Chapter 271: Force Floating Airship Attack

The distance between Yang City and Yong City wasn’t short.
The Force floating airship could help save a lot of time.

Fei Qingxin was afraid that Meng Qiao would cause more trouble after what she had done, so she stopped chatting with Wang Teng.
After she sat down, she smiled apologetically at Wang Teng and closed her eyes to rest.

Meng Qiao glared at Wang Teng.
She seemed a little delighted, as if she felt proud that she was able to convince Fei Qingxin to stay away from Wang Teng.

Wang Teng shook his head and smiled.
He didn’t mind.

They were just strangers he met on his journey.
Travelling could be boring.
If they were able to talk, they could chat with each other.
If they couldn’t, they could just rest.
No harm was caused.

When Wang Teng boarded the Force floating airship, it was past 2 pm.
Time flew.
Soon, it was evening.
There were still two more hours until they reached Yang City.
It was dinner time, so many people were heading to the restaurant on the Force floating airship.

Wang Teng was hungry too.
He got up and walked to the restaurant.

Fei Qingxin and Meng Qiao got up at the same time.
Meng Qiao pouted unhappily when she noticed that Wang Teng was preparing to go there too.

“What a coincidence.” She looked at Wang Teng’s back view curiously.
“Could he have heard our conversation just now? He knows that we are going to the restaurant, so he’s going there first.
That way, he can greet us later and prevent us from suspecting that he followed us.”

“Qiaoqiao, why are you always discriminating against him?” Fei Qingxin said unhappily.
She felt that Meng Qiao was being unreasonable.

“Alright, alright.
I won’t talk about him anymore.” Meng Qiao shook her head helplessly.
But, in her heart, she sighed.
Her bestie was still being stubborn.

Wang Teng had already entered the restaurant.
He didn’t know what Meng Qiao said behind his back.
If he did, he would probably snigger.
This lady was a drama queen.

The restaurant was decorated lavishly.
The entire area was segregated into two sections, normal food section and the Force dishes section.

Wang Teng walked directly to the Force dishes section.

It was worth mentioning that the Xingwu Continent used gold coins, silver coins, and bronze coins as their currency.
You could exchange the coins at a fixed ratio.

Force stones could be used too.

In fact, Force stones could be used as a currency anywhere!

Of course, it was mainly used between martial warriors.

Wang Teng changed some gold coins when he came.
Besides, he had gathered many Force stones on his previous visits.

The Force dishes section only accepted Force stones.
Force dishes were made for martial warriors, so it was more appropriate to use the martial warriors’ currency.

Wang Teng ordered a few dishes and sat down to enjoy them alone.

The normal dishes felt tasteless now that he got used to eating Force dishes.

It was easier to get rich but harder to go back to poverty.

Wang Teng shook his head as he lamented in his heart.
Fortunately, he wasn’t poor.

Fei Qingxin and Meng Qiao saw Wang Teng ordering many Force dishes when they arrived at the restaurant.
It was extremely extravagant.
He was eating his dishes happily.

“This pretty boy is quite rich.
We don’t even dare to eat so much.
Is he a rich young master who sneaked out of his family? In that case, you need to be more careful.
This kind of person is skilled at fooling young ladies,” Meng Qiao said.

Fei Qingxin was a little astounded.
After she heard Meng Qiao’s words, she rolled her eyes uncontrollably.
What was wrong with her bestie today? She didn’t like Wang Teng at all.
No matter what he did, it was wrong in her eyes.

She didn’t say anything, though.
There was no need to make her bestie unhappy because of someone she just met.

The two of them ordered a few Force dishes that weren’t expensive and started eating and chatting happily.

Suddenly, the Force floating airship vibrated violently.

“What is happening?”

The people in the restaurant were shaken.
Everyone jumped to their feet.

The Force floating airship was a stable airship, unlike airplanes.
Why did it vibrate suddenly? Such accidents rarely happened.

“Look, there are so many birds outside!” Someone shouted in fright.


“Aren’t there martial warriors clearing this air route regularly? Why are there bird star beasts?”

There was an uproar, and some started to feel scared.
Getting attacked by bird star beasts wasn’t a small matter.
The airship might get destroyed, and they might get killed.
Some low-class martial warriors would definitely fall to their deaths after dropping from such a high distance, much less normal people.
Also, below them was a primary forest.
Even if they survived the fall, they might become dinner for other star beasts.

“Everyone, everyone, a flock of bird star beasts are attacking us furiously.
The defense rune array of the Force floating airship can only survive for a few minutes.
The situation is critical.
We hope that the martial warriors on board can help.
Once we pass this ordeal, we will reward everyone accordingly…”

An agitated voice was heard on the broadcast system.

The gazes of the martial warriors in the restaurant flickered.
After looking at one another, they ran out.

All of them were on this Force floating airship.
If the Force floating airship was destroyed, they wouldn’t be able to escape.
The reward didn’t matter.
They just wanted to protect themselves.

“Why do we have to meet this?” Meng Qiao’s face was pale.
She grabbed Fei Qingxin’s hand while feeling at a loss.

“Don’t worry.
There are many martial warriors on the Force floating airship.
We will be fine.” Fei Qingxin forced herself to calm down.
She patted the back of Meng Qiao’s hand as she consoled her.

“Yes, yes, there are many martial warriors.
We will be fine.” Meng Qiao nodded continuously as if she was encouraging herself.

The two of them observed the situation outside through the windows in the restaurant.

Meng Qiao suddenly saw the figure who was still calmly eating food in the restaurant.
She frowned and barked, “Hey, why aren’t you helping them? The situation is so dangerous, but you still have the heart to eat?”

“They are able to handle the issue.
It’s useless for me to go out.” Wang Teng had used his Spiritual Sight to scan the surroundings just now.
Based on the intensity and number of lights, he predicted that the human martial warriors had an overwhelming advantage.
These bird star beasts wouldn’t be able to cause any harm.
They would only be slaughtered.

As for him, he would just eat his food and pick up the attribute bubbles dropped by the bird star beasts using his spiritual power.
How delightful was that!

Also, other than him, many other martial warriors had similarly remained silent.
They had arrived at the same conclusion.

The other martial warriors looked at Wang Teng in surprise when they heard this.
This young man was strong!

Meng Qiao had no idea about this, so she thought that he was only making an excuse.
He just didn’t have the guts to go out.
“You coward, why did you come up with so many excuses when you don’t dare to go out and kill the star beasts? This is disgusting.”

Wang Teng frowned uncontrollably.
Anyone would get angry when they got targeted again and again.

Before he could reply to her, Meng Qiao turned her head and said to Fei Qingxin, “Qingxin, look.
This fellow looks impressive but lacks real worth.
Traveling the continent? I think that he’s just using it as a lie to fool young ladies.
Don’t get too close to him.”

Fei Qingxin was frowning slightly too.
However, she just pulled Meng Qiao and said in a low voice, “Forget it.
He has his own plans.
We can’t force him to do anything.”

She sounded a little distant.

What’s this! Wang Teng felt frustrated.
He didn’t want to argue with the two young ladies, so he got up and left the restaurant.

“He’s just putting on a show.
He doesn’t have the face to stay here anymore after we exposed him,” Meng Qiao said with disdain.

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