The crowd exchanged glances with one another.
No one knew what was happening in the forest.

Li Rongcheng stepped out at this moment and said to Zhou Baiyun, “I will go and take a look.”

“Alright! Be careful,” Zhou Baiyun nodded and replied.

Li Rongcheng smiled.
He ran into the forest in front and disappeared into the darkness.

“Li Rongcheng is an advanced stage martial disciple, right? In a situation like this, only people who practiced martial arts are useful,” a rich second generation said in envy.

Wang Teng looked at the pitch-black night sky.
He hesitated for a moment before saying to Xu Jie and his friends, “Wait here.
Don’t run around.
I will go and take a look.”

“Brother Wang Teng, be careful,” Bai Wei said worriedly.

Wang Teng nodded.

He stepped on the ground, and his body shot up abruptly.
Tapping his toes on the branches lightly, Wang Teng flew onto the crown of a massive tree like a bird.

Everyone exclaimed in surprise.
They didn’t expect the ordinary-looking Wang Teng to be a martial disciple too.
Also, looking at his ability, he wasn’t weaker than Li Rongcheng.


Indeed, he was an advanced stage martial disciple!

Furthermore, judging from his skill, he was more powerful than Li Rongcheng.

A glimpse flashed past Zhou Baiyun’s eyes as she stared at the figure standing on the crown of the huge tree.

Wang Teng gazed into the distance and identified the direction.
He then exerted force on his legs and unleashed his monstrous strength within a split second.


When he tapped his toes on the crown, the entire thing exploded, and wood splinters and leaves scattered down from the sky.

Wang Teng’s figure had already shot out like an arrow released from the bow.
He slashed through the night sky and used the numerous trees to move quickly through the forest in mid-air.

The bunch of rich second generations and children of officials were dazzled by Wang Teng.
Was this the true ability of an advanced stage martial disciple?

If Li Rongcheng saw this scene, he would denounce Wang Teng for acting in public again.

To hell with advanced stage martial disciples!

This wasn’t martial arts!

Which advanced stage martial disciple had his kind of ability? If all the advanced stage martial disciples were as powerful as him, the city would be filled with martial disciples jumping on roofs and climbing up walls.

Not long after Wang Teng left, Li Rongcheng came back.

“Did you discover anything?” Zhou Baiyun walked forward and asked.

Li Rongcheng shook his head.
“The sound came from somewhere extremely far away.
I’ve checked all the areas in the vicinity.
I didn’t notice anything unusual.”


The moment he finished speaking, another loud explosion shook the eardrums of the crowd.

The atmosphere turned awkward for a second.

Li Rongcheng felt embarrassed.

Xu Jie and his friends snorted without any qualms.
They didn’t show any intention of hiding their peals of laughter.
It made Li Rongcheng even more furious.

“What are you laughing at! Hey, where is Wang Teng?” He suddenly noticed that Wang Teng had disappeared.

“After you left, Wang Teng went to take a look,” Zhou Baiyun said.

Li Rongcheng’s expression turned uglier.

What the f**k!

Why is this fellow interfering with everything!

“Let’s wait for a while longer.
Maybe Wang Teng will bring some information back,” one of the rich second generations suggested.

“Alright, let’s wait for a while.” Zhou Baiyun nodded.

Wang Teng flew through the forest.
He would tap his feet on the crowns of the trees every time before leaping forward.

Honestly, ordinary advanced stage martial disciples weren’t as powerful as him.

The crown of a tree was delicate.
If you exerted too much force, you would fall.
Conversely, if your strength wasn’t enough, you wouldn’t be able to gain the momentum to leap forward.

Normal advanced stage martial disciples didn’t have his strength nor his outstanding body control.
Hence, they couldn’t astonish the crowd with a dazzling performance like Wang Teng.

After some time, Wang Teng stopped.
He jumped down from the tree and landed on the ground lightly.

“It should be around here.”

Wang Teng scanned the darkness around him.
He had noticed something amiss.

“There was a fight here a moment ago.
The explosion was so loud.
Could it be martial warriors?”

Wang Teng had a sudden thought, scaring himself.

“If it was really martial warriors, it’s better for me to stay here.”

Just as Wang Teng wisely decided to retreat, he hesitated in his tracks.

“But, martial warriors will drop attribute bubbles when they fight, right? What if there’s something I need?”

He froze on the spot.
In his mind, the voice on the right was warning him that curiosity killed the cat.
But, the voice on the left was enticing him—great success came with great risk!


“Why don’t I take a look first? If the situation isn’t right, I will run away immediately.”

In the end, Wang Teng convinced himself and carefully explored the forest.
He was unusually nervous.

He walked forward for another ten meters.
Fallen trees could be seen all around him.
The tree branches were shattered with burnt marks on them.

There were also a few holes on the ground.

Half of the deep holes’ edges were burnt, while the other half was covered with ice shards.

“This…” Wang Teng opened his mouth.
He was astounded.
Was this the power of a martial warrior?

He took a few steps forward, and his gaze froze.


There was a figure lying on the ground.
It seemed to be dead.

A few attribute bubbles were floating beside the figure.

Wang Teng went wild with joy.
However, just as the feeling appeared in his heart, he felt a sense of fear surging throughout his body.
It completely drowned his happiness.

In an instant, Wang Teng’s head turned numb, and goosebumps started appearing on his body.

He felt a sharp pain somewhere on his back.
Without thinking, Wang Teng executed his mastery stage footwork to its maximum speed.

He didn’t have the time to dodge to the side, so he could only tilt his body slightly…


The glint from a sword cut through the air beside Wang Teng’s body.
His clothes were cut open, and his skin got pierced.

A dash of fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Fortunately, it was only an external injury.
However, Wang Teng didn’t dare to relax at all.
The danger was still lingering closely around him.

Almost at the same time when he evaded the attack, he shook his hand, and a small-sized rune gun appeared in his hand.
He fired multiple shots in the direction where the glint of the sword came from.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Wang Teng only stopped shooting after he emptied the gun.

He then dashed behind a tree and used it as cover.
Wang Teng was panting as his heart threatened to jump out of his chest.
He could feel death caressing his back just now.

Who is it?

Who on earth is it?

Why does he want to kill me?

The forest was eerily quiet.
Besides the leaves rustling in the wind, no other sounds could be heard.

Wang Teng waited for a few minutes before he stuck his head out slightly and looked in the direction where the sword had come from.

A black figure was leaning against a tree without moving.
There were a few bubbles floating beside this figure.

The faint glow from the bubbles allowed Wang Teng to barely make out the figure.
He seemed to be dead!

Did I kill him?

Could it be that he isn’t a martial warrior?

Wang Teng was filled with curiosity.
In the end, he couldn’t hold it in and walked over.
However, he still had basic vigilance.
Wang Teng shifted his energy to his fists and got prepared to fight at any moment.

However, when he neared the figure, he discovered that the person was really dead.

There was one headshot and a few more shots at his organs.
If this person wasn’t dead, he wasn’t human.


Wang Teng instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

He touched his waist before looking at his hand.
It was covered with blood. I’m so lucky! I almost died!

Is the martial warrior world really so dangerous? Do they kill people whenever they want?

Wang Teng was puzzled as he studied the corpse’s face.
This person didn’t die in peace.
There were still remnants of disbelief and the fear of imminent death on his face.

Maybe he didn’t expect to die in my hands!

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the bubbles dropped beside this person.

He picked them up!

Red Flame Scripture

Beginner stage fire talent

Fire Force*2

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