I’m so obedient, cooperative, and cute… 

Why do they still want to kill me?

Wang Teng didn’t understand at all!

His mother was right.
A cute and handsome rich second generation like him must protect himself properly when he was outside.


The outside world was too dangerous!

His life could be in peril at any moment.

Wang Teng walked towards the leader of the robbers step by step.
His whole body was trembling with excitement… Kill them.
I must kill them.
They are all extremely wicked and evil people!

One step!

Two steps!

As he got closer and closer, the other hostages looked at him with compassion in their eyes.

They felt pity for him, but at the same time, there was a hint of relief in their gazes.
They felt glad that they weren’t the first to get killed.

They were shivering in fear too.

This bunch of robbers wasn’t even willing to let off such a cute young boy.
There was no limit to their cruelness.
Why hadn’t the police’s helicopter arrived?

They would be the ones getting killed if it didn’t come soon!

Kill them!

Kill them!

Wang Teng almost had a mental breakdown.
He was extremely nervous.
His palm, back, and forehead were drenched with perspiration.

There was no other way beside killing them!

Three steps, four steps… very soon, he was less than half a meter away from the leader.

“Hurry up and come over!” shouted the leader impatiently.


This is close enough!

I can’t wait anymore.

Wang Teng raised his head abruptly.
His eyes were bloodshot.

“Why do you have to force me?”



The leader of the robbers felt that Wang Teng had probably lost his mind in the face of fear, hence his nonsense.

But, the next instant, the eyes of the robbers and the hostages widened in surprise.

The leader of the robbers looked as though he had seen a ghost!

What did he see?

A moment ago, this hostage was still acting like a little lamb.
The next second, he turned into a crazy fierce bear.

His aura transformed in an instant!


Everything felt slow, but it just took an instant.

When Wang Teng raised his head, there was no hesitation in his mind.
His decision was firm and resolute as he stomped his feet heavily.


The ceramic tiles on the ground shattered, and stone shards flew everywhere.

The force exploded below his feet, pushing Wang Teng out abruptly.
He shot out like an arrow from a bow and arrived in front of the leader within a split second.

It was a result of extreme speed and mastery stage footwork.

Wang Teng crossed the distance of half a meter within a blink of an eye.


Even though the leader of the robbers could see him, he wasn’t able to react in time.

Wang Teng’s fist was like a hammer pounding the iron as he raised it high and punched it down.
His fist became bigger and bigger in the robber’s eyes, shocking him senseless.


The second he spoke the word, Wang Teng’s full force attack had already landed on his head.


The power of more than a thousand kilograms was extremely frightening!

It probably felt like a lorry driving past your head!


The sound was crisp, as if a watermelon was crushed!

First blood!

It got crushed…

However, Wang Teng didn’t have any extreme feelings.
At the moment, he was only thinking about the threat to his life.
He killed one enemy yet, and there were still four left!

They had guns.
They were too scary!

He must finish this battle as soon as possible.

Hence, he didn’t stop for a single second.

He grabbed the leader’s corpse tightly and smashed it at the robber standing behind with a scar on his face.

At the same time, Wang Teng dashed forward.
His mind was churning furiously.
All the basic battle techniques he had learned so far seemed to be integrating into one whole.

Footwork was merged with speed.

Sword skills and blade skills were merged into the fists skills.

He didn’t have any weapons in his hand, so he used his fists as the sword and his legs as the blade.

The robber with a scar on his face was in a flurry when his leader’s corpse smashed into him.
Wang Teng swept his leg from the left like a blade.


The sound of bones cracking spooked the onlookers!


The man shot out horizontally and slammed into the wall like a ragdoll.
He spat a mouthful of blood before his head tilted to the side.
The guy was deader than dead.


Double kill!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The other three bandits panicked.
But, they finally regained their senses and fired at Wang Teng.

The runes-reinforced bullets poured out of the guns, halting Wang Teng’s advance.
These bullets were faster and more powerful.


The bullets tore through the air, bringing along a shrill screech with them as they charged towards the vital spots on Wang Teng’s body.

His head, heart, thigh…


Wang Teng was well-prepared.
After he got rid of the man with a scar on the face, he shrunk his body…

And did a perfect roll on the ground!


In one smooth motion, he hid under the office desk.


The bullets hit the wall and blasted a huge hole in it.

When Wang Teng glanced at the hole, a lingering fear washed over him.
He felt fortunate that he hadn’t rashly resisted the robbers at the start.

Based on how powerful these bullets were, they would definitely bore a bloody hole in his body.
Even if he had an advanced stage martial disciple’s physique, he wasn’t bulletproof.

This thought only stayed in his mind for a split second.
Then, he immediately grabbed the chair in front of him and threw it out.
At the same time, he dashed out in the other direction.

The three robbers were extremely tense.
When they saw something flying out, they instinctively fired multiple shots in that direction.

“Oh shit!”

Immediately after, they knew that they were in trouble.

Wang Teng didn’t give them time to regret it.
He charged towards them from the other side and shot his fist out like a cannon, firing it at a robber’s temple.

The robber staggered and fell on the ground with a thud.

Triple kill!

One more down.

Then, he turned to a robber who was two meters away from him.

Wang Teng remembered this person.
He was the first one who wanted to kill him.

Thus, he exerted more power in his attack.
Wang Teng clutched his hands together and smashed them down like a sledgehammer.
The poor guy flew three meters backward.

Quadra kill!

Bang! Bang!

The last robber was the driver.

By now, he had realized that Wang Teng was extremely fierce and vicious.
His companions couldn’t handle his attack at all.
They were either dead or seriously injured.

He was so frightened that he kept retreating.
In his flurry, he fired a few shots at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng dodged, dashed beside the robber, and landed a punch.
This was the simplest sword stab from the Basic Sword Skill.

One attack!

Another attack!

In the end, the final robber also fell to the floor.

Penta kill!


All five robbers were taken care of.
From the time Wang Teng started attacking to the end of the battle, less than one minute had elapsed.

The hostages were all flabbergasted!

Their jaws almost touched the ground, but no sound came out.

The middle-aged woman, who was injured, seemed to have temporarily forgotten her pain.
She stared at him in a daze.

We are both hostages.
Why are you so outstanding and fierce!

We are supposed to shiver in fear together, but you killed the robbers instead.
Are you a devil?

“Pant, pant, pant!”

After the five robbers collapsed, Wang Teng was finally able to relax his taut nerves.
He breathed in large mouthfuls of air.



A feeling of overwhelming exhaustion flooded his body.

This battle had only lasted less than a minute, but his state of mind was tense, as he had been dancing on the edge of life and death.
The adrenaline rushed through his vessels, and his body operated at an unprecedented high.
This was mentally and physically draining for him.

“Why did you force me?”

Wang Teng muttered to himself while scanning the room.
Suddenly, his face turned pale.

The horrifying state of the robbers made his stomach churn, and the stomach acid almost spurted out of his throat.

He hurriedly turned his head away.
Coincidentally, he met the gaze of the hostages.

These people had looks of fear on their faces.
They were pale too, and some were even vomiting in the corner.

However, their gazes were a bit weird.
They didn’t seem to be looking at a kind and honest high school student…

Instead, they seemed to be looking at a perverted murderer!

“Will you believe me if I said I’m a good person?” asked Wang Teng sincerely.

The hostages shook their heads in unplanned unison.
Then, they reacted quickly and started nodding their heads frantically.

However, their guilty expressions weren’t convincing at all…

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