Chapter 276: Pass The Intermediate Stage Runemaster Exam

“You want to take part in the intermediate-stage runemaster exam?”

Gorlin and the three examiners stared at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

Su Lingxuan, who was standing behind Gorlin, also stared at Wang Teng with wide eyes.
Her jaws dropped slightly.
She thought that she had heard wrong.

In the room, everyone’s gaze was focused on Wang Teng.
They were already amazed when he aced the beginner-stage runemaster exam with full marks.
They were stunned by his talent.
Yet, he still wanted to take the intermediate-stage runemaster exam.
How should they explain his talent now?

Everyone turned speechless in unplanned unison.
There was pin-drop silence in the exam room for a moment.

This brat! Liu Xinghui looked at Wang Teng, who had become the spotlight in the room.
His eyes were burning with the flames of jealousy.

In the past, this treatment belonged to him.
That guy had snatched it away from him.

On the other side, Su Lingyun wasn’t envious of Wang Teng.
Her point of conflict was Su Lingxuan.
She looked at Wang Teng’s angular face, and a glint flashed past her eyes.

If he passed the intermediate-stage runemaster exam…

Where did this fellow come from, though? If he really passed the intermediate-stage runemaster exam, he would be a devil in human skin! Everyone regained their senses and looked at Wang Teng as though he was a monster.
They smiled bitterly.

“Don’t underestimate the intermediate-stage runemaster exam.
Not only do you need to create 2-star rune arrays, but you must also possess 2-star Force and mortal realm spiritual power,” Su Lingxuan couldn’t help but reminded him.

“2-star Force and mortal realm spiritual power…” Wang Teng glanced at the young lady.

2-star Force was what the people on the Xingwu Continent called it.
It meant 2-star soldier level.

As for the mortal realm, that was the stage before the spiritual realm.
Typically, a person’s spiritual power stopped at the mortal realm.
However, Wang Teng had already reached the spiritual realm, one step higher.
He had ticked all the boxes for his advancement.

If Su Lingxuan knew his real power, what would she think?

“If I can, I still want to try,” Wang Teng said.

Gorlin regained his composure and gave Wang Teng a meaningful look.
He said, “Are you sure you want to take the intermediate-stage runemaster exam?”

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

The three examiners walked over.
Their expressions turned serious when they heard that Wang Teng still wanted to take the exam.

“Young man, this isn’t a joke,” the goblin examiner said.

If Wang Teng passed the intermediate-stage runemaster exam at this age, they could only describe his talent as monstrous.
In the entire rune industry of the empire, no one as impressive as him had appeared in the last few hundred years.

“You don’t have to be so serious.
It’s just an exam.
There are intermediate-stage runemaster exams in the rune society every day, right? There must be many people taking part in it.
Adding me inside won’t make a difference.
If it’s not possible, forget it.” Wang Teng felt speechless by their nagging.

“Of course you can, why can’t you? Hurry up and prepare for the exam,” Gorlin said immediately.
If they stopped Wang Teng only to realize that he was indeed an intermediate-stage runemaster, it would be a massive loss for the Yang City rune society.

There were rune societies in all the cities in the empire.
Although they came from the same background, competition still existed between them.
If an unprecedented talent appeared in Yang City, it would only spell more benefits for them.

The three examiners reacted quickly.

Just like what Wang Teng said, it was merely an exam.
Many people took the exam every day, so what difference would Wang Teng make?

His results would explain everything.

The three examiners personally brought Wang Teng to another room with Gorlin.
The words ‘intermediate-stage runemaster exam’ were written on the door of the room.

There were even fewer people in the intermediate-stage runemaster’s exam hall.
You could count them with your fingers.
When the examiner inside saw Gorlin walking in with Wang Teng, he was surprised.
He got up and said, “President, why are you here?”

“I brought someone to take part in the intermediate-stage runemaster exam,” Gorlin replied.

“Oh, who is it? Why do you have to send him over personally?” There were three examiners for the intermediate-stage runemaster exam too.
They were startled when they heard Gorlin’s reply.

They knew that Gorlin’s disciple, Su Lingxuan, was at most a beginner-stage runemaster.
They were also familiar with her, so they noticed that she wasn’t present.
Instead, they saw Wang Teng, who was standing behind Gorlin.
They were confused.

“It’s him.” Gorlin tilted his body to reveal Wang Teng.
He glanced around him and said, “Has your exam started?”

“He’s joining the intermediate-stage runemaster exam at such a young age?” Astonishment filled up their eyes as they exchanged glances with one another.
They nodded and said, “Yes, it hadn’t started yet.”

“Let him participate then,” Gorlin said without explaining Wang Teng’s identity.

“Okay!” The three examiners didn’t probe further.
They asked the staff to prepare another exam table.

The intermediate-stage runemaster exam was about to start!

“I hope you don’t disappoint me.” Gorlin looked at Wang Teng as he walked up to his exam table.
His eyes shimmered as he muttered to himself.

Outside the exam room of the intermediate-stage runemaster exam.

Liu Xinghui and Su Lingyun hadn’t left yet.
They gathered in the corridor and waited for Wang Teng’s result.

Su Lingxuan was present too.
She stared intently at the closed door and wondered to herself. Seriously, why didn’t Master bring me along?

Liu Xinghui looked at Su Lingxuan, who was alone at the side.
His eyes lit up, and he inched towards her.
He pretended to be intimate and called out to her, “Lingxuan, do you think that fellow will pass the exam?”

Su Lingxuan frowned secretly.
She moved half a step away and said, “I don’t know.
Let’s just see the result.”

“I think that he won’t.
That fellow probably wants to attract the president’s attention.” Liu Xinghui didn’t notice Su Lingxuan’s actions.
He continued talking to himself.

“Even Master isn’t sure.
I don’t know anything.” Su Lingxuan scoffed.

Liu Xinghui’s expression froze.

“Hmph, how does it feel to get the cold shoulder?” Su Lingyun sneered from the side.

“Hmph!” Liu Xinghui’s face turned red.
He snorted and kept quiet.

Su Lingxuan frowned.
Su Lingyun had a sharp tongue.

However, she couldn’t do anything to her cousin.
Ever since Gorlin took her in as his disciple, Su Lingyun started hating her.

Time passed slowly.
Suddenly, the door opened, and Gorlin and the three examiners walked out.

“Master, what’s the result?” Su Lingxuan ran forward hurriedly and pulled Gorlin’s hand as she asked.

Gorlin sighed.

“He didn’t pass?” Wang Teng’s face appeared in Su Lingxuan’s mind.
She looked a little disappointed.

Liu Xinghui couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
On the other hand, Su Lingyun was dismayed.
Her gaze turned indifferent again.

“No, he passed.
I’m just sighing over his astonishing talent,” Gorlin lamented.

Su Lingxuan was shocked.
She rolled her eyes at him uncontrollably.

Liu Xinghui staggered.

Su Lingyun raised her head abruptly.
A sly glint flashed in her eyes.

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