Chapter 263: I Want To Be A Good Person, But The System Doesn’t Allow Me To

The few of them ate their barbecue and exchanged viewpoints on their takebacks for this mission.

This was the first time they had fought with martial warriors, so there was definitely much to learn and improve.
Hao Zhengxing and the others had to get it out of their chest, so this interaction helped them to relieve some stress.
They also had a deeper understanding of this mission.
It was beneficial for everyone.

Half an hour later, everyone was satisfied.
They went back to school.

Most of them were injured, so they returned to rest.
They agreed to go on another mission one day later.

Wang Teng went back to his dormitory alone.
Once there was no one around, the little crow flew down.
He raised his arm to let it perch.
He smiled and said, “Thank you for your hard work!”


The little crow cawed in reply.

“Here, this is your reward.” Wang Teng took out a huge piece of star beast meat from his space ring and threw it at the little crow.

The little crow spread its wings and flew into the air.
It bit the star beast meat with its beak and found a place to feed itself.

Wang Teng took a bath and dried his hair.
He then went back to his room and pulled out the attributes panel.

Earth Force*25

Water Force*20

Metal Force*42


Earth Force*70


“Huh?” Wang Teng looked at the attributes and exclaimed softly.

Something weird seemed to have sneaked into his attributes panel.


He had received 13 points of assassination in total.

Assassination: 13/100 (foundation)

He closed his eyes to feel the skill.
A memory appeared in the corner of his mind.
It was regarding the assassination skill.

There was much content for assassination, including assassination techniques that could catch people off guard as well as a thousand ways to poison your target…

A skilled assassin was able to kill his target secretly.

This was the world-class assassination skill!

Of course, the assassination skill Wang Teng received was just the foundation.
If he wanted to reach top-class, he had to pick up more attributes.

He could become as powerful as he wanted when he had enough attributes.

Why do I always receive such weird skills? Wang Teng touched his chin.
He was secretly elated, but he felt sad too.

I want to be a good person, but the system doesn’t allow me to.

One day later, Wang Teng’s team gathered again.
They went to the logistics building to get their next mission.

It was worth mentioning that they had received an additional 100 school credits because the police confirmed that there was a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.

That meant that they got 300 school credits in total as their reward.

Wang Teng was the one who chose the mission this time again.
He didn’t refuse his teammates’ offer.
They had limited time, yet they had spent four days completing one mission.
Although this mission was worth four to five missions, Wang Teng never compared his team with the other teams.

If they wanted to gain the first spot, they must reach their limits.
Hence, they shouldn’t waste any time and complete as many missions as possible.

If this wasn’t his teammates’ first mission, he wouldn’t have let them rest.
They had only suffered some light injuries here and there.
Why did they need to rest? They should continue working hard.

“Let’s choose this.” Wang Teng picked a police mission and accepted it as a team.

When his team members read the description, they felt depressed.

Mission description: Help the police kill a wind element 2-star soldier-level martial warrior, Lei Hui.
He was once a policeman and stole an item from the police station.
After he got discovered, he killed his comrade and escaped.
Specialized in blade skill and grappling.
Very powerful.

Requirements: At least five 1-star soldier-level martial warriors and one or two 2-star soldier-level martial warriors.

Reward: 400 school credits

This mission was more difficult than the one before.
The previous mission almost took half of their lives.
Now, they had to do it again!

They cried bitterly in their hearts.

“Alright, stop looking as though you are going to die.
The harder the mission is, the faster you improve,” Wang Teng said indifferently.

“Leader, talk is cheap,” Hao Zhengxing said with a forced smile.

“My talk is expensive,” Wang Teng nodded.

Everyone: …

This mission was released by the south area police station.
Hence, Wang Teng and his team came to the south area police station to take over the mission.

The person attending to them was a middle-aged man in uniform.
He was the section chief of the south area police station.

“Everyone, Lei Hui stole the wind element scripture that we gained during a mission.
It was an unexpected reward for us.
He has wind talent, but he never had the money to buy any scriptures.
That is why he took the risk to steal it.
Unfortunately, when one of our staff discovered him, he killed his comrade mercilessly, disregarding their relationship.”

“He did it to steal a scripture?” Wang Teng was shocked.
“Aren’t there many ways to get scriptures now? I know that normal people can sign contracts with elite families or corporations.”

“If there was a choice, who wants to place their future in other people’s hands?” Chief Xin said in a meaningful tone.
“Once you sign the contract, it won’t be easy to regain your freedom.
Lei Hui isn’t willing to listen to others.
He’s always looking for a better way.
If no one discovered him, he would have succeeded.”

Wang Teng nodded to express his understanding.
He could only say that Lei Hui was a little unlucky.
With his alertness and intellect, there was a high chance he would be safe after stealing what was entrusted to him.
In the future, he could just find a reason, like he met an old grandpa on the road who decided to give him a secret scripture because he saw potential in him.
Since there was no evidence, no one could catch him.
However, someone saw him…

“Alright, back to the topic.
We have been looking for him for half a year, but he’s always able to evade our investigation because he knows our method of doing things.
He ran to other provinces but came back to Donghai recently for some reason.
A witness saw him and reported to us.
That’s how we know his location.” Chief Xin smiled bitterly.
“That bastard is hiding in Chengzhong Village.
Based on the information we received from the other provincial police, Lei Hui reached the 2-star soldier level in half a year.
His improvement is amazing.
He’s a mutated element martial warrior, so it’s harder to deal with him.”

Chief Xin looked at Wang Teng and his team suspiciously.
He knew that this team was made of freshmen through the mission system.
The mission had its requirements, so he wondered if these newbies hit them.

“Chief Xin, don’t worry.
Since we accepted this mission, we are confident.
We won’t joke with our lives.” Wang Teng could tell what he was thinking.
“Also, the system approved this mission.
This proves that we have the ability.”

Chief Xin nodded.
He didn’t say anything.
He had already said what he should.
They had accepted the mission, so they were responsible for the consequences.

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