Chapter 262: You’re Nothing!

Tap, tap, tap!

The instant Long Yao finished speaking, light footsteps came from the forest.

A foreign muscular man with brown hair walked out of the dark.
When he appeared in front of Wang Teng, he was holding the young man called He An.


They couldn’t tell whether He An was alive or dead.
He was thrown to the ground casually like a ragdoll.

The man glanced at Wang Teng and his teammates.
Then, his gaze landed on the golden-haired lady.
He said calmly, “Hill, you failed!”

“This brat is quite powerful.” The golden-haired lady’s expression changed.
She vomited another mouth of blood as she spoke with difficulty.

“Don’t find excuses for your uselessness,” the brown-haired man said in disdain.

He then turned to look at Wang Teng.

When Long Yao saw his gaze, she hid behind Wang Teng like a mouse that had met a cat.

Hao Zhengxing and the others felt their heads turning numb.
Goosebumps appeared on their skin.

“This is… killing intent!”

Liu Feng’s expression changed slightly.
How many people had this brown-haired man killed to give off this frightening killing intent?

“Retreat to the side.” Wang Teng smiled as he spoke to Hao Zhengxing and his teammates.

“Leader, this person is difficult to handle.
If I’m right, he has killing intent,” Li Wendong said gravely.

“Hmmm, I know,” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

“Leader, let’s run if we can’t win.
It’s not embarrassing,” Hao Zhengxing shouted.

…Wang Teng was speechless.
“Go away!

“You don’t understand your leader well enough.
Alright, let me widen your horizons today.”

Hao Zhengxing and the others were hiding far away.
They gathered and started discussing in low voices.

“I think that our leader was acting.”

“I think so too.”

“Can he win by acting?”

“Why don’t we run away?” Long Yao felt anxious.
She coerced the others to escape again.

“You can run away if you want.
We are not ungrateful people.” The students looked down on her.

Long Yao felt awkward.
This time, she was alone, so she didn’t dare run.
She said in embarrassment, “Nevermind, I will stay with you guys.”

The brown-haired man didn’t waste any time.
He glared at Wang Teng like a predator hunting its prey.
His expression turned sinister.


Force exploded below his feet, and his body disappeared on the spot.
He appeared on top of Wang Teng the next instant.

His weapon was a huge battle blade.
The handle was very long, and he was grabbing it with both hands.
He slashed it furiously on Wang Teng’s head.


A battle sword popped out of the weapon carrier casket behind Wang Teng’s back.
He held it in his hand and pushed it up.

When the two weapons collided, sparks flew out, along with a metallic clang.


Then, the eruption of Force echoed through the air.
The frightening impact knocked down all the trees around them.
Hao Zhengxing and the other students retreated continuously.

3-star soldier level! Wang Teng knew the muscular man’s level.
A smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

On the other hand, the brown-haired muscular man was left shocked.
He looked into Wang Teng’s eyes and felt a sharper killing intent surging towards him.

“How’s this possible?” He couldn’t remain calm anymore.
His expression changed, and he shouted in disbelief.

In front of this killing intent, his aura was nothing.
He felt like a child acting fierce in front of an adult.

“You’re nothing.” Wang Teng mouthed these words.

At the same time, a strong fiery red glow engulfed his sword.
It stung the muscular man’s eyes, and he started tearing uncontrollably.

“Damn it!”

The brown-haired muscular man felt fear creeping throughout his body.
His eyes widened in disbelief as he started retreating furiously.

“It’s too late now!” Wang Teng swung his sword.
The fiery red sword glow instantly enveloped the brown-haired muscular man.


A violent explosion occurred.

A moment later, the airwaves subsided and the dust dispersed.
The brown-haired muscular man was lying in a deep pit.

There were burnt marks all around the hole.
Actually, flames were still burning around it.

The brown-haired man was in a sorry state.
There was a sword mark on his chest, and it had taken his life away.

The golden-haired lady looked at Wang Teng in fear.
She felt like she was seeing a monster.

He became stronger! Liu Feng was startled and shook his head with a bitter smile.
No wonder Wang Teng was so confident.
With his ability, everything would be fine, even without him.

Wang Teng slowly placed his battle sword back into the weapon carrier casket.
He saw the attribute bubbles floating above the man.
He used his spiritual power to pull them over and pick them up.

Then, he turned to look at his teammates.
He noticed that they were staring at him with gaping jaws.

“Back to earth!” Wang Teng shouted before continuing, “Bring the corpses of those fellows and the golden-haired lady.
Let’s go back for supper.”

“Oh, oh.” Hao Zhengxing and the others nodded.

…Liu Feng felt speechless when he heard this.
This brat was still thinking of supper.

Wang Teng informed Xia Lu and asked them to let the police clear up the scene.

The people that gathered for the night race were dispersed.
Everything that was supposed to be controlled was controlled, and the implications were reduced to the minimum.

Xia Lu and Hu Bing also arrived at the scene.
They looked at the damage around them in astonishment.

Hu Bing’s face turned pale.
He remembered how he had argued with Wang Teng earlier.
He swallowed his saliva, his throat feeling a little dry.

Xia Lu couldn’t help but remember Wang Teng’s indifferent face.
Her gaze was a little complex.

Wang Teng handed over his mission in the west area police station and gained 200 school credits.
Yang Zhenchao sent them off personally.

“Old Brother Wang, thank you so much.
As expected of the elites from Huanghai Military Academy.
We didn’t manage to catch them after putting in so much effort, yet you did it in three days,” Yang Zhenchao said in bewilderment.

“Captain Yang, you’re too polite.
We might have chances to cooperate again in the future.
We will leave first.
My teammates are tired.
We need rest,” Wang Teng replied.

“Alright, take care.” Yang Zhenchao waved at them.

Wang Teng left the police station.
They had worked the entire night, so they were famished.
When they returned to the university town, they ordered a table of barbecued meat from a roadside stall.
Everyone asked for a beer, even the ladies.

Barbecued meat with beer! Match made in heaven!

Before the barbecued meat was served, they cheered and gulped down the beer.

“Amazing!” Hao Zhengxing shouted.

“Why are you shouting?” Wang Teng kicked him.

Hao Zhengxing didn’t mind.
Instead, he let out a chuckle.

After some time, the barbecued meat was finally served.
Wang Teng took a stick of barbecued lamb meat and asked, “What do you think of the mission tonight?”

“It was difficult, too difficult.
It was also very dangerous,” Hao Zhengxing replied while eating.

“That’s right.
I felt that I was going to die,” Yuan Jing said.

“It’s good that you realize this.
I was afraid that you might have gotten arrogant after killing two martial warriors,” Wang Teng said.

“Come on, we understand our own strength.
Without your guidance, we would not have been able to kill the two martial warriors,” Hao Zhengxing shook his head and replied.

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