Chapter 297: A Sorrowful Past!

After walking out of the Lord Yang Residence, Wang Teng turned around and shook his head.

Li Rongxue acted too smart this time.
If she had made the deal with him straightforwardly, Wang Teng might have agreed if the rewards were suitable.

He had grudges against the Yao family.
He was in the dark now, so he didn’t mind letting them suffer a little more.

But Li Rongxue thought that she was able to control people with her methods and made a fool of herself in the end.

If Wang Teng was an ordinary youngster, he might be grateful towards her and chose to help her this time.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t so naive.
He wouldn’t let anyone control him either.

Speaking about it, the Yao family was like a rock weighing on his heart.
Although it was small, it made him uncomfortable.

Even though Yao Yu was killed by Li Rongxue, he was still the accomplice.
Despite destroying all evidence, the Yao family would notice something as time went by.

Should he annihilate the Yao family or not?

Wang Teng touched his chin as he went back to the back garden of the rune society.
He locked himself in his room and took out the translated version of the Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture.

He wasn’t afraid that Li Rongxue would trick him.
If she really did that, they would become arch enemies.
Based on her style, she wouldn’t do this.

At the same time, he wouldn’t be naive and believe that this Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture was entirely safe.

However, he knew that once he cultivated the Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture once, it would appear on his attributes panel.
At that time, he would know if there was any problem with it.

This was the reason why he was so confident.

Half an hour later, Wang Teng closed the Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture.
His eyes shimmered slightly, and a smile appeared at the corner of his lips uncontrollably.
“It’s an earth-rank low-class Force skill scripture.
What a gain!”

Earth-rank skill scripture! This was his first time seeing an earth-rank skill scripture!

Despite going through it only once, he understood the cultivation method.
This was the benefit of having high enlightenment and talent.

Merging the strength of the moon with the poison Force for cultivation.
The Force cultivated is extremely poisonous and icy.
Its attacking power is strong too.
This is quite unique. Wang Teng thought to himself.
However, he wasn’t in a rush to cultivate.
Instead, he shifted his gaze to the other information.

Before this, he didn’t have much understanding about poison.
Since he wanted to become a qualified poison-element martial warrior, he should do it properly.

The information was quite thorough.
Wang Teng had gotten lucky this time.
Li Rongxue had collected all kinds of knowledge to save her father.
He was just enjoying the fruits of her labor.
This was a rare chance.

As he was looking at the materials, he suddenly stopped flipping the book.

“This…” A glint flashed past his eyes.
He immediately took out the spiritual herb he had found below the swamp, the one that looked like ginseng.
He compared it with the description and picture in the book.

That’s right.
This is the Black Snake Poisonous Ginseng! Wang Teng nodded to himself.

The Black Snake Poisonous Ginseng had many benefits for snake-type poison star beasts.
It could help them with their cultivation and strengthen their bloodline.

Of course, it was beneficial to a normal poison-element martial warrior too.
They could either use it directly or make dan pills to support their cultivation.
It was an amazing spiritual item.

Wang Teng kept the ginseng and continued browsing the book.
He read it from afternoon until evening the next day.
He never left his room other than the times Su Lingxuan came to ask him to eat.

Fortunately, his enlightenment was high, and his comprehension ability wasn’t weak.
If not, he wouldn’t be able to memorize this enormous amount of knowledge.

Even so, after reading all the materials, he still felt his head hurt.

“I shouldn’t work so hard next time.
My head is about to explode.” Wang Teng shook his head with a bitter smile.
Then, he looked at his attributes panel.

When he scanned the board, an exclamation escaped his mouth.

His gaze landed on the secondary job row.

“Poison Master? This is a job?” Wang Teng was startled.
This change was unexpected.

Poison Master: Beginner stage (12/100)

Wang Teng looked at the poor stats.
He gritted his teeth and spent 600 blank attributes to raise it to the advanced stage.

Poison Master: Advanced stage (12/1000)

The poison knowledge flowed into his mind as though he had been reading them for many years.
He instantly became a poison expert.

“This feeling is good.
If Poison Master wasn’t so rare, I wouldn’t have needed to waste my blank attributes to raise it.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He still felt a little heartache.
After all, it wasn’t easy to accumulate blank attributes.

“Since I’ve already mastered it, it’s time to start practicing the poison scripture.”

It was late at night, but Wang Teng still went out secretly.

The poison Force would only exist in special areas, and Wang Teng only knew of one such place.

It was the lair of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.

Wang Teng executed his fastest speed and landed from the air half an hour later.

There was a swamp in front of him.
Before he reached this place, he had already checked the environment using the Spirit Flame Ghost Crow’s vision.
He didn’t notice any signs of other human beings.

Yao Yu and his subordinates had died here.
It was better to be careful.

When Wang Teng came to the swamp, he jumped in without any hesitation, going right to the deepest portion.

