Chapter 225: Huge Loot!

The second his heart was pierced, the noble dark apparition’s eyes were filled with innocence.
His feelings were complicated, and he seemed exceptionally shocked…

He wanted to ask: Why?

Why did I die in the hands of weaklings like you when I am so strong?

Director, this script isn’t right!

He opened his mouth and tried to scream one last time.
However, no sound was made.
He fell to the ground and died.

The cave turned quiet.
There was a fleeting moment of awkwardness.

The expression on Liu Huaixin’s face and the gesture of his hand were both narrating a single comment—Are you kidding me!

We fought with all our might and risked our lives to try to kill this dark apparition.
So many people died, but in the end, we didn’t manage to kill it?

Yet, Lin Zhan and his team managed to get rid of it with just a single round of ambush?!

Were they too weak?

Everyone carefully gathered around the high-level dark apparition after they confirmed that it hadn’t moved for a long time.

There was a huge hole where the heart of the high-level dark apparition was.
The hole went the entire way from the front to the back.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered slightly when he saw the wound.

He chose to attack the heart not only because it was a fragile and a weaker spot.
Rather, the main reason was that the Yan siblings had aimed for his heart too.

He used his Shooting Star Spiral to break the defense of the high-level dark apparition.
Then, it penetrated his heart, and the attacks of the Yan siblings followed closely thereafter.
The hits one after another wrecked the wound.

If not, based on the Yan sibling’s abilities, they might not have been able to hurt the high-level dark apparition.

But, this way, they had the best of both worlds.
Other people wouldn’t be able to see that the injury was caused by the Shooting Star Spiral.

Next, his gaze landed on the transparent bubbles floating above the high-level dark apparition.

Hehe, it’s time to pick up attribute bubbles again!

A small devil seemed to have appeared behind Wang Teng’s head.
It was rubbing its hands excitedly…

He picked them up.

Dark Force*120

Intermediate stage dark talent*1




What the f**k!

What a huge loot!

Wang Teng was honestly astounded.
This high-level dark apparition had dropped an abundance of attribute bubbles.
There were many good attributes inside.

He had gained 120 points of dark Force.
This was the first time he had received so many points of dark Force in one go.

Dark Force: 137/1000 (3-star)

Then, there was the intermediate stage dark talent.

In the past, Wang Teng had gotten the beginner stage dark Force.
Now, his stage advanced by a rank.
He immediately felt that he had a stronger grasp and smoother control of his dark Force.
If he were to cultivate now, his speed of cultivation would increase tremendously.

Next, it was the 50 points of Spirit.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (49.1/100)

Further down—Bewitch*15!

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel.
This was a skill attribute.

Bewitch, just as its name implied, was a skill that could bewitch the hearts of people.
It was similar to hypnosis.
However, it seemed a little more high-class.

This skill will have many uses! Wang Teng touched his chin.
The corners of his lips went up uncontrollably as he gave an evil smile.

Finally, there were 30 points of Handsomeness.
Honestly, when Wang Teng saw this attribute, he was stunned.

What kind of setting is this? Why is he dropping a Handsomeness attribute?

Also, this was dropped by that vampire-like dark apparition.

Is he very handsome?

Is he more handsome than me?

He lowered his head and sized up the pale and handsome face of this vampire.
He didn’t die in vain!

The others didn’t notice the slight changes in Wang Teng’s expression.

Lin Zhan patted Yan Jinming’s shoulder happily when he noticed that the dark apparition had died in the hands of his team members.
He smiled and said, “The two of you made a great contribution.”

Yan Jinming and Yan Jinyue were a little confused.
They found everything unbelievable.

Didn’t everyone say that the high-level dark apparitions were very powerful?

Why did it die after a single strike? Hello, what is happening?

Wang Teng smiled.
He didn’t expose them, but he would definitely educate them in the future.
If not, they might really think that high-level dark apparitions were easy to deal with.
If they attacked one rashly in the future… the possibility of them dying was really high.
He would have committed a huge crime if that happened.

“Hmph!” Liu Huaixin snorted with a gloomy expression.

They understood clearly how difficult it was to fight with high-level dark apparitions.
Now, when they saw Lin Zhan and his team members revealing a ‘he is so easy to deal with’ expression, their mood turned really bad.

He felt that Lin Zhan and his team members were just lucky.
They had picked up the fruits of the military martial warriors’ labor.

The passageway had limited space, so it didn’t allow the vampire dark apparition to execute its speed.
That was why it retreated to the cave when it had the chance.
In the karst cave, it would be able to make use of the special terrain inside.
Once the vampire dark apparition unleashed his full speed, he would be much harder to deal with.

However, Lin Zhan and his team members attacked the dark apparition the instant it entered the cave and caught it off guard.
As a result, they were lucky and managed to kill it.

“Squad Leader Liu, what happened to you? Why do you seem unhappy?” Wang Teng asked even though he knew the answer.

“You’re asking me?” Liu Huaixin said coldly, “I asked you to clear the passage on the left.
Why are you hiding here instead? Do you know that I can charge you for disobeying orders based on your actions!”

The expression of the other team members changed when they heard this.

However, Wang Teng replied calmly, “You can’t make false claims.
Did you see us not fighting? The high-level dark apparition was too strong, so we accidentally let it escape.
Our team also got injured when we were fighting against it.”

Lin Zhan and the others understood his intention and revealed the wounds on their bodies.
They gave an ‘I feel wronged, but I’m not going to say anything’ look.

They were possessed by drama kings at this moment.

Wang Teng continued with righteous indignation, “Also, our team killed the high-level dark apparition while bearing with the worsening of our injuries.
We made a huge contribution!”

Liu Huaixin was so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.

What injury? You were all full of vigor a moment ago, but now, your faces are pale, and y’all look as though you are going to faint any moment.
Can you be a little more fake?

How dare you come out and act with such poor acting skills!

You even want a huge contribution? Contribution your head!

“You’re lying.
The high-level dark apparition is very powerful.
We couldn’t deal with it even when there are so many of us.
How did you manage to survive for such a long time? You must have run away.
You didn’t fight with the high-level dark apparition and went to hide instead,” Yao Jun suddenly pointed at Wang Teng and shouted.

Wang Teng suddenly smiled.
But, there were no fluctuations of emotions in his eyes.
He looked at Yao Jun and said, “Young Master Yao, are you saying that the only way for us not to defy the order is to die?”

“You…” Yao Jun wanted to open his mouth.

“Yao Jun, be careful of what you say!” Liu Huaixin’s expression changed as he shouted coldly.

Yao Jun knew that he had said the wrong thing.
He glanced at Liu Huaixin and didn’t continue.

Wang Teng scoffed.
He ignored Yao Jun and turned to Liu Huaixin.
He asked, “Do you admit that our Tiger Warrior Team made a huge contribution?”

The martial warriors that got enlisted temporarily had to bear a huge risk.
That was why the military often gave many rewards to these martial warriors.
If they made a huge contribution during the enlistment period, their rewards would increase.

The Tiger Warrior Team had killed a high-level dark apparition.
This was a huge merit.

“I’m not the one who decides if you have made a huge contribution.
I have to report to my superiors in the end and let the higher authorities evaluate,” Liu Huaixin said calmly without any expression.

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