Chapter 228: Prison Break?

In the cell of the Crimson Tiger Troop.


Lin Zhan punched the metal door.

“They locked us up like criminals without even giving us a chance to explain.”

“What on earth did Liu Huaixin say?”

Liu Yan, Yan Jinming, and the others gnashed their teeth in anger when they remembered Liu Huaixin’s delighted smile after they were escorted to the cell.

A cold gaze flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes.
He didn’t expect Liu Huaixin to have the guts to play tricks on them when he had no evidence.

Or, could it be that the man with a crew cut was his support?

Wang Teng’s head started to hurt when he recalled the man’s style of doing things.

He was obviously an idiot!

He didn’t know what Liu Huaixin said to the man that caused him to be so angry.

That man with a crew cut looked like a hot-tempered person, a person who couldn’t tolerate any nonsense.

In front of someone like this, there was no way they could reason with him.

He might even shoot them without considering the consequences in his fit of anger.

Liu Huaixin had probably thought of this, so he came up with this plan and made use of his superior to suppress them.

He must have distorted the truth of what happened and even hid some facts.

If not, the man with a crew cut wouldn’t have thrown them in jail without giving him a chance to explain.
After all, even if he didn’t have the ‘sergeant’ military rank, he was still a student of the Huanghai Military Academy.

He’s already 30 years old.
Why is he still as reckless as a 17-year-old? Wang Teng thought to himself helplessly.

I hope that he isn’t muddle-headed.
If not, we can only force our way out.

However, he knew that this was the headquarters of the Crimson Tiger Troop.
There were numerous martial warriors here, so the chances of escaping were very slim.

Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.

“How about we send a message to the martial arts academy?” Liu Yan asked at this moment.

“It’s useless.
This cell blocks all signals.
We can’t send any messages out.
If I knew this was going to happen, I would have informed the martial arts academy about this matter beforehand,” Lin Zhan shook his head and spoke in a regretful tone.

“No one expected them to act so abruptly.” Yan Jinming sighed.

The group went silent.
None of them expected the Crimson Tiger Troop to be a tiger’s den cave.
They were able to enter but couldn’t go out.
They didn’t expect matters to come to this state either.

Wang Teng and his teammates were locked up for two days and one night.

On the second night, when the guards of the prison came to send them their dinner, Yao Jun accompanied them.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, is this what you are eating? Looks like you have been living miserably for the past two days!” He looked at their dinner and laughed at their plight.

“Yao Jun!” Lin Zhan and the others glared at him.

“You and Liu Huaixin are the ones behind this, right?” Wang Teng asked calmly.

“So what if we are?” Yao Jun placed his hands in his pocket and said with contempt, “Don’t look as though you aren’t afraid of death.
I hate this kind of person.
You are going to die, yet you’re still acting.”

“Despicable!” Lin Zhan and the others let loose a torrent of abuse when they heard him admitting it.

“Sigh, Leader Lin, you’re right.
I am despicable.
In your next life, remember not to offend a despicable person, especially one that has wealth and power,” Yao Jun smiled and said.
He didn’t seem ashamed of himself.

“What do you want?” Liu Yan said coldly.

“Hey, this lady is so pretty.
Unfortunately, you are going to die.” Yao Jun gave her a look of pity.
He chuckled and said, “I don’t want anything.
I just came to take one last look at you.
After all, you almost became my teammates.”

Everyone’s face was black when they saw his disgusting attitude.

“A despicable person like you has no right to be my teammate.” Liu Yan scoffed.

“That’s right.
Stop flaunting.
We will never accept an evil person like you even if we die,” Yan Jinming said.

“I’m giving you face, but you’re pushing it!” Yan Jinming’s face turned green with anger.
He got furious from embarrassment after Liu Yan and Yan Jinming attacked him verbally.
He turned around and walked away.
“You guys can just stay here and wait for your death!”

“What kind of person is this!” Liu Yan shouted at Yao Jun’s back indignantly.

“You’ve heard what he said.
It looks like they are going to execute us tomorrow!” Lin Zhan said with a grave expression.

Everyone turned quiet immediately.

“I never thought that I would die in the hands of our own people, especially the military.” Yan Jinming gave a forced smile.

“Don’t be in a hurry to give up.
We still have a chance,” Wang Teng spoke to them using voice transmission.

Everyone’s heart trembled.

“Really!” Lin Zhan shouted.

“Shh!” Yan Jinming hurriedly covered his mouth.

Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue glared at him too.

“Don’t say it out loud.” Wang Teng looked at Lin Zhan speechlessly.
He used voice transmission again.

Lin Zhan nodded his head hurriedly before Yan Jinming released him.

Wang Teng glanced around them and said slowly, “Tonight, we will… escape from prison!”

“Escape from prison!”

Everyone’s expression changed.
They thought that Wang Teng had some good idea, but instead, these were the words they heard from his mouth.

“Wang Teng, are you serious? This isn’t a joke,” Lin Zhan smiled bitterly and said to him through voice transmission.

“That’s right.
This is the headquarters of the Crimson Tiger Troop.
It’s almost impossible to escape.” Liu Yan and the others also felt that this wasn’t a good idea.

“Have you forgotten about my hiding skill?” Wang Teng reminded them.

“That’s right.
Wang Teng can fool a high-level dark apparition with his concealing skill.
Tricking a normal martial warrior shouldn’t be a problem.” Lin Zhan agreed with Wang Teng.

“But, there are many powerful warriors in the army.
It’s not an easy task to fool all of them,” Liu Yan hesitated before saying.

“Do you guys have a better idea?” Wang Teng asked.

This sentence was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
Liu Yan and the others started favoring the idea of escaping from prison.

Lin Zhan gritted his teeth and said, “Damn it, let’s do it!”

“Let’s do whatever we can.
We can’t just sit here and wait for death anyway,” Liu Yan nodded her head firmly and replied.

“I have no objections.
Wang Teng has never disappointed us,” Yan Jinming smiled and said.

“Me too,” Yan Jinyue said.


A small smile appeared at the edge of his lips when Wang Teng noticed everyone agreeing with his idea.
He continued, “In that case, let’s discuss the escape plan for tonight…”

They discussed it for an entire hour.

Many brains were better than one.
Even more, there were five of them.

They studied the plan together and filled up all the loopholes.
They found the best path to escape from prison and came up with an almost perfect plan.

After they finished discussing, they filled up their stomachs with the prison food and waited for time to pass.
They didn’t care if the food was nasty.

At night, the guards changed shifts, and another two hours passed.
Slowly, it reached 1 am in morning.

Wang Teng and his teammates opened their eyes.
They were pretending to sleep just now.
They glanced at the guard who was leaning against the wall and sleeping.


Wang Teng exchanged glances with his teammates and nodded.
His gaze turned serious as his pupils stopped moving and his spiritual power spread out.

A bunch of keys slowly floated out of the guard’s pocket…

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