Chapter 217: Revealing His Identity


Lin Zhan was slightly shocked.
Then, he thought of something, and a sense of uneasiness soared into his heart.

It was uncommon to see the military suddenly enlisting martial warriors who weren’t in the army.
But, if anyone met this situation, it was definitely a bad thing.

Some of these missions were death missions.
One could imagine how dangerous they were.

But, the military couldn’t just enlist non-army martial warriors as they wanted.
They could only force the martial warriors to enlist if it was an emergency, and the military had no choice but to borrow outside forces.

Also, after the mission ended, they needed to report the situation and prove that there was indeed a need for enlistment.

If they abused their authority, they would need to bear the responsibility.

“That’s right.
This is a special situation, so we need your help,” Liu Huaixin, the man in the uniform, said.

The hope in Lin Zhan’s heart turned into disappointment.
He exchanged glances with his team members and gritted his teeth as he replied, “Even if it’s the military, you can’t enlist us for no reason.
We need to know the reason.”

“I’m sorry.
That is classified.
I can’t tell you,” Liu Huaixin shook his head and said.

“We have the right to know.” Lin Zhan looked at him directly in the eye without backing down.

Liu Huaixin frowned.

“Leader Lin, there’s definitely a reason for the military to enlist us.
We just need to cooperate with them.
Why are you asking so many questions?” The leader of the Wolf Fang team, Chong Liang, interrupted them.

“The mission of the military is the most important thing.
Leader Lin, don’t bring your own interest first,” Yao Jun pretended to persuade him out of kindness.

“Please cooperate with us!” Liu Huaixin glanced at Lin Zhan and his team members with an indifferent expression.

The next moment, the military martial warriors he brought along raised the guns in their hands and aimed them at Lin Zhan and his team.

Lin Zhan, Liu Yan, and everyone’s expression became ugly.
No one would be in a good mood when they had more than ten guns pointing at them.

The corner of Yao Jun’s lips curled up, and a sinister gaze flashed past his eyes.

He was rejected by Lin Zhan many times in the past, so he felt extremely frustrated.
His heart was filled with hatred.
This time, since he met them coincidentally, he wouldn’t throw this good opportunity away.

A tinge of mockery flashed past Chong Liang’s eyes.

Lin Zhan and he were both members of the Jixin Martial House.
His Wolf Fang team was a famous elite martial warriors team too.
However, he always got pushed down by Lin Zhan’s Tiger Warrior team.

While executing missions, the two teams often met.
He had suffered many losses because of the Tiger Warrior team, so the two teams weren’t as peaceful as they seemed on the surface.

When he saw Lin Zhan and his teammates being forced into a corner, he was delighted.

He had heard from others that Lin Zhan had rejected Yao Jun.
Also, he knew that this enlistment was Yao Jun’s doing.
He hated Lin Zhan and his team.
There was something fishy about this enlistment.
The Tiger Warrior team would probably suffer a huge setback this time.

Lin Zhan, Lin Zhan, you are seeking your own death.
Why didn’t you accept Yao Jun, who has a powerful background, when he came to look for you personally? Why are you holding on to a martial arts exam top scholar who doesn’t have any background? You are really stupid.
Look at you now.
Yao Jun has connections everywhere.
He just needs to play a few tricks, and you will have to suffer terribly. Chong Liang laughed at their plight.

He knew clearly that Lin Zhan had no chance of rejecting the enlistment.
The drafting was mandatory, and self-taught martial warriors like them had a lower status than military martial warriors.
Even if their ability was stronger than the military martial warriors, it was useless unless their power allowed them to ignore all rules.

Obviously, Lin Zhan and his team members didn’t possess this skill.

Wang Teng watched the progress of the situation quietly.
He had a thoughtful expression on his face.
When he saw the military martial warriors pointing their gun barrels at them, he stood up and said, “This is my martial warrior credential.
Take a look at it and decide if you should continue aiming your guns at us.”

As he spoke, he threw his martial warrior credential at Liu Huaixin.

Liu Huaixin frowned uncontrollably.
He glanced at Wang Teng before catching his martial warrior credentials.
He opened it and took a look.

“Tsk, why are you acting so arrogantly? You’re just a student from Huanghai Military Academy.
Do you think I don’t know your identity? There are so many students in Huanghai Military Academy.
Do you really think you’re special?” Yao Jun scoffed.

He was speaking to Liu Huaixin, too, in case he wavered.

Wang Teng didn’t even glance at him.
He remained silent and waited for Liu Huaixin to finish reading.

Lin Zhan and the others were anxious and puzzled.
They wondered what Wang Teng was doing.

Could it be like what Yao Jun said? Was he planning to suppress Liu Huaixin with his status as a student of Huanghai Military Academy?

But, this was obviously not enough!

Yao Jun was right.
There were many students in Huanghai Military Academy.
In the future, they would have different achievements.
No one would make an exception for a freshman.

Unless this freshman had some background or he was so outstanding that others couldn’t look down on him.

Wang Teng didn’t have any background, though.
He was outstanding, but he had only started university not long ago.
If he wanted to become prominent, he needed more time.

At this moment, Liu Huaixin said in astonishment, “You have been awarded the ‘sergeant’ rank?”

“That’s right, I know that this fellow… what?” Yao Jun wanted to say something, but he suddenly got shocked.
“Sergeant rank?!”

“Sergeant, sergeant rank!” Lin Zhan and the other people were dumbfounded too.

It felt like how you knew someone was rich, but suddenly, you realized that his wealth wasn’t just a few million or tens of millions.
It was a few billion.

The difference between them was enough to make one dizzy!

The military martial warriors pointing their guns at Wang Teng looked at each other.
They didn’t know if they should lower their guns.

Mind you, their squad leader, Liu Huaixin, had been in the military for a long time and had completed many missions, yet he was only awarded the ‘sergeant’ rank recently.

Even so, he was considered very outstanding.
There weren’t many people in their troop who were given a ‘sergeant’ rank at his age.

How old was this young man in front of them? He was actually at the same rank as their squad leader!

“Put down your guns,” Liu Huaixin said.

The military martial warriors heaved a sigh of relief.
They hurriedly put down their guns.
They were afraid that if they aimed it at him a second longer, he would remember them in his heart.

“That’s impossible!”

Yao Jun couldn’t believe it.
He started questioning, “He’s just a freshman.
How can he have a military title!”

“How can the martial warrior credential be fake?” Wang Teng laughed.
He replied to Yao Jun calmly.

“You…” Yao Jun got angered by his tone.
He snorted and turned around.
“Squad leader Liu, is there any problem with his martial warrior credential?”

“No.” Liu Huaixin shook his head.

“It’s real!” Yao Jun’s face turned green and red in anger.
His expression was fascinating.
He felt embarrassed and jealous at the same time. I don’t even have a military rank! How did this fellow have one!

Actually, Liu Huaixin felt unfair too.

Wang Teng was at least ten years younger than him.
But, the two of them were standing on the same starting line.
How could he not be jealous?

However, he didn’t display his emotions.
He wore a smile on his face as he passed the martial warrior credential back to Wang Teng.
He said, “As expected of an outstanding student from the Huanghai Military Academy.
You received a ‘sergeant’ rank at such a young age.
You will definitely have a bright future.
I apologize for what happened just now.
Please don’t take it to heart.”

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