Chapter 281: Your Request Is Too Much.

“Your acting is good.” Wang Teng scoffed.

Liu Xinghui covered his face and said, “You must have misunderstood me.”

Wang Teng turned to look at Wan Feiyu.
He asked, “He didn’t tell you what happened during the exam, right?”

Wan Feiyu instinctively gave a fawning smile when he saw Wang Teng looking at him.
However, after hearing his words, he got suspicious.
He replied, “He only told me that you passed the beginner-stage runemaster exam.”

“Wang Teng didn’t just pass the beginner-stage runemaster exam.
He also passed the intermediate-stage runemaster exam.
My master saw potential in him and wanted to take him in as his disciple.
Liu Xinghui was at the scene too.
He knows about it,” Su Lingxuan opened her mouth and said.
She cast a meaningful glance at Liu Xinghui.

“You passed the intermediate-stage runemaster exam and President Gorlin wants to take you in as a disciple?!” Wan Feiyu’s expression turned ugly.

If Wang Teng had only passed the beginner-stage runemaster exam at his age, he was a talent.
However, if he became an intermediate-stage runemaster, he shouldn’t be underestimated.
He might become a master-level character like Gorlin in the future.

Also, if the president of the rune society took Wang Teng as his disciple, his status would be wholly different.

Wan Feiyu wouldn’t have provoked Wang Teng if he knew this.

“Oh right, my master has already accepted Wang Teng as his disciple!” Su Lingxuan knew what he was thinking, so she added fuel to the fire.

Wan Feiyu’s face turned green with anger.
He glared at Liu Xinghui furiously.
“Good, good, Liu Xinghui, you are amazing!”

“Sigh.” Liu Xinghui sighed.
He shook his head and crawled up from the ground.
After patting the dust off his body, he smiled.
“I did scheme against you, but you can only blame yourself.
You got jealous when you saw Su Lingxuan walking with him, so you wanted to hurt him.
You brought this upon yourself.”

“Despicable!” Wan Feiyu gritted his teeth and cursed.

The others were shocked.
They all looked at Liu Xinghui, who seemed to have turned into a different person.
Their gazes were filled with contempt.

“You’re really shameless.” Wang Teng clapped his hands and laughed.
“Do you admit that you schemed against me?”

“So? You want to beat me up, but you won’t dare to kill me.
Only an idiot like Wan Feiyu will get intimidated by you,” Liu Xinghui said confidently.

He looked at Wang Teng and Su Lingxuan with a sinister gaze.
These two people had put him in a tough spot today.
He would make them pay in the future.

“You!” Wan Feiyu was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

“You’re right.
I don’t dare to kill you,” Wang Teng nodded and said.

“Hmph!” Liu Xinghui snorted.

“But, I can hit you until you are almost dead!” Wang Teng laughed out loud.

“You can try!” Liu Xinghui said coldly.

“Your request is too much.” Wang Teng shook his head.

The next second, he launched his attack.

Liu Xinghui was a runemaster, so his martial arts cultivation wasn’t that high.
He only saw something flashing past his eyes, and then he was thrown into the air again.


He landed forcefully on the ground.
This time, the other side of his face got swollen.
Two more teeth fell out from his mouth, along with fresh blood.

He truly looked like a pig’s head now.

Wan Feiyu felt a little delighted when he saw this scene.
How dare Liu Xinghui play him? He deserved to be in this state.

But, this Wang Teng is really courageous.
Isn’t he afraid of the Wan and Liu families’ revenge?

He had offended two families at once.
He wouldn’t be able to get off scot-free even if he was President Gorlin’s disciple.

Wan Feiyu’s eyes shimmered.
He knew that Liu Xinghui was the reason behind his humiliation, but Wang Teng was the one who broke his arm and leg.
He had even extorted more than ten thousand Force stones from him.
This was an undeniable truth.
He couldn’t swallow this insult.

Liu Xinghui looked up slowly and glared at Wang Teng.
His eyes were filled with bitterness and hatred.

“I love tough cookies.
They are more fun to break than weaklings who back down after a single punch.
They aren’t fun at all.” Wang Teng smiled as he walked towards Liu Xinghui.

Wan Feiyu felt frustrated.

Was he calling him a weakling?

He got humiliated without doing anything!

At that moment, a gold brick appeared in Wang Teng’s hand.

Liu Xinghui’s expression finally underwent a change.

The others were stunned.
Where did this brick come from?

Wang Teng arrived in front of Liu Xinghui in a few steps.
Liu Xinghui wanted to dodge, but Wang Teng pressed his head down and started hammering him mercilessly with the brick.

Bang, bang, bang!

Low thuds stunned the crowd.

Every single sound represented a hit on Liu Xinghui’s body.
It was painful just listening to it.

The muscles on Wan Feiyu’s face twitched.
Suddenly, he felt fortunate that he had pleaded for mercy in time.
If not, he would have been treated inhumanely, too, right?

Su Lingxuan’s eyes were glistening as she stared at the brick.

Wang Teng gradually came to a stop.
He let out a deep breath and said, “This feels good!”

When Liu Xinghui heard his comment, he stumbled and rolled his eyes.
His entire face was distorted.
It was swollen like a basketball… Only a martial warrior could handle this kind of beating.

“You haven’t fainted yet? You are a tough person!” Wang Teng smashed the brick at him again when he noticed that he was stumbling but didn’t fall.


Liu Xinghui’s eyes rolled back in their sockets, and he finally collapsed.

Wang Teng scanned his surroundings.
There were multiple attribute bubbles on the ground, all belonging to Liu Xinghui.





He picked them up.

Liu Xinghui is a runemaster, but he dropped many attributes. Wang Teng wondered to himself.

Liu Xinghui had dropped a total of 36 spirit attributes.
It was higher than a normal person.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (75.3/100)

He picked up another 20 points of enlightenment.
The amount was sizable.
Liu Xinghui was indeed a genius.
His enlightenment was quite high.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (56/100)

After a period of accumulation, Wang Teng’s enlightenment attribute had reached its halfway mark.
As his enlightenment climbed higher, his cultivation talent would get better and better.

Wang Teng ignored Liu Xinghui, who was lying on the ground like a corpse.

Wan Feiyu and his friends shrunk back when they met Wang Teng’s gaze.
They looked like rats that had met a cat.

Don’t let me see you again in the future,” Wang Teng said.

Wan Feiyu didn’t dare to say anything.
He left hurriedly with the help of his friends.

As for Liu Xinghui, no one cared about him.

“Let’s go back,” Wang Teng said to Su Lingxuan.

“Okay.” Su Lingxuan nodded.
They walked towards the rune society.
Along the way, she said, “You’ve offended them, you know.
They won’t let you go so easily.”

“Tell me about the two families,” Wang Teng said.

“The Wan family is an old and well-known martial arts family.
Their business covers the entire Yang City, and they are very powerful.
Wan Feiyu is the third son of the Wan family’s head.
He has an elder brother and an elder sister.
Their talent and ability are much higher than his.
The elders of the Wan family might not act, but you still have to be careful about his siblings.
As for the Liu family…” Su Lingxuan started explaining the details to Wang Teng.

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