Chapter 274: Young Man, Be My Disciple

They turned to look at Wang Teng uncontrollably when they noticed someone walking into the room.

“Another person! He’s so young!”

“He can be compared to the young ladies and masters from the elite families.”

“Hmph, you don’t know if he can pass the exam.
It’s too early to compare him with them.”

The moment Wang Teng stepped in, discussions about him rose immediately.
All of them were shocked by his age, but a majority of them remained suspicious.
Most young examinees had come here to gain experience.
They rarely passed the test.

People who were able to pass the runemaster exam at this age were all extraordinarily talented and outstanding geniuses.
At the same time, a massive amount of resources was needed to groom them.
The bar was too high for ordinary people.

Wang Teng ignored their gossip and walked to a corner, quietly waiting for the exam to start.

After some time, no one cared about Wang Teng anymore.
They started talking about the young masters and ladies from elite families.

From their discussions, Wang Teng knew that the two peers with elders accompanying them came from the rune elite families of Yang City.

The young man with an elder beside him came from the Liu family in Yang City.
His name was Liu Xinghui.
The young lady with a middle-aged man beside her was the genius from the Su family, Su Lingyun.

I rely on the system.
If these two people are able to pass the exam, besides the advantage of their families, they must be extremely talented. Wang Teng sized up the two youths.

Time passed quickly.
When the exam was about to start, the examiners from the rune society entered the room one by one.

There were three examiners, two humans and one goblin.
The goblin was small, and his skin was crumpled.
His mouth stuck out, and he had the chin of an ape.

“Three advanced stage runemasters are our examiners!” the youngsters in the room exclaimed.

The three examiners walked directly to their seats and sat down.
They didn’t announce the start of the exam.
Instead, they seemed to be waiting for something.
Everyone was confused.

A few more minutes passed when the door of the room was opened once again.
An elder with silver-white hair walked in.
He was very old, but you could still see that he must have been a handsome man when he was young.
A pair of sharp ears protruded out from his silver hair.


This elder was a fairy!

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
Suddenly, he heard the crowd shouting again.


“President?” Wang Teng was shocked.
For the people here to call him president, he must be the president of the Yang City rune society.

“Why is the president here?”

“Look at who’s behind the president? I think it’s his disciple, Su Lingxuan!”

“Is the president asking Su Lingxuan to take the exam today?”

“No way! Su Lingxuan is only 16 years old!”

“Since Su Lingxuan is able to become the president’s disciple, this is proof that she’s much more talented than Su Lingyun.
If it’s her, it might be possible.”

Wang Teng’s expression turned weird.
This piece of news was a little mind-blowing.
He couldn’t help but look at the two ladies.

Su Lingyun, Su Lingxuan.
Are they both from the Su family? Wang Teng felt puzzled.
Their names were similar, along with their looks.

This was fun!

One was an extremely talented lady who became the disciple of the president of the rune society.
The other was talented too, but she wasn’t accepted.

Their background was the same, but their fate was different.

Fate could be very irritating sometimes!

At this moment, Wang Teng could see jealousy on Su Lingyun’s face.

After the president of the rune society came, he nodded at the three examiners.
Then, they announced the start of the exam.

A human examiner stood up and said, “The exam is straightforward.
We’ve chosen ten 1-star rune arrays.
You have to create at least three arrays to pass the exam.
The more arrays you create, the higher your points.”

After the runemaster job appeared, Wang Teng knew that there were 1- to 9-star rune arrays.
A beginner stage runemaster was able to create at least three 1-star rune arrays.

Everyone stood in their position and looked at the ten 1-star rune arrays shown on the screen on the wall.
Some people frowned while others smiled brightly.
Then, they picked up the rune pen on the table and started creating their rune arrays.

Wang Teng glanced at the names without any changes in his expression.
He started creating the arrays immediately.

He was an intermediate stage runemaster now.
1-star rune arrays posed no challenge to him.
Within half an hour, he created all ten 1-star rune arrays on the metal board on his exam table.

Then, he raised his hand.

Everyone’s gazes were attracted to him.

“You’re done?” The three examiners frowned.

“Yes,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

Even the president of the rune society glanced at Wang Teng.

“He’s so fast.
Is he here to create trouble?” Everyone was confused and in disbelief.

The three talented youths, Liu Xinghui, Su Lingyun, and Su Lingxuan, looked at Wang Teng simultaneously.
This young man around their age had actually completed his arrays already.

The three examiners’ faces turned black.
But, they didn’t say anything.
They exchanged glances with one another and walked to Wang Teng’s seat.
A set of ten perfect rune arrays appeared in front of their eyes.


The three of them were shocked.
They pounced on Wang Teng’s exam table in unplanned unison and observed the rune arrays on it carefully.

Especially the goblin examiner.
He was too short, so he could only climb onto the table.
He took out a magnifying glass and laid on the table to observe the arrays.
His posture looked a little funny.



The three examiners were bewildered.
They raised their heads and looked at Wang Teng.
The astonishment in their eyes remained there for a long time.

“No way!” Everyone was flabbergasted when they heard this.

The president of the rune society walked over at this moment.

“President, take a look at this.
The ten 1-star rune arrays created by this young man are perfect!” the three examiners said hurriedly.

The president, Gorlin, got even more curious.
This young man had managed to get such high praises from these runemasters.
He strode over and scrutinized the arrays for a long time.
In the end, he was also amazed.
He sized up Wang Teng and smiled.
He asked abruptly, “Young man, why don’t you be my disciple?”

Everyone collapsed in shock.

President, you’re not going by the books!

Su Lingxuan looked at her master and Wang Teng in confusion.
Was she going to have a senior brother?

Liu Xinghui and Su Lingyun didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

The other people were envious too.
This was the president of the rune society.
All these times, did you know how many people wanted to be his disciple but failed? The president had only accepted Su Lingxuan as his disciple, but today, he laid his eyes on this young man he just knew and even asked him to be his disciple.

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“I was too rash.
Don’t reject me now.
We can talk again after the exam,” Gorlin said.
Then, he said to the three examiners, “You can give him his score first.”

The three examiners nodded.
There was no need to discuss.
They gave full marks to Wang Teng.

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