Chapter 221: A Huge Bat!

After everyone discussed this evil plan… pfft, this ingenious plan, Wang Teng left to act alone again.

Lin Zhan and the others waited on the spot.
They couldn’t head deeper inside.
No one knew how much further they needed to walk before they collided with the high-level dark apparitions.
Hence, staying in the original spot and waiting for Wang Teng’s news was the best decision.

Also, they needed to cooperate to put up a good show later.
They had to conserve their power and strength and practice their acting skills too.

Wang Teng carefully walked on the curvy path.
He used the dark Force to cover his entire body and activated his Wave Invisibility skill to hide the movement of the dark Force around him.

That way, even the dark apparitions might not be able to discover his presence.

Honestly, if he didn’t have dark Force, he wouldn’t dare to execute this plan.

After all, their opponent was high-level dark apparitions.
Just in case, Wang Teng raised his Wave Invisibility to the big achievement stage.

Wave Invisibility: 1/1000 (big achievement)

He needed 500 blank attributes to raise it from small achievement to big achievement.

The blank attributes that he accumulated for so long got spent just like that.
He would be lying if he said that his heart didn’t ache.

However, if he wanted to complete his task well, he needed to sharpen his tools first.
He would earn back the 500 blank attributes by collecting more attribute bubbles!

Besides this, he also added 74 blank attributes to his dark Force.
Instantly, his dark Force rose from 1-star to 2-star.

Dark Force: 1/500 (2-star)

He would only be able to barely complete what he had to do with a 2-star dark Force.
If the dark Force wasn’t strong enough, he might reveal his true form in front of the high-level dark apparition…

The scene would probably be a little awkward… right?

Fortunately, he had picked up many blank attributes after killing all the Black Wind Bandits just now.
With the addition of the blank attributes from the Gale Mantis, he managed to collate enough for his uses.

He felt the changes in his body and smiled gently.
His confidence was at an all-time high.

Wang Teng advanced one battle technique from small achievement to big achievement and one Force from 1-star to 2-star in a short span of time.
The speed of improvement was astonishing.
Others wouldn’t dare to dream of this possibility.

Since he activated his Wave Invisibility skill, when he used his Steps of Gale, he felt as though he had really turned into a wisp of wind.
Outsiders wouldn’t believe that someone was walking on this path.

Suddenly, Wang Teng stopped in his tracks.
The scene in front of him had broadened.

This was a huge karst cave.
There were all kinds of strange limestones, and occasional sounds of water dripping could be heard.
The sound echoed in the cave, causing the cave to feel exceptionally wide.
At the same time, a cold and humid wave blew on his face.

Wang Teng kept close to the wall of the cave and squatted down.
He didn’t move.
He activated his Spiritual Sight and scanned the cave.

However, he didn’t discover the presence of any dark apparitions.

Could it be that the Spiritual Sight can’t see high-level dark apparitions? Wang Teng was confused, and his expression turned grave.

He scanned the cave once again.
Before discovering the trace of the high-level dark apparition, he wouldn’t move recklessly.

Wang Teng scanned the cave five times until his eyes turned a little sore.
He had no choice but to rest for a while.
Suddenly, a thought flashed past his mind.
He raised his head abruptly and looked up.

A thick ball of black light was hiding in a corner of the top of the cave.

Wang Teng gasped in fear.

Looking at the thickness of this black light, this dark apparition must be at least 5-star.

If the Tiger Warrior Team had barged into this place unknowingly without any preparations, with their ability, they would be sending themselves to their deaths!

Borrowing a knife to kill a man!

Leaving no traces behind!

Liu Huaixin and Yao Jun’s plan was indeed very good.

At this moment, despite using his Wave Invisibility skill to its maximum, Wang Teng’s entire body tensed up uncontrollably.
He didn’t dare to move a single inch.

5-star, and it was the dark apparition that was extremely hard to handle.

Wang Teng didn’t have any confidence!

However, he was thinking too much.
The dark apparition hadn’t noticed his presence.

Wang Teng tried moving for some distance.
The dark apparition didn’t see him, which relaxed a little.
He carefully entered the karst cave, hid behind a rock, and spied on the dark apparition…

Once he saw the appearance of the high-level dark apparition, Wang Teng’s eyes widened in surprise.
He was shocked.

What a huge bat!

The high-level dark apparition in front of him didn’t resemble the low-level dark apparition he met before.
The low-level dark apparition looked like a ghost.
On the other hand, this dark apparition looked like a human.
The only difference was the pale and white face as well as the wings that were kept beside its body.

Why does this high-level dark apparition look like a… vampire?

Wang Teng had many ideas of how the high-level dark apparition would look like.
But, he never thought that this would be its appearance.

It has wings so it can fly.
This makes it harder to deal with. Wang Teng’s expression became grimmer as time passed.
However, he remembered the plan he had discussed with his teammates.
A cold smile appeared at the corner of his lips. No matter what, we will let Liu Huaixin and the others take the front.
If we kill this high-level dark apparition, it will be amazing.
If we can’t, we have to run away.

Liu Huaixin and the others moved against them first, so when he tricked them, he felt no pressure at all.

However, he knew that dark apparitions were the public enemy of the human race.
General Shen from Yong City had also told him so.
If he met one, he had to try his best to kill it.
If not, he better run.

If there was a chance, Wang Teng didn’t mind acting.

Of course, he wouldn’t force himself.
Attempting the impossible wasn’t an act of heroism; it was stupid!

After making up his mind, Wang Teng observed his surroundings again to ensure that there were no other high-level dark apparitions.

One was enough to give them a headache.
If another one appeared, there was no need for them to even attempt to fight.

Wang Teng went back on the same path and joined his teammates.
He told them what he saw.

“That dark apparition is hard to deal with.
We can move another 300 meters ahead, but we can’t delve any further.
I’ll go to Liu Huaixin’s side to check their situation,” Wang Teng said.

“Okay.” Lin Zhan’s expression was stern as he nodded.

He had received a huge blow this time.
He just broke through to 4-star soldier level and was prepared to have a big go at it.
However, he seemed to have become a burden now.
He couldn’t do anything, and it made him extremely frustrated.

Wang Teng went back to the junction.
His gaze alternated between the middle path and the right path for a few seconds.
Then, he moved his feet and silently dashed onto the path in the middle.

Compared to Yao Jun, Liu Huaixin was worth noticing more.

Wang Teng executed his Steps of Gale and traveled secretly for more than two hundred meters at a fast speed.
The corpse of a huge rat on the ground caught his attention.

Dark Force*4


Blank Attribute*8

Three attribute bubbles floated above the huge rate peacefully.
Wang Teng picked them up.
He didn’t study them, though, and continued heading forward.

As he ran deeper, more and more corpses of rats were seen on the ground.
These large rats were mostly killed by heavy machine guns.

The heavy machine guns most likely had silencers on them.
If not, they would have given off loud explosions in the cave.

These silencers weren’t the normal mechanical silencers.
Instead, it was a silencing ability built by runes.
They were harder to detect compared to mechanical silencers.

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