Chapter 304: Lord Yang Residence Banquet

Wang Teng was stunned when the princess’s servant sent him an invitation.

Ever since he rejected Li Rongxue’s request, the young lady had never looked for him again.
He thought that they wouldn’t have any interactions again, so this invitation was a little unexpected.

What does she want? Wang Teng couldn’t help but wonder to himself.

“Hmph!” The servant was still angry at what had happened in the past, so she wasn’t polite to Wang Teng.
She snorted when she saw him hesitate.

“I wonder why the princess must invite you.”

She flicked her sleeve and left after dropping that sentence.

“Haha, this little girl has a huge temper.” Wang Teng shook his head, but he didn’t take it to heart.

He glanced at the invitation in his hand before throwing it aside nonchalantly.
No matter what plans Li Rongxue had, it would be in vain if he didn’t turn up.

Wang Teng went back to his room to continue his cultivation.
His ability had increased tremendously, but he still needed to work hard.
There was still a long path ahead of him.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng sat down with Gorlin to have lunch.

Su Lingxuan was staying in the Yang City Academy recently.
Her visits back weren’t that frequent, so there were only the two of them now.
Without Su Lingxuan chattering beside them, the table seemed a little quiet.

“Lord Yang is having a banquet tonight and has invited me.
The other outstanding descendants of the elite families will be following their elders to the banquet too.
Wang Teng, you will follow me later,” Gorlin suddenly said.

Wang Teng was startled.
But, almost immediately, he regained his composure and asked, “Master, I heard that Lord Yang was poisoned and was confined to bed by sickness.
Why is he holding a banquet now?”

“It’s said that his poison is cured.
I think that Lord Yang is holding this banquet to tell those people with ulterior motives that he has recovered,” Gorlin said in a meaningful tone.

“Recovered?” Wang Teng was confused.
The Purple Core Herb was with the Yao family.
How did Li Rongxue make the Purple Core Bone Revitalizing Pill?

Did she manage to get the Purple Core Herb from the Yao family?

Or did she find another Purple Core Herb from elsewhere?

Many thoughts flashed past Wang Teng’s mind, and a smile suddenly rose at the corner of his lips.
He felt that this matter had taken an interesting turn.

“Why do you seem a little shocked?” Gorlin looked at Wang Teng and asked.

“Of course, I am.
I heard that Lord Yang’s poison is very rare.
The Lord Yang Residence went through thick and thin to find an antidote but to no avail.
How did his poison get cured all of a sudden?” Wang Teng smiled as he replied in an ambiguous tone.

“Heavens probably took a pity on him.
Princess Li traveled all around the empire to find a cure for Lord Yang.
She was even willing to pay a high price for the spiritual herbs.
That’s rare,” Gorlin smiled and said.

Wang Teng just let out a smile, not expressing his opinion.
Li Rongxue might be filial, but he didn’t have a good impression of her because she had tried to manipulate him.

But Wang Teng didn’t reject his master.
It shouldn’t be a problem if he was going with Gorlin.

Also, he wanted to take a look at the talents of Yang City.
He had been staying in Yang City for two months, but he hadn’t met all the descendants of the elite families yet.
There might even be unexpected gains from this trip.

At night, the sky had turned entirely black.
However, the Lord Yang Residence was shrouded in lights.
It was as bright as day.

Many people walked in and out of the Lord Yang Residence, and the place was bustling.

When important figures arrived, the servant at the door would announce their arrivals loudly to show respect.

Wang Teng and Gorlin sat in a single-horn horse carriage and came to the Lord Yang Residence together.

The single-horn horse was a star beast.
It had a gentle demeanor with a fast speed, so it got domesticated and became a mode of travel.

However, not many people could use the single-horn horse.
No matter how gentle it was, it was still a star beast, so it wasn’t easy to tame it.
It required a considerable amount of manpower and resources.
Thus, it was expensive.

The single-horn horses Gorlin possessed were gifts from other people.
They were usually left in the stable and would only be used occasionally when there were important events.

Someone immediately came out to welcome them when the horse carriage stopped at the entrance.

Wang Teng jumped down the carriage before helping Gorlin down.

At first, he felt that there was no need to hold Gorlin based on his ability.
But, Gorlin explained that they needed to take care of their image at important events.
They needed to appear noble and respectful.

Su Lingxuan was the one who helped him in the past.
However, she was following her father today, so Wang Teng had to take her place.

The servant’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Gorlin.
He quickly announced loudly, “President Gorlin from the rune society is here!”

“President Gorlin, this way, please.”

A pretty servant came forward and guided them deep into the Lord Yang Residence.

Wang Teng turned around.
Most of the people had to show their invitation before they could enter the residence, yet they were allowed directly.

It was his face!

It was definitely his face!

Master Gorlin’s face was so useful!

Wang Teng glanced at Gorlin’s face with a strange gaze.
He knew that he wasn’t important enough yet.
None of the servants even glanced at him, treating him as though he was invisible.

The entire Lord Yang Residence was filled with gaiety.
It was buzzing with noise and excitement.
Many people were scurrying around the residence, preparing for the banquet.
Guests kept coming, and they greeted the people they knew.

However, they took a different path than them.
Wang Teng and his master were walking in a quiet and peaceful corridor.

Oh my god, this is the VIP passage!

The VIP passage was a quiet shortcut.
Wang Teng and his master arrived at the banquet venue quickly.

Numerous lanterns were hung high around the building, showering light on the flowers and plants around them.
The image was gorgeous, just like a dream.

The moon was bright, and the stars were few.
It was a beautiful night.

The banquet was magnificent.
The host seat was directly in front, and a tall, mighty middle-aged man was sitting there.
There were two rows of guests seats beside him.
The chairs went for a distance.
Many guests were already sitting there, chatting happily.

There were many low platforms in the area.
Musicians played their instruments on the platforms, while ladies wearing shaw dresses danced below.
The pleasant music floated through the entire venue.

“President of the rune society has arrived!”

After the servant in charge of announcing the arrival of the guests suddenly shouted, an elder and a young man walked in.

The eyes of the middle-aged man sitting at the top lit up.
He got up and walked down his seat to welcome Gorlin.

The guests that had arrived turned their heads to take a look.

“Hahaha, President Gorlin, long time no see.”

Lord Yang’s laughter was bright and clear.

“Congratulations on regaining your health.
It has been a while, but you’re still as handsome and energetic as ever.” Gorlin smiled and cupped his fists.

“Hahaha, come, take your seat.”

Lord Yang seemed to be in a good mood.
He pulled Gorlin and walked forward, giving him the first seat to his left.

It went without thinking that the seats closer to Lord Yang would be given to people with the highest position.

Gorlin didn’t reject him either.
He smiled and sat down.
The other people took it as a matter of course too.

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