After the king of this place was killed, many poisonous creatures had started to get restless.
They killed each other to fight for the empty throne.

Unfortunately, they weren’t as lucky as the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.
After losing the Black Snake Poisonous Ginseng, it was extremely hard for them to become advanced-rank star beasts.

Thus, this swamp might be without a leader for a long time.

These poisonous creatures slaughtered one another, so the poison in this swamp got stronger.
The poison Force in this area got thicker too.

Wang Teng sat down at the bottom of the swamp and started using the cultivation method on the Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture to suck the poison Force around him.

One could see a small whirlpool forming with Wang Teng in the center.
The water spiraled, and wisps of poison Force started congregating around him.
At the same time, the moonlight shining on the swamp got pulled inside.

On the surface, the swamp was calm.
Nothing amiss could be seen.

For the next few days, Wang Teng would cultivate in the swamp every night.
His poison Force rose furiously.

One night, he finished his cultivation and looked at the attributes panel in satisfaction.

Poison Force: 151/1000 (3-star)

He had successfully reached 3-star soldier level for his poison Force.
If he executed his poison Force now, the effects would be much stronger.

Before he climbed out from the swamp, he used his Spirit Flame Ghost Crow’s vision to observe the situation outside.

He had been prudent these past few days.
He would observe his surroundings before leaving to prevent an ambush.

He hadn’t seen anyone coming here recently, so he was just observing out of habit.
But, unexpectedly, he saw someone lurking suspiciously nearby.

It’s him.
That fellow is called… You Jingfu! Wang Teng’s eyes lit up, and he smiled.

This was the man beside Yao Yu at that time.
He noticed that things weren’t right, so he ran away quickly.
Hence, Wang Teng and Li Rongxue didn’t have the time to stop him.
However, he stepped willingly into the trap today.

Why did this fellow come here at this time? Wang Teng thought to himself curiously.

No one knew that You Jingfu was actually a poison-element martial warrior.
Oh, not yet.
Now, he was just a person with poison talent.

Undoubtedly, this was a sad story.

He had poison Force, but he couldn’t find a poison Force skill scripture.
He didn’t have any elders wanting him to be their disciples, so he idled away half his life and still didn’t become a poison-element martial warrior.

However, it was a total waste of time.
He struggled and gradually started learning about poison.
He became a poison master.

Some time ago, he got to know Yao Yu through some methods and helped him scheme against Li Rongxue.
He wanted to get the poison Force skill scriptures Li Rongxue had collected.

But, in the end, Wang Teng destroyed his plan.
He wouldn’t be able to get the poison scriptures anymore.
He even hid for many days because he didn’t dare to let Li Rongxue and the Yao family find him.

He knew that both of them wouldn’t let him go.

But, if he were to leave Yang City like this, he felt unwilling.

He hid for many days before finally choosing to come to this swamp today.
He knew that the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python was killed, so this place wasn’t dangerous anymore.
He guessed that there must be spiritual herbs in the lair of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.
It might be the item he was looking for.

“I hope that Li Rongxue and the young man haven’t found it.”

You Jingfu hoped for the best and came to the edge of the swamp.
He swallowed a pill and applied some dark green ointment to his body.

Then, he took out a translucent airbag and wrapped it around his head.
It looked like an airtight helmet.

“Ancestors, please bless me.” After doing all the preparations, he took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and jumped into the swamp.

You Jingfu was a poison master and was able to enter the depth of the swamp, but the difficulties inside caused him many sufferings.
He took much effort to reach the bottom of the swamp.

The image below was a little blurry.
He only saw everything clearly when he was close by.
He saw a human figure in front of him.

You Jingfu shuddered immediately.
His face turned pale in fright, and his soul almost left his body.

“You, you!”

He didn’t expect someone to be in this swamp.
Even more, it was the devilish young man who had spoiled his plan.

However, You Jingfu was incredibly sly.
As soon as he noticed something amiss, he turned around and wanted to escape.

But, with his speed, he wasn’t able to run away from Wang Teng.

“Why are you running?” Wang Teng moved his body and appeared not far in front of You Jingfu.
He blocked his path.

“Are you a human or a ghost?” You Jingfu asked in fear.
Although he didn’t have poison Force, he still had the translucent helmet on his head.
He was able to breathe and make sounds.

“Of course, I’m a human.” Wang Teng sized up his appearance with interest.
He smiled, revealing his frightening, white teeth.
“What are you doing here?”

When You Jingfu looked at his harmless expression, his heart trembled.
He knew that he couldn’t escape, so he smiled in embarrassment and replied honestly, “Nothing.
I just wanted to see if I could get lucky.”

“You must be looking for this, right?” Wang Teng took out the poison ginseng and said with a smile.

You Jingfu felt bitter in his heart.
Fine, he had no chance now.

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