Chapter 268: Chen Yang Became Arrogant Again… He Got Depressed Again!

In the dark and small alley, a few figures were surrounding an unconscious person and commenting in low voices.
They would snigger occasionally.
The whole scene looked eerie.

People might think that this was a bunch of perverts planning something disgusting.


Wang Teng looked at them speechlessly.
It was just a small trick.
Did they have to kick up such a huge fuss?

“Move, move, let me do something.”

He waved his hands to ask the others to move away.
Then, he took out a brick and started hitting the unconscious person’s head furiously.

Hao Zhengxing and the others felt their faces twitching.

This young man was too ruthless!

They exchanged glances with one another.
They saw the same thought on each other’s faces.

Was their leader’s mind twisted?

A few moments later, Wang Teng raised his head.
He looked delighted and refreshed.

He had received 8 points of spirit attribute.

Hao Zhengxing and the others weren’t looking at him, pretending not to see anything.

“I hate this kind of scum,” Wang Teng muttered to himself as if he was explaining his actions.

Hao Zhengxing and the others didn’t believe him at all.
They all sniggered in their hearts. You also hit people who aren’t scum.

“Let’s go.
This is the last mission.
We will be calculating our scores tomorrow,” Wang Teng said.

“Hehe, I wonder where we are ranked,” Hao Zhengxing said excitedly.

“Our school credits shouldn’t be too low…”

Liu Feng walked out from the dark as their voices slowly faded.
The corners of his lips twitched as he said, “Your school credits are exceptionally high.”

The next day.

All the freshmen gathered in the stadium once again.
The whole place was filled with the sounds of discussions.

Everyone had changed after the baptism of that one month.
After going through the actual combat missions, most of them had taken a few lives.
Hence, the change in their aura was obvious.
They weren’t as tender as they were before, becoming more mature.

Of course, some people got arrogant!

“Do you know that our team went to search for a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior? It was so dangerous.
Fortunately, our leader managed to turn the tide at the last moment and kill the target by injuring himself,” a student was talking excitedly.

“Your team dared to take a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior task? We only took 1-star soldier-level peak martial warrior missions,” someone else exclaimed.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Chen Yang waved his hand and pretended to be humble.
However, the smile at the edge of his lips exposed his delight.

“Leader, don’t be humble.
Our team is able to receive so many school credits because of you,” the student continued to curry favor with Chen Yang.

“Keep a low profile, low profile.” Chen Yang smiled and shook his head.

“Hey, Wang Teng and his team are back,” someone suddenly shouted.

“The members in Wang Teng’s team are the weakest.
I wonder how many school credits they got.”

“Not many, right? The others are just burdens.”

“It’s already a miracle that they managed to come back alive…”

A small discussion on Wang Teng’s team started in the stadium.

Chen Yang smiled brightly.
He walked over to Wang Teng and said, “Wang Teng, let’s see whose school credits are higher.
The loser will…”

“No!” Wang Teng waved his hand and replied directly.

Chen Yang: …

Damn it, can you let me finish my sentence?

“You don’t dare to bet with me because you know that your school credits are too low, right? You probably wasted your month,” Chen Yang mocked.

Hao Zhengxing and the others glared at him angrily.

Did this fellow think that he was amazing? Why was he mocking them for no reason?

“Ah, yes.
It feels good to waste time,” Wang Teng remained indifferent as he replied lazily.

…Chen Yang choked on his own sentence.
This fellow always had surprising remarks.
Was it fun to be unique?

“Chen Yang, you said that you wanted to challenge our leader in the past, but you don’t even dare to fight with him.
Why do you have the face to mock us now?” Li Wendong said.

“I had a problem when I was cultivating.
It wasn’t because I didn’t dare to fight with him.
Wang Teng, why don’t we arrange a time for a battle?” Chen Yang’s expression froze as he laughed awkwardly.

Wang Teng tilted his head and looked at him.
Then, he smiled and replied, “Okay!”

Chen Yang’s gaze froze.

“When? Don’t tell me it’s one month later again,” Wang Teng said.

“Hahaha! One month might not be enough.
You might have to wait one year,” Hao Zhengxing laughed and said.

Chen Yang’s expression turned ugly.
He glared at Hao Zhengxing coldly and replied, “How about tomorrow? Tomorrow is a rest day.”

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded.

Chen Yang didn’t say anything after this.
He snorted and turned around to leave with his teammates.

“Brother Teng, is that fellow planning to challenge you again?” Hou Pingliang walked over and asked.

“Haha, yes.
He had probably solved his cultivation issue now,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Who believes that bullshit? Chen Yang probably felt that his ability increased tremendously and got a little overconfident,” Hou Pingliang said.

“I think that he isn’t stupid.
He’s able to kill a 2-star star beast, so he might have become a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior,” Lu Shu shook his head and said.
He was in the same team as Hou Pingliang.

“Even if he’s a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior, the difference is still vast.” Baili Qingfeng glanced at Wang Teng.

“The heads are here!” Song Shuhang suddenly shouted.

The heads had all come together.
They asked everyone to stand in their teams before Tong Hu stood up and said, “Today, the actual combat missions have ended.
Unfortunately, two of our students have left us forever…”

The atmosphere turned a little heavy.

“This is what I’ve reminded you about at the start.
As a martial warrior, you must always be prepared to face death.

“I will not repeat what I’ve said.
You must have already felt it personally.
It will be more difficult when you carry out missions alone in the future.
I hope that all of you can take care of yourself.

“Now, I will announce the overall credit ranking.”

Tong Hu looked at the long list in his hand and coughed.
“This is a little long.
You can take a look when I paste it on the notice board later.
I will just announce the top three teams.”

…Everyone felt speechless.

Head Tong Hu was a carefree person!

“In third place, we have Chen Yang’s team from battle class one.
They have a total of 1220 school credits.”

“What? Our team is only in third place?” Chen Yang’s expression changed slightly.
He couldn’t accept the fact.

Tong Hu glanced at him and didn’t bother to answer him.
He continued, “In the second place, we have Hou Pingliang’s team from battle class one.
They have 1360 school credits.”

“140 more credits than us.” Chen Yang felt depressed.

“Why are they all from battle class one?” The students from other classes looked at each other.

“In the first place, we have Wang Teng’s team from battle class one.” Tong Hu paused for a moment before saying, “They have 2300 school credits!”

“Battle class one again!”

“Oh my god, 2300 school credits? What missions did Wang Teng’s team do? Why are their credits so high!”

Everyone was in shock.
They glanced at Wang Teng’s team.

“How, how is that possible?” Chen Yang’s face turned pale.
Wang Teng’s team had 1080 more credits than him.
Why did he even think of fighting with them?

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