Chapter 232: Force Wings, The Attack Of A 5-star Soldier Level Martial Warrior!

Wang Teng and his gang drove the compact SUV they had snatched and sped towards the back of the Crimson Tiger City.

The military martial warriors chased them closely behind.

Gunshots were heard everywhere!

The two parties were engaged in an intense battle.
Many military martial warriors died in front of them, leaving attribute bubbles for Wang Teng to pick up.

Fire Force*10

Blank Attribute*8

Earth Force*8

Gun Skill*12

Water Force*6

Gun Skill*8

A large number of attribute bubbles entered his pocket.
Wang Teng didn’t have the time to look at them carefully, but in the chaos, his body trembled uncontrollably.

Fire Force: 3/2000 (4-star)

His fire Force got leveled up at this moment and went straight to 4-star!

The fire Force was his most powerful attribute, to begin with.
Hence, it was reasonable that it got upgraded first.

The fourth Force nucleus on Wang Teng’s spine lit up, and the scorching fiery red Force settled down in there.
Wang Teng immediately felt the changes in his body… he felt stronger!

A hot breath spurted out of his mouth.

This feels amazing!

Come, let’s turn this place upside down! Wang Teng’s eyes were shining like bulbs.
With adrenaline pumping through his veins, he roared in his heart and diverted Force into the rune mechanism in the vehicle.
He accelerated once again.



Many figures were closing in on them quickly.
Their aura was frightening.
When they ran, the sound of air splitting apart could be heard.

The 4-star soldier-level martial warriors of the troop… were here!

“Leave first!” Lin Zhan’s expression changed slightly.
He slowed down his vehicle voluntarily.

One 4-star soldier-level martial warrior leaped high into the air and slashed the battle blade in his hand at Lin Zhan.


“Come on!” Lin Zhan roared at the top of his lungs.
He didn’t show any mercy.
This wasn’t a time for him to hold back.
He congregated his Force on his battleaxes and threw them at his opponent aggressively.


The two of them collided.
The martial warrior was forced to stop and even got thrown back.

Lin Zhan was in no better state.
His entire body, along with his vehicle, flew out and collapsed on the ground.

“Hurry up and leave!” Wang Teng shouted.
He swung the battle sword in his hand, and a ray of fiery red glow was marked on the ground.


In an instant, raging flames lit up the sky!

A fire wall laid horizontally between the military martial warriors and Wang Teng’s teammates.

Lin Zhan shook his head and crawled up from the ground.
He hurriedly got into his vehicle and caught up with Liu Yan and the others.

The 4-star soldier-level martial warrior was blocked by the fire wall for some time.
Their expressions turned ugly as they chased after the escapees again.


“We must stop those people today.
If not, the Crimson Tiger Troop will be greatly humiliated!”

The martial warriors yelled, and their speed increased exponentially.
It was like they were given nitrous injections.

You’re really not giving up! Wang Teng frowned.
His face was icy and grave.
A sword presence was brewing on his battle sword.

He added all the blank attributes he had accumulated so far on the sword presence of his Fire Kirin Sword Skill!

Half-formed… First-level… Second-level…

The sword presence lept increasing until it stopped at the third level!

The sword presence had reached the height of its power.
When the 4-star soldier-level military martial warriors were less than 30 meters away from him, the sword presence was released in an instant!

Fire Kirin Sword Skill!

Third-level sword presence!


The fire spread everywhere.
A huge fiery red sword light shot straight into the sky and almost lit up the entire night sky.


When this attack came, the five 4-star soldier-level martial warriors were dumbfounded.
Their expressions changed entirely.

The sword light came down on them within a split second.
They had no path of escape.
Force poured out of their bodies as they executed their battle techniques to resist the sword light.



Blood spurted out of their mouths as they were forced to retreat.
They were all seriously injured.

One sword attack against five 4-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Wang Teng had just become a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior not long ago, so this battle power was already astonishing.

