Chapter 218: The Dark Apparition Appeared Again

Wang Teng remained composed and calm when he saw Liu Huaixin changing his attitude.
He asked, “Squad leader Liu, now, can you tell us why you want to enlist us?”

“At first, I was worried that saying it out would shake everyone’s morale, but now… never mind.
Since we are already in this situation, I’ll tell you the reason.
We discovered a bunch of… dark apparitions!” Liu Huaixin said.

“A bunch of dark apparitions!”

Lin Zhan and his team members turned pale in shock when they heard this.
It was hard enough to deal with one or two dark apparitions, much less a bunch of them.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but remember the last time he met a dark apparition.
He furrowed his brows slightly.
If there were really a bunch, this number of people wasn’t enough.

“I didn’t expect there to be so many of them.
Hence, I have no choice but to ask for your help,” Liu Huaixin said.


Lin Zhan and the others sniggered in their hearts.

You even raised your guns at us just now.
Yet, you’re saying that you were ‘asking’ us?

How interesting!

“Are the dark apparitions in this mountain?” Wang Teng asked.

“They are in one of the caves in this mountain.
The Black Wind Bandits were covering up for them.
I wanted to catch them and ask them about the situation, but I didn’t expect you guys to kill all of them,” Liu Huaixin said.

“The Black Wind Bandits were covering up for the dark apparitions?” Wang Teng was confused.
“I met a dark apparition before.
They have no awareness.
How can there be someone doing things for them?”

“You’ve met one before!” Liu Huaixin was shocked.
He didn’t dare to underestimate Wang Teng anymore.”The one you met was probably the lowest form of the dark apparitions.
Their consciousness is in a mess, and they only know how to kill.
High-level dark apparitions are intelligent, though, no different from normal humans.
They know how to command people and can even win people’s support.
The Black Wind Bandits must have received some benefits from them.
They are a bunch of ‘human beasts’ without any bottom line.”

When he reached the end of the sentence, Liu Huaixin gritted his teeth furiously.
He seemed to hate these ‘ human beasts’ very much.

Wang Teng didn’t expect that the one he met in the past was only a low-level dark apparition.
He also didn’t know that high-level dark apparitions had intelligence and could even win the hearts of humans.

The waters of this world ran really deep!

Wang Teng’s expression was gloomy.
Low-level dark apparitions were hard enough to deal with, much less high-level dark apparitions.
No matter how he thought of it, this mission was a trap!

When he thought about this, he felt resentment towards Liu Huaixin.

Liu Huaixin felt a chill down his spine for no reason.
He scanned his surroundings, wondering whether the dark apparitions were hiding nearby and spying on them.

“If there are a bunch of them and there might be high-level dark apparitions inside, the few of us won’t be enough, right?” Wang Teng still voiced his doubt.

“Don’t worry.
I won’t fight an uncertain battle.
My soldiers are all strong people.
They are experienced in dealing with dark apparitions.
With the addition of your team, we have a high chance of winning,” Liu Huaixin replied.

Since he had already said this, Wang Teng couldn’t reject him anymore.
He glanced at his teammates and sighed in his heart.
He said helplessly, “Squad leader Liu, we will cooperate with you.”

“Thank you very much!” Liu Huaixin said happily.

The few of them got ready to head to the cave where the dark apparitions were hiding.
Liu Huaixin ordered his subordinates to burn the corpses of the bandits to prevent them from getting contaminated by dark Force and turning into dark apparitions.

Wang Teng used the break to sweep up the attribute bubbles dropped by the Black Wind Bandits.

Earth Force*3

Fire Force*2


Water Force*6


After picking up a series of Force attributes, Wang Teng was inching closer to becoming a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.

His Enlightenment and Spirit had increased too!

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (34/100)

Spirit: Spiritual realm (22.2/100)

“Let’s go!” After clearing up the corpses, Liu Huaixin walked over and spoke to them.

Wang Teng nodded.
He turned and said to the dwarves, “Ni Ya, you go back first.
We will go to your tribe to look for you after our mission.”

“Okay.” Ni Ya said with gratitude, “Thank you for your help this time.”

“You’re welcome.
Go back.”

“Be careful.”

After bidding farewell to Ni Ya and the dwarves, they started their journey.

Liu Huaixin led the way in front.
He walked to the back of the camp.

Yao Jun and Chong Liang were walking in front too.
As for Wang Teng and his teammates, they were slightly lagging behind.
The military martial warriors were scattered around them, remaining on their guards the whole way.

“Wang Teng, you have fought with a dark apparition before.
What special characteristics do they have?” Lin Zhan asked in a low voice.

They had heard that the dark apparitions were hard to deal with, but they had never fought with them personally.
Hence, they felt a little lost since they were going to meet them soon.

“Their biggest trait is their ability to merge into the dark.
It makes it hard for us to find them.” Wang Teng recalled the time when he met the dark apparition.

“They are able to merge into the dark!” Lin Zhan and the others were shocked.

“Dark apparitions have dark Force.
When they are in a dark environment, they are like fish in water.
There’s no way to defend against them,” Wang Teng said.

While Wang Teng was exchanging information with Lin Zhan and his teammates regarding the dark apparition, Yao Jun, who was walking in front, inched towards Liu Huaixin and pulled his Force into a thin thread.
Then, he transmitted his voice through this Force thread and let it enter Liu Huaixin’s ear.
“Squad Leader Liu, don’t forget our agreement.”

This method seemed like the voice transmission technique in martial arts movies.
They had different approaches, but their results were the same.
They were able to prevent others from hearing their conversation.

“I’m afraid… it’s not appropriate.” Liu Huaixin used the same method to reply to Yao Jun secretly.

“What do you mean by inappropriate? Did you get scared by him?” Yao Jun said with disdain.

“The status makes a huge difference.
If I am found out, I will not be able to bear the consequences,” Liu Huaixin frowned and said.

“As long as you cooperate well, no one will discover it.” Yao Jun comforted him.
Then, he stuck out a carrot.
“Also, if you succeed, you will be able to get the things I promised you very soon.
This is a rare chance.
It will be gone if you don’t grab it.”

Liu Huaixin’s expression kept changing.
In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I will act according to the original plan.
Remember your promise!”

“Don’t worry!” Yao Jun smiled.
His smile was a little arrogant and sinister.
In his heart, he was looking down on Liu Huaixin.

After they finished discussing the dark apparition, Lin Zhan looked in front and used voice transmission to remind them.
“I feel that we can’t trust them entirely, especially Yao Jun and Chong Liang.
We need to guard against the two of them.”

This was the first time Wang Teng saw this voice transmission method.
He was a little surprised, but he quickly got the hang of it.
He nodded and replied using voice transmission, “We need to be aware of Liu Huaixin too.
I suspect that he has an agreement with Yao Jun.”

“Even Liu Huaixin?” Lin Zhan was astounded.

“I don’t know what their plan is yet, but there’s nothing wrong with being careful.
It will prevent us from failing miserably,” Wang Teng replied using voice transmission.

“You’re right.” Lin Zhan took a deep breath and turned around to remind Liu Yan and the other members.

After some time, Liu Huaixin stopped.
He signaled everyone to hide and pointed to a narrow and long hole below the mountain wall in front of them.
It looked like a crack.
“This is it.
Be careful, and prepare to enter the cave.”

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