Chapter 230: The Application Of Spiritual Power

Lin Zhan and the others waited for a long time.
They were getting a little agitated.

Suddenly, the prison door in front of them opened silently, and Wang Teng’s figure appeared.

“You’re back!”

“How’s everything?”

Everyone asked anxiously.

Wang Teng tilted his body.
They saw the figure of an elder appearing slowly behind him.

“Little Wang, stop wasting time.
Escape quickly,” the elder said.

Wang Teng nodded.
Just when he was about to execute his Wave Invisibility and dark Force on his teammates, the elder said, “Let me do it.
Your concealing skill is useful, but you are unable to take care of so many people for a long period of time.”

The elder waved his hand.
Lin Zhan and the others immediately felt as if there were a layer of outerwear hanging over their bodies.
It was a strange feeling.

“Thank you, elder!” Wang Teng said.

“I’m just afraid that you will expose yourself later and ruin my escape.” The elder scoffed coldly.

Wang Teng suddenly felt that this elder was actually very helpful even though he pretended to be hostile on the surface.

They didn’t hang around any longer.
The group of escaped prisoners moved towards the main gate of the prison.
Along the way, no one discovered them.
Just like that, they swaggered their way through the prison.

There was a resting room beside the main gate, and a few guards were playing poker inside.

“It’s your turn.
It’s your turn.
Hurry up and play your card!”

“Don’t be anxious.
Give me some time to think.”

“Hey, is it really alright for us to play poker? If someone sees us, we are dead.”

“What is there to be afraid of? Only a newbie like you will be scared.
I have been guarding this place for many years.
Nothing will happen.
No one will come and inspect us…”

Before he could finish speaking, the guard rolled his eyes and fell to the ground.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

The newbie’s expression changed entirely.



Just when he was about to get up to check the guard, he heard another two consecutive sounds of people falling to the ground.

He hurriedly turned his head and looked at his other two companions.
They were lying unconscious on the ground.

The newbie’s face turned white, and his eyes widened in fear.

Didn’t they say that nothing will happen?

Can someone tell me what on earth is happening?

His heart pounded furiously.
Just as he was about to press the alarm button, someone knocked his head violently.
His eyes rolled back, and he lost consciousness.

However, before his vision turned black, he finally understood why the other three guards had fainted.

Someone escaped!

Wang Teng couldn’t help but roll his eyes too!

This elder was so childish.
When he heard them discussing this matter, he decided to tease them.

After taking care of the guards, the group took the keys and opened the prison gate.
They walked out.

The sky was dark outside.
The moon was shining silver light everywhere, along with a few stars.

The elder stood under the stars and pushed his palm towards the sky.
He closed his eyes as if he was feeling something.

“What is he doing?” Lin Zhan couldn’t help but ask.

“Shh!” Wang Teng stopped him hurriedly.
He used voice transmission to speak to him, “This elder is very strong.
Be careful of what you say.
You might get killed.”

Lin Zhan immediately shrunk his neck.
He could tell that the other party wasn’t a simple person.
When he heard what Wang Teng said, he didn’t dare to make any more noise.

After a while, when he noticed that the elder was still posing, Wang Teng got agitated.
He went forward and asked cautiously.
“Elder, do you think we should leave now?”

The elder opened his eyes and glanced at him.

Wang Teng immediately felt afraid.

Fortunately, the elder didn’t say much.
He just nodded and said, “Lead the way.”

Wang Teng moved through the dark, following the escape route that they had planned in the evening.
The group looked like a bunch of thieves sneaking around in the dark.

Martial warriors were patrolling at night in the Crimson Tiger City too.
There were lookout posts every few steps they took.
Furthermore, every team of martial warriors had heavy machine rune guns on them.
If they were discovered, they would be in huge trouble.

Tap, tap, tap.

The orderly footsteps gradually moved away.

Wang Teng and his teammates walked out of the blind spot between the buildings after the patrol left.
They ran towards the back of the Crimson Tiger City.

When they first arrived at the Crimson Tiger City, they noticed that the defense at the back of the city was relatively weaker.
There were fewer garrisons there compared to the sides and the front of the city.

If they had to find a breach, the back of the city was undoubtedly their only choice.

“Stop!” The elder suddenly raised his hand.

The few of them stopped in their tracks instinctively.
Wang Teng looked at the elder curiously.
“Elder, what’s wrong?”

“Look at the ground.” The elder replied coldly, “How are you going to escape if you’re so stupid? You almost walked into a trap before you’re halfway there.”

Wang Teng and the others lowered their heads.
With the help of the dim lights from afar, they saw some runes carved on the slab stones on the ground.

“This is… sensor rune!” Wang Teng’s expression changed.
He recognized the runes instantly.

His rune lessons didn’t go to waste.
He had picked up some basic rune knowledge, so he was familiar with these sensor runes.

Although the runes on the ground were more complicated than the basic runes he had learned in his lessons, the foundation runes were still the same.
The methods might vary, but the principle was the same.
Complicated runes were formulated using foundational runes.

“You’re quite knowledgeable.” The elder was surprised.
However, he still reprimanded Wang Teng in a low voice, “But, you are really stupid.
You possess the rare spiritual power, and yet, you don’t know how to use it.
You can divert your spiritual power out of your body and form an ‘induction field’ around you.
These runes won’t be able to escape under your eyes.”

“Erm, elder, you are right.” Wang Teng felt ashamed.
Ever since his spiritual power was awakened, no one taught him how to use it.
He had groped his way around and thought that he had grasped the essence of the skill.
Also, in his battles, he had used his spiritual power to kill his opponents many times.
It made him a little arrogant.
Now, from the looks of it, he was just a newbie.

“After awakening your spiritual power, you haven’t found a master, right?” the elder asked curiously when he saw Wang Teng’s expression.

“You’re right,” Wang Teng replied.

“No wonder!” The elder nodded.
He stopped scolding him.

To prevent attracting any attention, they didn’t destroy the sensor runes.
Instead, they went a few meters around it and found another path.

Along the way, Wang Teng diverted his spiritual power out of his body under the elder’s guidance and used it to inspect the area around him for sensor runes.

After his inspection, he realized that there were more than a hundred areas in the Crimson Tiger City that were protected by sensor runes.
They were like surveillance cameras.
They would get caught if they weren’t careful enough.

They also had to evade the patrols that would pass by occasionally.
Hence, they unconsciously slowed down a lot.

Fortunately, they managed to stay safe in their escape.

However, at that moment, a shrill alarm rang throughout the entire Crimson Tiger City.

“Did someone notice that we have escaped?!” Everyone’s heart jumped.

“Bullshit, it has been a while since we escaped from the prison.
How can they not discover it?” the elder said furiously.

“You don’t seem anxious at all.” Liu Yan couldn’t help but argue.

“Why should I be anxious? I’m able to escape anyway.” The elder sniggered.

“F**k! You are so sneaky.” Liu Yan felt speechless.

“Stop talking.
Hide quickly,” Wang Teng whispered.

The moment his sentence ended, the lights in the Crimson Tiger City lit up.
Very soon, the entire city was lit up until it was as bright as day.

A large number of military martial warriors were sent out to search every nook and cranny…

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