The other students at the side finally reacted.
They started attacking the man.
Also, everyone finally saw that this was the culprit, Lei Hui.

Lei Hui didn’t stop after his failed attack.
He evaded everyone’s advances and ran towards the alley outside.

“Oh no, don’t let him run away!” Hao Zhengxing crawled up from the ground as he shouted.

He thought that he had evaded his opponent’s attack.
He didn’t know how close he was to the gates of hell.
Thus, when he saw the person running away, he chased after him immediately.

“Be careful!” His teammates reminded him uncontrollably as they followed in a rush.

Wang Teng also got up.
He tapped his feet lightly on the roof and shot forward.
He kept close behind his teammates.

Hao Zhengxing caught up with Lei Hui and whacked his rod on him.

Lei Hu stopped for a split second and moved to the side.
The students in hiding came out and surrounded him.

“Lei Hui, surrender.
There’s nowhere you can escape,” Hao Zhengxing shouted.

“Newbies like you are not going to catch me!” Lei Hui said in contempt.
He could tell that these people didn’t have much actual combat experience.
They were very tender.

He scanned his environment.
Despite knowing this place very well, he needed time to calculate the best escape route.

Although the youngsters in front of him weren’t strong, he didn’t plan to waste time with them.
Since they found him, it meant that the police knew his hiding spot.
He should escape as soon as possible.
He didn’t want to wait for more people to come and catch him.

“Don’t chat with him.
Attack,” Li Wendong shouted.
He saw through Lei Hui’s intention.

They weren’t stupid.
They launched their attacks and started targeting Lei Hui with all their weapons.

“It looks like I won’t be able to leave without killing a few of you.” A sharp gaze appeared in Lei Hui’s eyes.

Within half a year, he had turned from a policeman to a fugitive.
He had experienced many things, cultivating a ruthless aura around him.
He was a real desperado now.

The blade in his hand started giving off a green glow.
The blade glow pushed back Hao Zhengxing’s long rod and came for Li Wendong’s throat.

Li Wendong raised his blade to block the attack.
It was a close call.
However, the strong impact still threw him back.

2-star soldier level versus 1-star soldier level.
He was at a disadvantage in terms of ability, so he couldn’t win a head-on collision.

Lei Hui wanted to take Li Wendong’s life, but the others had already arrived.
Lei Hui could only turn around and block their attacks.

He swept his blade horizontally and forced everyone back.

Then, he targeted Yuan Jing.
A cold glint flashed in his eyes, and he flew up.
He swung his blade at Yuan Jing.

But, his body suddenly stopped in mid-air.

It’s that strange force again?! Lei Hui was dumbstruck.

Yuan Jing wasn’t a brainless lady.
After all, she had managed to enter Huanghai.
She grabbed the chance and instilled Force on her sword.
She targeted Lei Hui’s heart.

Lei Hui’s Force exploded from his body as he forcefully shifted a small distance away.


Yuan Jing’s battle sword stabbed into his chest.
However, it didn’t pierce his heart.
He managed to evade it with a hair’s breadth.

Lei Hui was a vicious person.
No, he was a Lycan!

He gave a sinister smile and grabbed Yuan Jing’s battle sword with his hand.
As Force enveloped his palm, he spurted a mouth of blood on Yuan Jing’s face.

Yuan Jing’s expression changed.
She instinctively abandoned her sword and ran back.

A hole had appeared in the encirclement.
Lei Hui threw a ray of blade glow behind him and dashed towards the gap.

However, the moment he took a few steps, he tripped and fell face down on the ground.


The battle sword that was still stuck in his chest penetrated his chest and appeared on his back.

Wang Teng: …

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