Chapter 287: Finish This Bottle Of Chilli And You’re Still My Smart And Cute Junior Sister

“What will you do?” Wang Teng taunted her.

Su Lingxuan glared at him.
Suddenly, she saw a bottle of chili on the table.
She said, “I will… I will eat this bottle of chili.”

“You said it.
Master will bear witness!” Wang Teng hurriedly blocked her path of retreat.

Su Lingxuan was flabbergasted.

“You guys!” Gorlin burst out laughing.

After dinner, they went to the study.

There were runes and rune pens placed on the table.
Wang Teng picked up a rune pen and started contemplating.

“You can’t draw it, right?” Su Lingxuan teased him.
“Senior Brother, if you don’t know how to do it, you can just admit it.
There’s no point in being stubborn at this point.”

“Alright, Lingxuan, give Wang Teng some time to think.
Don’t disturb him.” Gorlin was much more patient than her.
He stood at the side and spoke to Su Lingxuan calmly.

Wang Teng glanced at Su Lingxuan.
He knew what to draw, but he needed to decide how much he should reveal to them so that they wouldn’t be dumbstruck.
It would be a little too astonishing if he drew the complete rune.

What would happen after the morph rune appeared?

He wasn’t worried.
Morph talent and morph rune were two different concepts.
No matter how strong the morph rune was, it couldn’t be compared to the morph talent.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything, his expression unchanged even when Su Lingxuan teased him.
After contemplating, he started drawing with his rune pen.
Soon, a few outlines of runes appeared on the paper.

“What are you drawing!”

Su Lingxuan didn’t understand the drawings at all.
Just when she was about to mock him, she heard Gorlin’s surprised voice.

“This is…”

Her expression changed slightly.
When she saw Gorlin’s pondering face, her heart dropped.
“No way?”

Su Lingxuan kept quiet instantly.
She turned to look at Wang Teng and saw him giving her a sinister smile.
A bad feeling crept up her heart.

She bit her lips, glaring at him without backing down.

She didn’t care if she was right.
She must not lose in terms of stance!

Gorlin got more and more enchanted by the runes on the table.
In the end, he pushed Wang Teng away and leaned closer to study them.
He kept exclaiming, “Interesting, interesting, I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

After some time, he lifted his head and looked at Wang Teng with appreciating eyes.

“I didn’t expect you to get this result.
It’s not perfect, but if we continue researching, we will be able to patch the flaws,” he said.

“You taught me well.” Wang Teng chuckled as he curried favor with his master.

“Haha, I only taught you for one day.
It has nothing to do with me.
It’s your innate talent.” Gorlin was caught between laughter and tears.

“Master, will these outlines be beneficial for your research?” Wang Teng asked.

“Yes, they will help a lot.
I did gain some inspirations, but this is your work.
I will not steal it.
You should continue the research.
It will help you greatly in your rune studies,” Gorlin said.

Wang Teng was speechless.

This wasn’t how the script should go.

He planned to give Gorlin some inspiration.
With Gorlin’s attainments, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to come up with the morph rune.
That would save him much trouble.

But, Gorlin wanted to stop his research altogether.

Master, do you have to be so righteous?

Wang Teng didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.
He found an excuse and said, “Master, why don’t you continue the research? My attainments in rune study aren’t high, so I will have to spend a lot of time if I want to go in-depth.
This isn’t a good thing for me.”

Gorlin was startled as he looked at Wang Teng.
He pondered for a long time before he replied, “How about this? I will continue my research.
If you’re interested, you can find time to do your own experiments.
We will verify our results with each other and perfect the rune together.”

Wang Teng didn’t reject him anymore.
He nodded and said, “Okay, we will do it this way.”

Su Lingxuan was thunderstruck.
Wang Teng really managed to come up with the morph rune!

Although it was just an outline, it was an impressive discovery.

Mind you, Gorlin didn’t manage to find anything after researching for a long time.
Wang Teng only studied it for a day, yet he achieved astonishing results.
It felt incredible just thinking about it.

If it stopped at that, it would still be fine.
However, Master Gorlin even wanted Wang Teng to carry on the research with him and verify their results.
He had already placed Wang Teng in the same position as him!

This treatment made her extremely jealous.

“Junior Sister, what did you say just now?” Wang Teng looked at Su Lingxuan with an evil gaze.
His sly voice pulled her out of her thoughts.
“If I have any findings, you will eat that bottle of chili, right?”

“Ha, haha….” Su Lingxuan’s face was tense.
She immediately gave an awkward and rhythmic laugh before saying in embarrassment, “I think that there might be some misunderstanding.
Senior Brother, listen to me.”

“Before I listen, please eat that bottle of chili,” Wang Teng said mercilessly.
He took out the bottle of chili and pushed it in front of Su Lingxuan.

“You, you!” Su Lingxuan was stunned.
“When did you take it?”

“When you said you wanted to eat it, I brought it along.” Wang Teng sniggered.

Su Lingxuan felt so frustrated that she wanted to vomit blood.
She glared at Wang Teng.
“You’re a scheming man!”

Wang Teng: …

You were the one who wanted to eat it.
Why are you calling me a scheming man now?

“You asked for it.
Who can you blame now?” Wang Teng said with a cold smile.

“Master…” Su Lingxuan didn’t know what to do.
She could only turn and plead for Gorlin’s help.
She looked at him pitifully and begged him in a sorrowful tone.

“Hahaha, this matter is between the two of you.
Don’t look for me.” Gorlin found it interesting too.
He laughed loudly and turned to leave.

“Ah, Master, don’t leave.
Save me!” Su Lingxuan wanted to run away, but Wang Teng stopped her.
“Are you trying to escape?”

When Su Lingxuan saw Wang Teng blocking the door, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to leave if he didn’t move.
Her pupils started twirling furiously.
She called out sweetly, “Senior—”

“Stop, stop!” Wang Teng felt his head turning numb from her greeting.
Goosebumps appeared all over his body.
He stopped her hurriedly before she could finish and said, “I’ll give you a chance.
You can either eat this bottle of chili or help me wash my smelly socks.

“What? You want your smart and cute junior sister to wash your smelly socks? You are so… ruthless!” Su Lingxuan widened her eyes and questioned him as if she had heard something astonishing.

“Bang!” Wang Teng slammed the bottle of chili on the table.
“If you don’t want to, forget it.
Finish this bottle of chili and you’re still my smart and cute junior sister.”

(⊙_⊙;) Su Lingxuan felt that the person in front of her was a devil with horns.
She regretted it.
She regretted seeking death.

“Junior Sister, It’s just a bottle of chili.
You won’t die if you eat it.” Wang Teng consoled her.

However, it had the opposite effect.
Su Lingxuan couldn’t hold back anymore.

She pouted, and tears started flowing down her face.

This was Wang Teng’s expression:


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