Chapter 236: I Will Get Justice For You!

“Enough!” General Shen bellowed, “Where do you think this is? How old are you? Why do you still speak without thinking?”

The 7-star martial warrior from the Crimson Tiger Troop snorted and kept quiet.
He sat down.

“General Shen, you be the judge.
Who’s right and who’s wrong?” Li Hei asked.

“The matter is obvious.
Liu Huaixin from the Crimson Tiger Troop and the Wolf Fang Team framed the Tiger Warrior Team.
Li Gang neglected his duties and believed his subordinate without evidence.
This was the cause of all the grave consequences that followed,” General Shen said.

“That’s impossible.
Liu Huaixin will not lie to me.
He doesn’t have the guts to lie to me.
The Tiger Warrior Team must have forged the recording,” Liu Huaixin suddenly cried.

General Shen frowned unconsciously.

“Shut up!” The 7-star martial warrior from the Crimson Tiger Troop yelled, “Is it already not embarrassing enough for you?”

He turned his head immediately and said to General Shen, “This matter implicates our officers, so I will need to go back and confirm the truth.
I’ll let our chief commander make the final decision.”

“Are you planning to walk away now that you’re in the wrong?” Li Hei mocked.

“Li Hei, don’t go overboard.” The 7-star martial warrior flared up instantly.

“Alright, Old Li, let it go.
The Crimson Tiger Troop might be in the wrong, but you don’t have to fight to the death.
This isn’t a small matter, so it should be investigated thoroughly.
I believe that the Crimson Tiger Troop will give you a satisfying answer.” General Shen felt helpless too.
This wasn’t an issue that could be explained with a few sentences.
He could only gloss over the conflict.

“Hmph, your Tiger Warrior Team released a major criminal, so you will have to give us an answer for that.”

The 7-star martial warrior from the Crimson Tiger Troop scoffed and flicked his sleeve.
He left with his comrades and Li Gang, who seemed to have lost his wits.

“Sigh, look at how complicated things got.” General Shen sighed and shook his head.

“General Shen, thank you.
We will leave first,” Li Hei got up and said.

General Shen replied, “You don’t have to be so polite.
I didn’t do anything.”

“Without you, the Crimson Tiger Troop wouldn’t have spoken to us so politely.”

Li Hei thanked the general once again.
Then, he left with Wang Teng and his teammates.

On the way back, Li Hei said to Lin Zhan and the others, “You don’t have to worry.
The Jixin Martial House will not take things lying down.”

“Thank you, Uncle Hei,” Lin Zhan said gratefully.

Honestly, in front of a powerful organization like the Crimson Tiger Troop, Lin Zhan and his team members had no confidence at all.
They were fortunate enough to remain alive this time.

Thus, when Li Hei promised to give them justice, they had nothing to feel unsatisfied about.

Li Hei waved his hand and smiled.
“How did you escape and come back? I’m extremely curious.”

Lin Zhan told him about their daring escape.
However, he hid the fact that Wang Teng had spiritual power.
After all, he had reminded him beforehand regarding this matter.
He didn’t want too many people to know.

This time, Lin Zhan and his friends had relied on Wang Teng to stay alive.
They weren’t just grateful towards him.
Instead, they treated him as one of their own.
Thus, they wouldn’t reveal this secret to anyone.

After hearing Lin Zhan and the others explaining what happened, Li Hei was astounded.
“It’s surprising that you possess such ability at this young age.”

Wang Teng remained humble.

Li Hei smiled.
He didn’t probe further.
As someone who had experienced mountains of corpses and seas of blood, he had seen too many geniuses.
He had even killed many of these geniuses.
Wang Teng’s ability had indeed surprised him, but it wasn’t enough for him to kick up a fuss.

Also, grooming talents wasn’t in his job description.
He was too lazy to care about it either.
Someone from the Jixin Martial House would take care of it.

Everyone went back to the Yong City Jixin Martial House branch to hand over their mission.
Then, they prepared to go back to Earth and recuperate.

All of them had suffered many injuries while they were on the run.
They would need at least half a month to get back in tip-top condition.

After passing through the dimensional rift, everyone felt as if a century had passed.

“Every time I come back from the Xingwu Continent, I will feel fortunate to be alive.
This time, the feeling is exceptionally strong,” Lin Zhan exclaimed.

Wang Teng felt emotional too.
His understanding of the martial warriors’ world was getting deeper with every one of his trips.

“Leader, let’s part here.
I will go back to school,” Wang Teng said.

His body was riddled with injuries.
If he went home like this, his parents would worry.

In school, he could use his school credits to buy all sorts of healing medicine.
It was much more convenient.
There were three more days of holiday, so many students hadn’t returned to school yet.
No one would disturb him there.
Going back to school was the best choice.

Keep in touch,” Lin Zhan said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He sat in his car and left.

“He has great potential.
Our team will not be able to keep him for long,” Yan Jinming said.

“Yeah!” Lin Zhan and the others sighed.

Wang Teng went back to school.
When he entered the main gate, he greeted the guard.

“You’re back.
Huh? Why are you injured so badly?” the guard frowned and asked.

“It’s nothing.
An accident happened, but it’s already solved.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He didn’t explain to the guard.
“Uncle, I’m a little dirty, so I will go and take a bath first.
I’ll chat with you another time.”

