and nodded grimly.
“Okay, we’ll try our best to gain more time for you.”

The Eight Arms Devil General looked at Gorlin involuntarily.

However, Lord Yang and Principal Yang charged towards it, and the three of them were engaged in an intense battle.

“What’s Master planning to do?” Wang Teng looked up in confusion.

He saw Gorlin leaving the battleground of the three powerful warriors and sitting cross-legged in the air.
A terrifying and powerful spiritual power surged out of his mind.

“Master wants to form an array!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He understood what was happening.

Wisps of spiritual kinesis spread throughout the air.
They seemed to be outlining an image, and runes started glowing in the sky.

“I wonder what array Master is making.” Su Lingxuan wondered aloud in confusion.
She seemed a little excited.

“No matter what array it is, it needs time.” Wang Teng looked grave.
He wasn’t as optimistic.

They were evenly matched when the three of them fought with the Eight Arms Devil General together.
With only two left, he didn’t know if they could keep it away for long.

At the same time, more and more dark apparitions were charging into Yang City.
The human martial warriors couldn’t handle it anymore.
The situation was getting from worse to worst.

Wang Teng frowned as he looked into the distance.
“I wonder when the reinforcements will arrive?”

“Senior Brother, go and help them.
The princess can’t fight them back anymore,” Su Lingxuan suddenly said agitatedly.

Wang Teng turned around.
Indeed, Li Rongxue was showing signs of exhaustion.
There were many dark apparitions around them, and they couldn’t ward them off.

Stay here.
Don’t run around!” he shouted at Su Lingxuan before dashing towards Li Rongxue and her subordinates.


He held his sword in his right hand, while another battle blade appeared in his left hand.
He was attacking with both hands.
Sword and blade glows intertwined with each other and formed a huge web, enveloping the dark apparitions around him.

In an instant, numerous dark apparitions were killed.

Li Rongxue and her men were shocked.
“He knows blade skills too!”

“Leave this to me,” Wang Teng said without turning his head.
He charged into the cluster of dark apparitions.

One blade and one sword.
The aura of the blade and the sword slashed through the groups of dark apparitions.
It was invincible!

Wan Feiyu and Wan Feipeng were flabbergasted.
They blurted without thinking, “Is this fellow human?”

Suddenly, they felt fortunate that they didn’t continue to pester Wang Teng.
Who could afford to offend a monster like him?

Wan Feifeng wiped her cold sweat secretly, feeling a little guilty in her heart.
She wanted to take revenge for her younger brothers, but now.
she felt that she needed to think about it carefully…

Peace was precious, after all.

Furthermore, her younger brothers were at fault in the first place.
She was a reasonable person.
She wouldn’t confuse right and wrong.

Yes, her stupid brothers hadn’t been educated for a long time and kept causing trouble outside.
If they managed to survive this battle, she would take care of them properly.

Wan Feipeng and Wan Feiyu suddenly felt a chill down their backs.
They had a bad feeling.

They looked around them in confusion, wondering where this sudden chill came from?

Wang Teng was fighting with all his might.
With the blade and the sword in his hands, he cut apart many dark apparitions like chopping carrots.
The dark apparitions kept getting thrown back.
They were either stabbed in their hearts or had their heads slammed.


Suddenly, he heard a soft sound.

Wang Teng suddenly felt a piercing pain on his back near his heart.
The malicious intent caused his head to turn numb.

It’s too late!

The sneak attack had caught him off guard.

Even with his speed, he wouldn’t be able to evade it at this distance.

Oh right!

In this life-or-death situation, many thoughts flashed past his mind.
He had an idea.

Space talent!

Instantly, the space around Wang Teng started distorting.


A pitch-black blade pierced through Wang Teng’s heart.

“Die!” A sinister voice was heard at the same time.

Li Rongxue and Su Lingxuan’s expressions changed.
Their hearts scrunched up as they stared at this scene in a daze.

However, the next moment, the figure dissipated slowly.

The attacker was dumbstruck!


A powerful flaming sword glow struck the attacker’s body and sent him back flying like a cannonball.



The attacker smashed on the ground heavily.
His back was mangled, and his entire body was engulfed in flames.
Blood spurted out of his mouth.

“It’s you! You aren’t dead?” Wang Teng’s figure slowly appeared again.
He was shocked when he saw the attacker’s appearance.

It was Yao Hongshou.
However, his appearance had changed tremendously.
Dark green veins were bulging on his skin, along with black patterns.
His entire body was covered with dark Force.
He wasn’t a human anymore.

This was… assimilation!

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