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“I heard that someone hurt our students in our school, so I came to take a look.” Wan Feipeng looked at Wang Teng.
“I heard that you came with Junior Sister Su.
You must be the one who beat my young brother.”

Wang Teng glanced around him and didn’t reply to him.
Instead, he smiled gently and said, “I saw many heroes of the Yang City Academy today.”

Wan Feipeng frowned.
“Just as Xia Shan said, you are arrogant and impudent!”

“People like you need to be taught a lesson!” Qu Bai’an smiled as he knocked his fan.
He was fair and handsome.

“Sigh, someone like you needs to be beaten up badly,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

The exchange of insults, tit for tat!

“In that case, why don’t we fight and see who will be the one who’s given a lesson? You look confident, so I don’t think you will reject us, right?” Qu Bai’an said.

“You don’t have to coerce me.” Wang Teng smiled.
“I’ll give you a chance.
You can attack me together.
I’ll challenge all of you together just like before.”

Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha were dumbstruck.
One person against all of them?

They exchanged glances with each other.
They suspected if they heard wrong.

“Imbecile, I—” Wan Feipeng’s face turned black as he glared at Wang Teng.

However, before he could finish speaking, Qu Bai’an stopped him.
He said, “Sigh, Brother Wan, since he has this request, let’s satisfy him.”

“Hmph~” Wang Teng sneered and hooked his fingers.

Wan Feipeng and Qu Bai’an felt that they had suffered a massive humiliation because of this contemptuous action.
Even Qu Bai’an, who had managed to maintain his composure all this while, got infuriated.

Wan Feipeng attacked Wang Teng immediately.
He took a big step forward and slashed his battle blade horizontally at Wang Teng.

Bright red blade glows shot out in an instant.

The people around them didn’t expect them to start fighting so suddenly.
They quickly retreated.

As the crimson blade glow flew towards him, Wang Teng held his battle sword with one and threw out a wave of fiery red sword glow.


Along with a huge explosion, a violent airwave spread out.

Suddenly, a figure dashed out from the airwave.
The folded fan opened with a loud sound.
He twirled it skillfully, and rays of green wind blade shot towards Wang Teng.

The person who attacked was Qu Bai’an.

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change when facing this sudden attack.
He tilted his body slightly and evaded the wind blades.
He didn’t move his feet at all.

“He does have some skill.” Qu Bai’an’s gaze turned serious.

Wan Feipeng struck again, throwing a flaming blade glow out.
The glow was powerful, sharp, and scorching, and its might was formidable.

Blade presence!

“Hahaha, Brother Wan’s ability rose again.
I can’t lag behind.” Qu Bai’an laughed out loud.
The green glow on his fan became thicker and congregated into green light blades shaped like a crescent.
There seemed to be violent energy hidden in them.
He flung them out.

“This is… wind presence!”

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.
He was honestly surprised.

Both of them had comprehended their presence!

No wonder they were on the Gifted Ranking.

Two powerful attacks charged towards Wang Teng, one after the other.
He was in a precarious situation.

“Be careful!” Su Lingxuan couldn’t help but remind him.

Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha were worried for Wang Teng too.

The next moment, a stronger aura exploded in Wang Teng’s body.


The earth-rank battle technique and the flaming sword presence erupted at the same time.
It roared up the sky like a fire dragon.


Wan Feipeng and Qu Bai’an’s attacks turned into ashes, and the violent flames engulfed the two of them.
They suffered severe injuries as they vomited blood.

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