Chapter 266: Special Battle Technique: Dark Wind Bullet!

“Because you’re too weak.”

Wang Teng decided to be kind and tell Lei Hui the answer when he saw his unwilling expression.

“Huh? Wait, why aren’t you dead?” He asked immediately after.
He was flabbergasted.


Lei Hui didn’t show any intention of replying to him.
Instead, he screamed and started pushing his body down.
His hands turned into claws as he scratched at Wang Teng’s head.

Wang Teng raised his fist and punched Lei Hui’s claws away.


A huge force caused Lei Hui to fly back.

Lei Hui felt as if his claws had hit a hard metal surface.
He wasn’t able to cause any damage to Wang Teng’s defense.

Despite the overwhelming force, he flipped in the air and stepped on the wall at the side with both feet.
Then, he ran out far away and escaped.

He didn’t get caught until now because he ran away whenever he had the chance.
He was like a timid rat that only knew how to hide in the smelly ditch.

Lei Hui’s speed had increased tremendously after he turned into a lycan.
He traveled on the walls as though he was running on the ground.

But, this time, he had met his nemesis, Wang Teng.

Steps of Gale!

Wang Teng’s speed shot up exponentially as he dashed towards Lei Hui.

“F**k!” Lei Hui heard the sound of wind behind him.
He turned, and his expression changed instantly.

Wind Force intertwined around his claws.
They turned into sharp blades as he slashed them at Wang Teng.


The wind blades rubbed against the air as they came for Wang Teng.

Wang Teng moved his body slightly and evaded the wind blade attacks.

Lei Hui continued attacking him with the wind blades, though.
He was trying to slow down Wang Teng.

However, Wang Teng didn’t slow down even though he was evading the attacks.
On the other hand, he became faster.

The distance between them gradually got shorter.

“Don’t struggle.
It’s useless.
You can’t run away,” Wang Teng said calmly.

Lei Hui didn’t say anything.
When Wang Teng got closer, he suddenly turned around and spurted a green-black light ball out of his mouth.

They were extremely close already.
Furthermore, Wang Teng didn’t expect him to attack using his mouth.
His heart skipped a beat.

A sinister smile appeared at the corner of Lei Hui’s lips.


The green-black ball moved as fast as lightning.
It landed on Wang Teng’s body and exploded.
In an instant, green-black light engulfed him.

“You will definitely die once you get hit by my attack!”

Lei Hui felt a little proud.

This was his trump card.
He would only use it during a crucial moment to kill his opponent when the other party least expected it.

However, after the light dispersed, he realized in astonishment that Wang Teng wasn’t hurt at all.
A layer of yellow Force was protecting Wang Teng.

“This is… a defense battle technique!” Lei Hui shouted in disbelief.

Why was this happening to him?

Lei Hui felt depressed.

Why were all his attacks countered? Where did this weird young man emerge from?

Wang Teng remained unscathed.
He dashed forward abruptly while Lei Hui was in shock.

Lei Hui wanted to dodge, but Wang Teng had already arrived beside him.
He felt excruciating pain in his neck, and his world started spinning.

“Huh? Who’s furry body is this? It’s so ugly!”

This thought emerged in Lei Hui’s mind before he lost consciousness.
He sank into the dark.

This time, he returned to the arms of darkness.

The huge body collapsed on the ground.

Wang Teng took a step forward.
He heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that he was dead.
“He’s finally dead.
This fellow is good at running away.”

After Lei Hui died, a few attribute bubbles floated up.

He picked them up.

Wind Force*36

Intermediate Stage Wind Talent*5

Dark Wind Bullet*1

Dark Force*8

Wang Teng was amazed!

Lei Hui had dropped many good things.

He gave him so many attributes of dark Force and wind Force.
Wang Teng was at 3-star soldier level for these two Forces, so there was still a distance before he could advance.

There was intermediate stage wind talent too.

Wang Teng already possessed intermediate stage wind talent, so adding 5 more points of intermediate stage wind talent didn’t cause any qualitative change.
But, his sensing of wind Force became more sensitive.

Intermediate stage wind talent: 11/500

Finally, there was a special battle technique—Dark Wind Bullet!

This battle technique was the last skill Lei Hui used.
He was able to spurt it out of his mouth and catch his opponent by surprise.
It was an excellent skill to use.

Good stuff!

Wang Teng touched his chin.
A sly smile gradually appeared at the corner of his lips.

At this moment, Hao Zhengxing and the others gathered around and looked at Lei Hui’s corpse on the ground.
They were curious yet scared.

This thing looked extremely unique!

How could Lei Hui bear to let himself turn into a monster like this? How resolute was he?

They couldn’t understand his thirst for power.

“What on earth is this?” Hao Zhengxing asked.

Yuan Jing and the others looked at Wang Teng.
They hoped to get some answers from him.

“Dark apparition!” Wang Teng explained.

Since they had already met one, there was nothing to hide.
Also, they needed to know about it in the future anyway.
There was no difference in letting them understand earlier.

“If you meet one alone in the future, run as far as you can.
You will most probably die if you fight with it,” Wang Teng said.

They hurriedly nodded.
After all, they had witnessed it personally just now.
This creature didn’t die even though it got stabbed in the heart.
You needed to chop its head off.
It wasn’t easy to kill.

They didn’t have Wang Teng’a ability, so they couldn’t kill it as easily as him.

“But, it’s strange.
I met another dark apparition in the past, and it died after I stabbed its heart.
Are lycan dark apparitions different?” Wang Teng frowned and asked.

“Is there something strange with its heart?” Yuan Jing suggested.

Wang Teng nodded.
He took out his phone and called the south city police to clear the corpse.

The policemen were already waiting nearby.
They rushed over immediately when they received the call.

Chief Xin came personally.
When he saw Lei Hui’s corpse, he cried in shock, “Dark apparition!”

Wang Teng wasn’t surprised.
The higher authorities probably knew about the dark apparitions.

“What happened?” Chief Xin asked.

“Just like what you see.
Lei Hui changed into a dark apparition,” Wang Teng said.

“This bastard.
He’s crazy.
Doesn’t he know what this means?” Chief Xin said angrily.

“Chief Xin, the difficulty of this mission exceeded its original level.
Shouldn’t you raise our reward?” Wang Teng asked.

“Yes, I will.
I will raise the reward to the correct difficulty level.” Chief Xin nodded immediately.
He smiled and said, “You are really young and promising individuals.
You are able to kill a dark apparition at such a young age.
You have a bright future ahead.”

Hao Zhengxing and the others had strange expressions on their faces.
Wang Teng’s choice of missions was amazing.
Accidents always happened, and the reward would increase.
They didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing.

If a normal student met this kind of situation, they would have difficulty protecting themselves, much less completing the mission.

“Oh right, there’s something strange about Lei Hui.
I stabbed his heart just now, but he didn’t die.
Chief Xin, do you know the reason?” Wang Teng asked.

“What?” Chief Xin was dumbstruck.
He pondered before replying, “The police have no right to take care of a dark apparition’s corpse.
We need to hand it over to the military.
I will report this situation to them and inform you after the anatomy results are out.”

“Okay, thank you!” Wang Teng said, “Also, I feel that Lei Hui had a motive for coming back to Donghai.
Also, we should find out how he got his method of changing into a dark apparition.
Chief Xin, you should inform the military about this.”

“Okay, don’t worry.
We are extremely prudent when dealing with dark apparitions,” Chief Xin replied.

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