“Who is he? He’s definitely a genius to have such abilities at this young age!”

“This genius should be the honor of our race.
Why was he locked up in prison?”

The few of them exchanged glances with one another.
Suddenly, the sound of air splitting apart was heard behind them.
A ray of light shot toward them from afar and landed in front of everyone.

The pair of shimmering wings unfolded and flapped gently behind the person who arrived.

“You didn’t manage to stop them?”

The other party… is very strong!” The few of them shook their heads.

“Do they have a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior among them?” The person who came frowned and asked.

The strongest person should be at the 4-star soldier level.
However, he is very powerful.
As for the one that injured us… he is just a young man!” the few of them replied.

“What?!” The person was shocked.

The back gate of the Crimson Tiger City was right in front of them.
Lin Zhan and his teammates started beaming with delight.

“We’re almost there.
Everyone, just a bit more, and we’ll be free!” Lin Zhan was elated.

The other team members felt invigorated.

Wang Teng was at the back, trying to catch up with them.
When he held back the 4-star soldier-level martial warriors just now, he had picked up another round of attribute bubbles.

Earth Force: 2/2000 (4-star)

His earth Force was next to advance after his fire Force.

Within a short span of one hour, two of the Force limits that he had trouble breaking through were broken consecutively.
But, this happened under such dire circumstances.
Wang Teng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

However, it was a good thing for him.
The stronger his ability, the higher the chances of them escaping!


At this moment, a loud roar rang out from the sky.

A figure was flying towards them in the middle of the sky.

The Force wings were exceptionally eye-catching!

Everyone’s expression changed, and the hope in their hearts hit rock bottom.

Force wings!

5-star soldier level!

“It’s him!” Wang Teng immediately recognized the man.
It was the man with a crew cut who gave the order to lock them in prison.


The man with a crew cut threw a violent punch at them.
The strong and frightening earth Force gathered in one spot like a meteorite smashing down.

The elder was prepared to act, but when he saw Wang Teng from the corner of his eyes, his face twitched a little.
He stopped what he was doing.

The elder saw a huge cannon suddenly appearing in Wang Teng’s hand.
He poured his fire Force into the cannon frantically.

Fire God Cannon!

At this moment, a complicated fiery red pattern lit up on the surface of the Fire God Cannon.
As more and more fire Force got injected into the cannon, the scarlet glow got thicker and thicker.

A few moments later, the Fire God Cannon finished charging!

The man with a crew cut was less than ten meters away on top of everyone.
Wang Teng activated the firing runes without any hesitation.

An extremely thick blood-red glow spurted out of the Fire God Cannon, leaving behind a red trail.
It shot right up into the air and collided with the other party’s attack.


The violent explosion echoed throughout the entire city.

“Oh my, we’re saved!” Lin Zhan and the others were blown away.
They couldn’t describe the astonishment they felt in their hearts.

On the other side, Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
He fired another shot at the gate and started his engine.
He took the lead in charging towards the gate.

“Stop daydreaming! Hurry and leave!”


The Fire God Cannon blew the gate away.
The military martial warriors standing around the gate didn’t have time to evade, so many of them got injured and killed.
Under Wang Teng’s lead, everyone fled into the smoke and dust.

The explosion in the air finally dissipated, revealing the disheveled figure of the man with a crew cut.
He had lost a huge chunk of his Force wings from the explosion.
Many parts of his body were burnt too.
His head was covered with dust, and ashes and traces of blood could be seen at the edge of his lips.

The military martial warriors that were a little late to arrive at the scene were flabbergasted when they saw this.
Their jaws almost dropped to the floor, and they felt their throats turning dry.
They couldn’t say a single word.

This powerful 5-star soldier-level martial warrior got injured so seriously?

This… was incredible!

“Chase after them!” The man’s gaze was cold.
There were no emotions on his face as he gave his order sternly.

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