Chapter 295: Unexpected Gain

The sky was almost entirely bright by the time he returned to the rune society.

Besides Gorlin, no one in the entire rune society knew what he went to do at night.
In fact, even Gorlin would never be able to imagine what Wang Teng had experienced tonight.

Wang Teng went back to his room and closed the door.
He rubbed his hands with an excited expression.
He had decided to count his gains.

First, he took out Yao Yu’s space ring.
The spiritual mark on it had disappeared, so he was able to push his spiritual power into the space ring easily.
He scanned all the items inside.

There were some clothes and daily necessities.
He didn’t take much notice of these items.
He disregarded them and placed his attention on a small bag.

He took it out to study it further.

It was an entire bag of crystal-clear energy stones.

“These are yellow-rank energy stones!”

Wang Teng took an energy stone and placed it on his palm, feeling the intensity of the Force inside.
It was definitely not a yellow-rank low-class energy stone.

Based on the standard of measurement he knew, he immediately determined that this was a yellow-rank middle-class energy stone.

From what he knew, energy stones could be segregated into four ranks: sky, earth, dark, yellow.
Every rank would be further classified into low, middle, and high classes.

The exchange rate for low-class energy stones and middle-class energy stones was 100:1.
This ratio was the same for high-class energy stones and middle-class energy stones.

Wang Teng roughly counted the energy stones.
There were more than 200 of them.
This was equal to more than 20 thousand low-class energy stones.

He’s really wealthy. Wang Teng happily weighed the stones before keeping them.

Other than this, there was Yao Yu’s long blade.

Before this, Wang Teng and Li Rongxue had destroyed his corpse, so this long blade naturally became Wang Teng’s spoil of war.

Wang Teng scrutinized it in his hand.
He was elated.
“This is a good blade!”

This long blade was a 5-star soldier-level weapon.
It was at least worth a few hundred million.
Wang Teng was already in love with it.
He lacked a high-class blade weapon, so this would help him fill the blank.

Unfortunately, no blade presence attributes were dropped.
It would be perfect if that happened.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He continued searching for treasures in the space ring.
Suddenly, two scrolls attracted his attention.

He took them out and realized that one of them was the Force skill scripture he had received earlier—Geng Gold Scripture!

Since he had already gotten the Geng Gold Scripture attribute bubble, this scroll was useless to him.
He threw it back into the space ring casually.

This was how stubborn a man who could pick up attributes was!

If other people saw this, they would turn green with envy.

Wang Teng looked at the second scroll.
A few huge words entered his vision—Golden Rainbow Blade Skill.

This was a dark-level high-class battle technique.

Wang Teng smiled.
This was an unexpected surprise.
He flipped through it casually before keeping it.
He decided to practice it properly when he had the time.

Wang Teng continued rifling through the space ring.
He found some healing and cultivation pills.
They were worth some money too.

As expected, a man could not be rich without a windfall.

Wang Teng lamented in his heart.
He kept the space ring and took out the corpse of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.

The next moment, he was stunned.

When the corpse of the giant python lay horizontally in his room, it almost filled up the entire space.

Wang Teng could only stand on the ice-cold corpse and squat down.
He instilled his Force into the corpse and scanned it inch by inch.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

A few moments later, Wang Teng took out three items from the corpse.

They were a dark green snake’s gallbladder, a pitch-black round star core, and a shining black star bone!

Wang Teng wanted to laugh out loud.

He was so lucky this time!

Three extremely expensive items dropped from this python.

The star core and the star bone were both valuable and rare items.

Also, they belonged to a rare poison-element star beast.
This made them even harder to come by.

If he sent them for auction, they could fetch a sky-high price for sure.

However, Wang Teng felt that it wasn’t a good idea to auction it off.
One had to rely on luck to get this treasure, so selling it would be a waste.
The best option was to use it himself.

He could forge weapons with the star bone and use the star core for cultivation.
They were good items for poison-element martial warriors.

As for the snake’s gallbladder, it was a treasure for an alchemist.
This was a hard-to-find ingredient for alchemists who wanted to make special dan medicine.

Wang Teng took out a jade bottle to store the gallbladder.
He carved some runes on the bottle to seal the Force inside properly and ensure the medicinal effects wouldn’t disappear.

He didn’t forget the cockscomb.
Li Rongxue had taken so much effort to find it, so it must have its uses.

Although it looked a little unorthodox, it might be useful one day.

He used a jade bottle to keep it.

The scales and the meat of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python were good stuff too.
But, compared to the other treasures, they were lower in value.
Wang Teng didn’t dissect them individually.
He kept the entire corpse back in the space ring.

He heaved a huge sigh before falling asleep happily.

He slept for around ten hours until Su Lingxuan called him for lunch.

“Senior brother, you are so lazy.
Why are you sleeping during the day? Master is so biased.
He stopped me from waking you up.” Su Lingxuan pouted on the dining table.
She was a little jealous.

“Well, you are not as talented as me!” Wang Teng replied casually while eating his food.

Gorlin knew what Wang Teng went out to do yesterday night, so he allowed him to sleep until now.
But he didn’t explain much.
Instead, he laughed and said, “Lingxuan, Wang Teng has been learning faster than you recently.
You need to buck up.”

“Hmph, that’s because I wasn’t serious.
I won’t be slower than him if I’m serious.” Su Lingxuan snorted.
However, deep down inside, she wasn’t confident in her statement. Who wants to be compared to this monster? She complained silently.

After lunch, Wang Teng and Su Lingxuan finished the lessons they were supposed to take in the morning.
Gorlin then released them so that they could do whatever they wanted.

Wang Teng planned to go out.
At that moment, one of the staff in the rune society told him that someone was looking for him.

“Looking for me?” He came to the lobby of the rune society and saw an unfamiliar pretty young lady.

The pretty young lady sized up Wang Teng and asked, “Are you Wang Teng?”

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

“I’m the princess’s servant.
She asked me to send this to you.” The pretty young lady passed a space ring to Wang Teng after she finished speaking.

“Indeed!” Wang Teng had expected this.
He nodded and took the ring.

“Our princess says that you’re extremely stingy, and that makes her unhappy.
Hence, she wants me to bring back the space ring after you take the things inside.” The pretty young lady seemed to be trying her best to hold back her laughter as she maintained her serious tone.

Wang Teng was speechless.
He took the item inside and passed the space ring back to the young lady.
Then, he said sternly, “Tell your princess that I’ll teach her what stingy really means when I see her again.”

“Pfft!” The pretty young lady wasn’t afraid.
Instead, she burst out laughing.
She didn’t reply to Wang Teng.
She turned around and left with a mesmerizing back view.

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