Chapter 254: A Mythic Leading A Warrior

When all the freshmen gathered in the stadium, Tong Hu walked up and said, “We gathered everyone here because we want to make an announcement.

“It has been two months since school started.
Some of you became martial warriors a long time ago, while some took a bit longer.
However, last week, the last freshman also became a martial warrior.

“Thus, we will be proceeding to the next stage of the actual combat training.

“Martial warriors, especially the martial warriors in our military academy, focus on actual combat.

“If you don’t understand actual combat, you will only be a weakling despite having Force in your bodies.
You won’t be able to stand up straight.
What’s more, martial warriors with a lower level can kill you.
In short, you are no different from being useless.

“I believe that since you chose this martial warriors path, you will not want to become a useless bum.

“Now, the school will arrange missions for you.

“However, the missions are quite dangerous, so it’s normal to have casualties.
People are dying in every mission…”

Tong Hu glanced at everyone when he said this.
He nodded in satisfaction upon noticing everyone keep quiet.
He continued, “Some of you might have heard that martial warriors can also choose the office career path.
These martial warriors don’t have to participate in actual combat.
However, we are different.
Once you enter Huanghai, even if you want to take an office job in the future, you still need to undergo actual combat training.
Our school does not groom non-combat martial warriors with no fighting ability.

“Hence, you will have to go on missions no matter which faculty you are in.

“However, the school will not just send you to your deaths.
After all, we want to groom martial warriors, not harm them.
All of you are outstanding talents.
Any death will be a loss to us.

“You will form teams in your class during the missions.
Every team will be led by an instructor.
If you meet an emergency, the instructor will help you.

“Of course, if you place all your hopes on the instructor, you will have a higher chance of dying.
After all, there will be all kinds of accidents during the missions.
The instructor is a human too.
He will make mistakes.
Also, the instructor will be hiding in the shadows, so he will be a distance away from you.
He won’t be able to save you immediately.

“You must understand this.
Don’t cry and complain that the school didn’t protect you after someone dies.”

He glanced around him and saw that everyone’s expression had changed slightly.
All of them turned more serious.
They were starting to understand the gravity of the situation.

“I will also have to remind you that such chances are rare.
After your freshmen period ends, you will have to execute your missions alone.
Hence, take the opportunity to hone your abilities.

“Alright, let’s not waste any more time.
Instructors, please split your students into teams and discuss the arrangement for the missions.”

The students exchanged glances with one another.
They leaned close to each other and started discussing in soft voices.

They didn’t know they would need to go out for missions not long after becoming martial warriors.

Everyone understood how dangerous the missions were.
People could die.
The head wasn’t exaggerating to scare them or do something like that.

Also, since they were martial warriors now, their missions would be martial warrior grade missions.
It was different from the martial disciple actual combat they had experienced in the past.

Many people felt nervous.

Some felt restless too.
They were a little excited and didn’t take the danger to heart.

The heads spoke a few words to their faculty.
They seemed to attach great importance to this matter.
After speaking, they left.


Once the heads left, the instructors came in front of their classes and scolded them.

The student immediately stopped their discussions.

“Battle class one, come over here.” Wang Teng’s class instructor went straight to the point.
He called the students over and started splitting them up.

“Wang Teng, Yuan Jing, Hao Zhengye…”

“Hou Pingliang, Lin Xue, Xie Tong…”

There were 32 students in battle class one.
They were split into four groups and formed four teams.

Oh my god, why are there more ladies in my team? Also, these are all students who became martial warriors recently.
It will be a miracle if they are strong. Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.
He noticed the problem at one glance.

Instructor, I highly suspect that you are making things difficult for me!

However, he could only keep these thoughts in his heart.
He didn’t say them out loud.

“To maintain fairness, we need to balance the strength of all the teams.
Able people should do more work.
Wang Teng, please take care of your classmates,” Liu Feng smiled and said.
He had noticed Wang Teng’s expression and knew what he was thinking in his mind.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
Since the instructor had already made things so clear, he couldn’t disagree with his arrangements.

Also, they were all classmates.
If he rejected them, he would hurt other people’s pride.
This wasn’t what he wanted.


Wang Teng could only shake his head.
It was not like he could do much to change the situation, so he had to perk up.
Besides, with his ability, even if his team members were weak, he could take care of them.
It would only be a little troublesome.

This couldn’t be prevented in a team.

He would just treat it as an experience.

“A mythic leading the warriors!” Hou Pingliang leaned over and teased him softly.

“Go away.
You’re so irritating.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes angrily.

Liu Feng only explained to Wang Teng, ignoring the other students’ complaints.

After splitting the teams, he said, “Everyone can go back and make preparations today.
Bring the necessary items like your weapons, battle uniform, dan, and healing medications.

“If you don’t have them, go to the logistics department and exchange for them using your school credits.
Your life is dependant on this.
Don’t be too stingy.
You can earn the credits back after you complete your mission.

“Oh, right.
If you really can’t afford it, you can rent weapons and battle uniforms.
However, you will have to pay the full price if it’s damaged.”

Many students were elated when they heard that they could rent items.
However, his last sentence deflated their happy emotions.

Still, this was another way out for them.

“Choose a leader in your team and discuss the type of mission to take.
This is your first mission, so try not to choose something too difficult.
Advance gradually.
It will be safer this way.”

Liu Feng paused for a moment before continuing, “One more thing.
The head didn’t mention it, but the mission that the school organized for you will last for a month.
One month later, the team with the highest school credits will have additional rewards.
It might be more school credits or other things.
This is a form of motivation system.”

The students’ eyes lit up when they heard that there was a reward.

School credits were good enough.
This was the most direct form of rewarding their efforts.
After becoming martial warriors, their resources would start depleting quickly.
The school credits they had weren’t enough at all.

If they wanted to raise their levels quickly, the best method was to work hard to earn more school credits.

A second ago, they still felt that the mission was too dangerous and weren’t willing to do it.
Now, their expressions turned firm, and they decided to do their best.

“That’s all for today.
Go back and prepare.
We will gather in the stadium tomorrow and leave the school.” Liu Feng dismissed everyone after he finished speaking.

The other classes were done too.
After they formed their teams, their instructors briefed them about the missions.
Then, they went back.

The students left the stadium in small groups.
All the temporary teams gathered together to discuss the choice of their missions and how the members should cooperate.
Some teams arranged a time to head to the logistics building together to exchange for items.
At the same time, they could understand the details of the various missions.

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