“Alright, go quickly.” The guard shook his head as he watched Wang Teng walking away.

Wang Teng went to the logistics department and exchanged his school credits for two bottles of healing medicine, one for internal and one for external usage.
He spent 300 credits in total.
His heart ached for the loss of points.

Then, he went back to his dormitory.

He had defeated a few top 100 students, but he didn’t change dormitories with them.
He continued to stay in Section Three room no.

After all, he was going to challenge all of them one by one.
It would be troublesome for him to change dormitories every time he defeated someone.
Thus, he decided to wait until he challenged the no.
1 senior.

Wang Teng took his clothes and headed to the bathroom.
After undressing, he opened the shower.
Cold water splashed down from his head.

The wounds on his body hurt slightly as the cold water flowed past them.
The muscles on his face twitched in pain.

The blood and dirt flowed down along with the water.

Ten minutes later, he finished his bath.
He dried his hair and walked out of the bathroom.

He took out the medicine and applied it to his wounds.
Then, he bandaged them up.
A few moments later, a bandage monster appeared freshly out of the oven.

Will people think I’m a pervert? Wang Teng smiled bitterly as he looked in the mirror.

It was getting late, and he was also exhausted.
When he finally got to relax, he laid on the bed and slept soundly.

The next day, it was already past 11 am when he woke up.
His stomach was growling in protest.

I shall go to the cafeteria to eat first.

Just when he was about to leave his room, he noticed a few messages on his wristwatch.
They were all sent by Dan Taixuan.

She already knew that he was back.

However, Wang Teng was curious.
Why didn’t she go out during the national day holiday? Did she stay in her room all the time?

The first message was sent at 8 am: Come to my place.

9 am: Why aren’t you here?

10 am: My stupid disciple, if you don’t come soon, you are dead.

At this point, cold sweat was starting to appear on his forehead.
He had a bad premonition!

He hurriedly jumped down from the bed and changed his clothes.
He then dashed out of his room.

I wonder if I can get a free meal today? Wang Teng touched his stomach as he ran towards Dan Taixuan’s house.

Honestly, he had been eyeing Dan Taixuan’s Force dishes for a long time.
They were made by a Force chef master, so normal people wouldn’t be able to taste them.

Pfft, shouldn’t he think of how to protect his life first? Why was he still thinking of food?

When he reached Dan Taixuan’s place, Wang Teng paused to catch his breath.
He placed a fawning but reserved smile on his face and pressed the doorbell.

As the door opened, Dan Taixuan’s lazy and playful voice floated out.

“My stupid disciple, you’ve only been out for a few days, yet you dare to ignore my message already…”

However, when she saw Wang Teng’s appearance, she couldn’t help but chuckle.
“How did you end up in this state?”

“Don’t mention it.
I was unlucky!” Wang Teng changed into his slippers and closed the door.
He explained what happened briefly, but suddenly, he noticed that there was no sound behind him.

He turned around and saw Dan Taixuan squinting at him.
She was giving off a frightening aura.

“Erm, I’m hungry.
Do you have anything to eat?” Wang Teng felt that something huge was about to happen, so he hurriedly changed the topic.

At first, he wanted to use Dan Taixuan to seek justice for himself.
However, since General Shen and Uncle Hei had spoken up for him and solved the matter, there was no need to bring out his powerful support anymore.

“Stop playing dumb.
This is an important matter.
How dare you keep me in the dark? Do you still regard me as your master?” Dan Taixuan said with a stern face.

Although Wang Teng explained light-heartedly, she clearly knew what a military troop was like.
She could imagine the dangers he had experienced there.

“Don’t get angry, don’t get angry.
The Jixin Martial House has already helped me.
There’s no need for you to show your face.” Wang Teng smiled in embarrassment.

“Go away! I am different from the Jixin Martial House.
They might have helped you to solve the matter, but that doesn’t mean that I should remain silent and let them bully my disciple,” Dan Taixuan said furiously.

Wang Teng didn’t expect such a big reaction from her.
He didn’t know what to say.

“Follow me!” Dan Taixuan got up directly without any hesitation.

“Where are we going?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“I will get justice for you!”

Dan Taixuan grabbed Wang Teng’s shoulder, and they appeared at the door in a split second.
The next second, they changed into a rainbow and shot up into the sky.

“I will let everyone know that no one can bully my disciple!”

Dan Taixuan passed through the dimensional rift with Wang Teng and arrived at the Xingwu Continent.
They changed into a rainbow again and shot towards the horizon.

“This aura… it’s her!” In the Yong City’s military camp, General Shen’s face turned pale from fear.
He flew into the air and looked at the rainbow in the distance.
He was flabbergasted.
“There’s another person with her.
It looks like Wang Teng.
That direction… the Crimson Tiger Troop is in trouble!”

In the Yong City branch of Jixin Martial House, Li Hei stood on the roof of the central building and sniggered as he looked into the sky.
“I didn’t know that fellow had such powerful support.
Interesting, this is so interesting!”

Crimson Tiger City!

Two hours later, Wang Teng returned to this place!

But, this time, it was different.

A roar echoed through the air above the Crimson Tiger City.
It spread throughout the city.

“Xiao Nanfeng, get out here!”

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