Chapter 273: Intermediate Stage Rune Master

Yang City, Haiyue Hotel.

The next morning, Wang Teng got up early and prepared to go out.
He asked the hotel’s attendant for the location of the rune society.

As he walked along the streets in the morning, Wang Teng recalled the attendant’s expression when he asked about the rune society.
His reaction was interesting.
He was shocked before he turned respectful.

This kind of respect was different from the respect towards customers.
It originated due to a difference in societal status.

Wang Teng sighed.
It looked like the position of runemasters on the Xingwu Continent wasn’t low.
No wonder all the top universities on Earth had set up a faculty to teach rune studies especially.

He wondered about the social statuses of blacksmiths and alchemists.

Yang City was a huge city.
Even in the early morning, the streets were busy and packed with people.

Wang Teng even met a team of guards in armor.
They looked domineering.
Their armors clanged loudly as they walked, and the passers-by would make way for them immediately.

Wang Teng stood at the side of the road and watched them walk away.
Then, he followed the attendant’s guidance and walked past a few streets.
Finally, he reached the rune society.

In front of him was an enormous and magnificent building.
The name of the building was written in light gold on the plaque, giving off a faint glow.

Large crowds were moving back and forth in the plaza outside the rune society.
There were all kinds of races mixed together, including dwarves, orcs, and humans.
Many people wore long gowns with a prominent rune logo at the chest area.

Wang Teng guessed that these were the staff of the rune society.

When he walked through the main doors of the rune society, a large lobby welcomed his vision.
There weren’t many people inside the lobby, so it looked empty.
The staff was all busy doing their own things.
The people who entered the lobby didn’t stop either.
They walked in a straight line and disappeared at the end of the corridor.

The corridor in the lobby had all kinds of rune patterns carved on its walls.
It looked very strange.

Wang Teng only glanced at them since his gaze was attracted by the massive number of bubbles floating on the floor.

He made the right choice to come to the rune society.

He was right.
There were many attribute bubbles he could pick up.


Rune Knowledge*8

Rune Knowledge*6

Spiritual Realm*4


Rune Knowledge*10

He picked them up.

All the attribute bubbles were pulled over by Wang Teng and entered his body like fish in the sea.

There are spirit attributes! Wang Teng was shocked.

This was the first time he had picked up spiritual realm attributes.
It looked like this rune society was filled with hidden dragons.

He calculated and realized that he had gained 18 points of spiritual realm and 46 points of spirit in total.

Wang Teng’s spirit attribute rose tremendously.
A huge amount of spirit attributes surged into his mind like a storm, twirling like a bottomless tornado.
It took a while to calm down.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (71.7/100)

As his spiritual attributes increased, Wang Teng’s spiritual power also followed suit.
His ability rose subsequently too.

He also gained 156 points of rune knowledge.

This rune knowledge wasn’t the basic rune knowledge he had learned in school.
Rather, it was much more profound and professional.

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel.
He thought that another segment would appear in his knowledge row, but there wasn’t one.

However, there were still some changes to his attributes panel.
There was a new section—secondary job!

There were three jobs in this secondary job section: runemaster, blacksmith, and Force chef.

Blacksmith: 125/1000 (advanced stage)

Force Chef: 5/2000 (master)

Runemaster: 83/500 (intermediate stage)

At the same time, some introduction appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
These secondary jobs were split into a few levels: beginner stage, intermediate stage, advanced stage, master, and grandmaster…

Could it be that the secondary jobs are segregated into different levels in the Xingwu Continent? Do the people on Earth follow the same example? Wang Teng wondered to himself.

He noticed that ‘alchemist’ still hadn’t appeared and remained in the knowledge row.
Obviously, knowing spiritual herb differentiation didn’t make him an alchemist.

Wang Teng understood instantly.

My runemaster level has reached the intermediate stage.
I picked up 156 points of rune knowledge just now and jumped from beginner stage to intermediate stage immediately.
Including the basic rune knowledge I had, I am at 83 points now. A smile appeared at the corner of Wang Teng’s lips.
He didn’t have to worry anymore.

He came here to get the runemaster qualification certificate.
He planned to use it as his way of merging into the Xingwu Continent’s society.

Wang Teng stood in the lobby with his weapon carrier casket on his back.
Keeping in mind his young age, he was extremely eye-catching.

A young lady in the rune society uniform, a long dress, walked over.
She smiled at Wang Teng and asked, “Mister, is this your first time here? Do you need any help?”

“Yes, it’s indeed my first time.
I want to get the runemaster qualification certificate.
I wonder what’s the process like?” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

“You’re a runemaster?” The lady was slightly stunned when she looked at Wang Teng’s young face.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Follow me.”

The lady was honestly startled.
Her attitude became respectful as she raised her hand to lead Wang Teng to the counter.
She took out a form and a pen and passed them to Wang Teng.

“Please fill in this form.
We will arrange the test for you later.”

Wang Teng filled up the form casually.
The lady took the form and glanced at the age row.
He was 18 years old.
She sighed and exclaimed, “It’s rare to see someone so young taking the runemaster qualification test.”

Then, she held the form and led Wang Teng down the corridor in the lobby.
They stopped in front of a huge door.

There were two martial warriors standing guard outside the huge door.

Wang Teng scanned these two people.
He sensed that they were at least 2-star soldier level.
Yet, they were guarding the door here.

“I brought this person to take the exam.
Please let him in,” the lady said to the two martial warriors.

“The first round of exams will take place half an hour later.
Don’t walk around after you enter the room.
Just wait in your seat.” One of the martial warriors was amazed when he saw Wang Teng.
This fellow looked very young, but he wasn’t able to see through him at all.
Thus, he decided to speak politely.

Wang Teng nodded to show that he understood.
The martial warrior opened the door to let him in.

The young lady was surprised to see the martial warriors’ attitudes.
However, she didn’t say much.
She stamped the form and handed it to Wang Teng.
“You just have to pass the form to the examiner during the exam.”

Thank you!” Wang Teng nodded and entered the room.
It was brightly lit.

There were many people in the room.
Low discussions and laughter were heard occasionally.
Most of them were youths around 20 years old.
However, Wang Teng saw two people around his age.
They had elders accompanying them.

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