Chapter 244: Who Wasn’t A Genius

It was past 8 pm when Wang Teng reached his school.

He drove his car into the university.
After all, it was inconvenient to go out in a big city like Donghai without a car.
Hence, the school had dedicated parking lots for its students and teachers.

In this area, the martial arts students and the normal students enjoyed different treatments.

The school didn’t allow normal students to drive to school.
They were completely enclosed in the school compound.
However, the martial arts students didn’t have to follow this rule.

This wasn’t any preferential treatment, though.
Martial arts students had different statuses in society, so they couldn’t follow the rules all the time.

Besides, the martial arts students had to go out on missions.
Although most of these missions were around Donghai, the locations were secluded.
Most drivers weren’t willing to drive there, no matter how much money was given.

After all, this was the martial arts era.
Under the nourishment of Force, animals had started mutating, and danger was everywhere.

Without a car, one might have to spend half a day to find transport to his mission venue if he was unlucky.
This was a complete waste of time.

Thus, cars were a necessity.

The school knew this, so they didn’t forbid the students from driving.

Many martial arts students had their own cars.
Of course, they didn’t lack the money to buy cars.

Some of them even had a few cars in their garages.
They took turns driving each car.
After all, the damage rate of a mission was quite high.
It was normal for cars to get destroyed.

Wang Teng had learned about this from his seniors in the martial arts club.

He wondered if he should prepare a few cars just in case.
He should find those that could withstand some beating.

As the students came back, the school started to get livelier.
Many buildings were lit up, and it wasn’t as deserted as before.

The next day, school started as per usual.

Wang Teng realized that after the holidays, many freshmen had advanced to become martial warriors.

Martial warriors!

They might have just broken through the level, so the students didn’t know how to control their Force.
It unknowingly seeped out of their bodies.

Wang Teng was able to detect it easily with his ability.

Actually, it wasn’t that strange.
The students who could enter the Huanghai Military Academy were definitely talented.

Many of them used to be advanced-stage martial disciples.
They were only a step away from becoming martial warriors.
After they entered the university and collated enough school credits to exchange for cultivation resources, they were able to take giant leaps forward.

Wang Teng wasn’t the only one improving after entering the university.
None of the students were slacking, all of them working hard to climb higher on the ladder.

That was even more so when there was an outlier like Wang Teng in their batch.
Many students who felt that they were gifted had a ball of flame burning in their hearts.
They treated Wang Teng as their target and secretly worked hard to chase after him.

Hou Pingliang and his roommates had successfully become martial warriors too.
None of them were left behind.

Baili Qingfeng also became a martial warrior.
When he said that he only needed just a little bit more a few days ago, he was telling the truth.
Wang Teng wondered if he got stimulated by him or he was originally preparing to advance.

But, there was still a group of students who hadn’t advanced.
Everyone’s talent and skill were different.
They couldn’t advance together.

Before the lesson started, the students in class gathered together and started discussing.
There were bright smiles on their faces.
Some were elated, some were excited, and some… were inflated!

“Wang Teng, I’ve already become a martial warrior.
Let’s have a battle after I start practicing my Force battle technique,” a male student walked straight to Wang Teng and said with a smile.

The room turned quiet instantly.
The atmosphere felt a little weird.

“F**k, Chen Yang actually wants to challenge Wang Teng?!”

“He is too… I don’t know what to say.
What gave him the courage?”

“You shouldn’t say that.
All of us treat Wang Teng like a god, but he might not be that powerful.
We are all gifted high school students from all around the country.
No one is weaker than the rest.
If Wang Teng can do it, we might be able to do it too.”

“Why don’t you go and challenge him then?”

“I… let me get used to it.
Let Chen Yang do it first.”

A commotion erupted among the students.
Many were in disbelief, feeling that Chen Yang must have gotten arrogant, letting his success get to his head.

However, no one would mind having more drama in school.

Since school started, Wang Teng’s battle result was striking.
Many people respected him from the bottom of their hearts, but not everyone was convinced.

Who wasn’t a genius?

Did Chen Yang know the distance between them?

He did.

But he still wanted to try.
If he didn’t have the courage to challenge someone stronger than him, he wouldn’t need to continue practicing as a martial warrior.

No one believed what they saw.
They would only be convinced after a personal battle.

Wang Teng was chatting casually with Hou Pingliang and his friends when he heard the voice.
He raised his head and looked at the handsome young man in astonishment.
“You… want to challenge me?”

“Yes, but not now.
One month later,” Chen Yang replied.

“Your courage is commendable.
However, you’re not my match.
Not now, not in the future,” Wang Teng shook his head and said.

He wasn’t underestimating his opponent.
He was just stating the truth.

All this while, he had been aiming ahead of him.
The distance between the freshmen like Chen Yang and him was too vast.

If he turned around, he might not even be able to see them.

This was the difference!

Chen Yang didn’t understand.
His expression turned ugly as though he was humiliated.
“Hmph, we will only know who wins after fighting.”

“If you really want to fight, I can give you a chance.
But, I hope that you won’t regret it,” Wang Teng said.

“Wang Teng, you’re too self-conceited!” Chen Yang felt that he was about to burst into anger.

Listen to what he was saying.

What did he mean by giving him a chance?

What did he mean by he wouldn’t regret it?

Every sentence was enough to infuriate him.
He was looking down on him without even hiding it.

“I’m not arrogant.
I’m just telling the truth,” Wang Teng said.

“I’m not going to bullshit with you.
We’ll meet one month later at the arena.” Chen Yang threw this sentence down and left.

Wang Teng shook his head.
Chen Yang didn’t know the difference in their abilities at all.
He was a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior who could kill 5-star warriors.
On the other hand, Chen Yang had just stepped into the 1-star soldier level.

Based on Wang Teng’s advancing speed, he wouldn’t know how powerful he would become one month later.
Chen Yang would at most be at 2-star soldier level.
How could he fight with him?

He had tried to persuade him sincerely, but the other party wouldn’t listen.
He even thought that Wang Teng was humiliating him.

Humans don’t listen to honest advice. Wang Teng sighed in his heart.

“Brother Teng, are you really going to fight with him?” Hou Pingliang leaned over and asked.

Lu Shu and his friends were looking at him too.
They were all curious.

They admired Chen Yang, as he was the first person who had dared to challenge Wang Teng.
It didn’t matter if he was brave or stupid.

At least he did something they didn’t dare to do.

“That’s right.
Since he wants to fight, I shall satisfy him.
It won’t take up too much time anyway,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Then… you must show him some mercy.
We are all classmates,” Hou Pingliang hesitated before saying.

…Wang Teng was speechless.
“Am I someone who doesn’t know when to stop?”

“I’m not sure about that.
However, the whole school knows your special fondness for bestowing people with horns,” Song Shuhang said softly.

Wang Teng: …

They are trying to ruin my reputation!

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